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#9081 - 04/13/04 07:38 PM Questions and Comments for Seaside
Forum Host
WorldMark Forum

Have questions regarding this resort? Want to give someone kudos for the great story they shared in their Vacation Journal or for their awesome photo album? Do it here. Title your reply "Questions - Seaside", "Kudos; Journal - Seaside", or "Kudos; Photos - Seaside". This will make it easy to search this thread to find the questions and answers or the respective kudos. Be sure to give us the username for your thank you.

#59336 - 02/10/22 10:30 AM Re: Questions and Comments for Seaside [Re: blackkat]
oregonlamb Offline

Registered: 12/05/08
Posts: 47
Loc: Oregon
I just called the front desk to verify what I suspected. Fractional means it’s privately owned. So, it will be a specific unit where the owner(s) gave up their time to the rental pool.

Odd this, because, do we care? Once at Depoe Bay my reservation was for a 3 bed fractional. It was a two bed, 2 bath, with an attached bedroom and bath, with an outside entrance.

Twice I had a fractional one bedroom at 7th Mtn. Both times it was a living room, kitchen, bath with a pull out bed (couch thing). And!! Another attached room with King Bed and bath. Both room had a balcony.

So…. When I made a reservation at 7th Mtn and got another one bedroom fractional. No second room and bath. It was a much better room and location, building 4. I called and asked why it was called a fractional. Strictly based on ownership. So again, why do we care? Stop confusing us.

#59334 - 02/10/22 07:55 AM Re: Questions and Comments for Seaside [Re: Forum Host]
blackkat Offline

Registered: 02/08/22
Posts: 1
Does anyone know what a two bedroom "Fractional FRI" unit is at Seaside. Been trying to contact reservations for 4 days with no answer. Tried to e mail question and received a message that said would not get back for 17 days.

#59321 - 12/22/21 07:34 PM Re: Questions and Comments for Seaside [Re: Forum Host]
slick21 Offline

Registered: 01/24/10
Posts: 4
Loc: Washington
Booked Seaside in March 2021 for Christmas 2021. 2 Bedroom Queen special needs room. Checkin process was quick. don't really care for the writband thing. Give me a key and let me go. Loaded baggage cart and went to room. To our surprise it was a 2 bedroom but not special needs. Was told room we booked was out of service. We travel with a disabled person and this puts a lot of stress on them to have acceptable accomodations. Short toilets and no grab bars are essential for the aging and disabled to have an enjoyable trip. Went downstairs to speak with management and was told they would be out to speak with us. 15 minutes later we left to go get dinner. Finally got phone call(after we left) to let us know they had an early checkout and a room for special needs had opened up. We are also on the verge of dumping Worldmark because of this along with the pressures of "saving money" by purchaseing more credits. When you get 4 or 5 calls in a year and you keep telling them "No" I am not interested in more credits they still try to push the issue. I too do not feel that the standards are what they used to be. Covid or not. As for the cleaning there was sand on the baseboard in hallway, pocket door stuck in bathroom and coffee pot was just gross. Why do we pay for credits, pay for dues, and then pay extra to stay at resorts. Where is all the money actually going?

#59131 - 09/23/20 12:09 PM Re: Questions and Comments for Seaside [Re: Debbie]
oregonlamb Offline

Registered: 12/05/08
Posts: 47
Loc: Oregon
Since Covid with the back and forth for months, opening, not opening, oh we cancelled you three times and didn’t notify you, as promised... that we opened early? “Stuff,” this is what I’ve experienced:

Got a couple nights at 7th Mtn. They called wanting to set a check in appt to avoid people in the lobby. Set it for 4pm. Room not ready. Figured out where my room was and staked it out, you know, watching that “extra Covid cleaning.” No one was around. Finally, at 5:30, we decided we hand wandered around enough, and would sit in the lobby. They don’t want that. Immediately given about $20 in vouchers for the restaurant (doesn’t go far) and eventually our room was ready at 6. The balcony was filthy, bits of food from previous tenants, etc. No way did we get a Covid cleaning in that 30 min. Would not send anyone to clean it that day because we were in the room. They would only enter the room if we left. Kid came next afternoon and cleaned while we were there. This was after we told them a 4 hour block we would be gone.

Got a couple days in Seaside in a 3 bedroom, a miracle! Big gobs if black hair in the tub. Not ours.

Another couple days in Seaside. Now you are required to check out by 10am. Passed a couple leaving who said their room wasn’t ready until 8 pm, and now they had to leave at 10?

Also, 2 rooms booked 11 months ahead. Both rooms they stuck in the dark corners, one on the second floor where you just look at the turnaround. Ugh. With complaining we did get better rooms. So much for long term bookings getting the best pick.

And don’t get me started on the sales thing. I’ve had 2 sales people tell me, “it’s always a sales meeting There are no education only meetings.” And another tell me the folks up front will spin anything to make an appointment. Even after telling them I am stretched to the limit on dues, I have a mother and husband with cancer, I am not spending more money... they push. The front desk says there are many things that I can do to save money, convincing me to go. The way to “save money,“ is to purchase up to at least 50,000 credits, and apparently avoid housekeeping charges.

I have been to Seaside 39 times and love it except the high pressure and letting small children in the hot tub. Now, the booming and cleaning is suspect.

#59130 - 09/23/20 10:15 AM Re: Questions and Comments for Seaside [Re: Forum Host]
Debbie Offline

Registered: 03/03/05
Posts: 3
We are here at seaside resort, 9/23/20. Been here many times, however this one is different. Decided to post because the room was not clean to anyone’s standards and we are told we’re getting extra cleaning. With the requirement to pay a cleaning fee,/I expect a clean unit on arrival. As I usually do, I came armed with disinfectant wipes. I have already used half the bottle in two days. I’m cleaning counters, th ere were stuck on bits that were easily removed with a little scrub. The wipes were filthy when I was done. There was bait on food on the silverware the floor was visibly filthy in the kitchen. The wipes were black and they were stuck on bits that came up easily. There was also a long black hair in the kitchen and I am a blonde. The bathroom had just as much dirt and personal hairs. I do not go on vacation to clean and I am not OCD. I absolutely would not hire the person who cleaned this unit and do not want to pay fees for a dirty unit. In addition, today is raining at the beach and the rec room with the pool table is closed and so is the exercise room. I do not believe they are discounting our room, why are we getting less amenities? I do not except the Covid is the answer. When the resort is open, the staff should be hired to maintain all of the amenities or we should get a discount. I do not feel like we have much say in what happens in the units that we pay high fees for and I have been frustrated every time I stayed at Worldmark resort. The standards are not what they should be. I do not have to clean at other resorts, why at Worldmark???!!!

#59102 - 07/28/20 09:52 AM Re: Questions and Comments for Seaside [Re: ttjkn5]
bthorman Offline

Registered: 01/12/06
Posts: 191
Loc: San Francisco Area
Probably because things are changing all the time. Did you check the webiste for open ammenities? I called the resort a week or so ahead and was told all the "rules".
Beth Thorman
Resorts visited - Windsor, Solvang, Bass Lake, Kihei, Indio, Angels Camp, Clear Lake, Big Bear, Reno, Coral Baja, La Paloma, Isla Mujeres, San Francisco, and South Shore Lake Tahoe.

#59100 - 07/27/20 10:42 AM Re: Questions and Comments for Seaside [Re: Forum Host]
ttjkn5 Offline

Registered: 01/15/11
Posts: 1
I was booked here but the resort is not open for pool, spa, and exercise areas a. For a week stay you can reserve 2 one hour swim sessions in the pool. Why was this information not shared while booked waitlist resorts.

#59091 - 07/10/20 02:54 PM Seaside: new furnishings and methods [Re: Forum Host]
oregonlamb Offline

Registered: 12/05/08
Posts: 47
Loc: Oregon
Trivia: colors of Seaside’s decorating and what year? Can anyone add or correct?

11/2003 opening I recall some grey/green walls in the hall.
? 2009- 2014? Ketchup and mustard colors and perhaps the famous dog with an apple on its head watercolor was here the whole time?

2014- 2020 the bright aqua carpets in the halls. Startling, but I loved it. New beach art and the giant clam and starfish, which they got rid of 2018? Several of us have clamshell souvenirs, with permission.
2020- grey/ beige/blue

After having 3 reservations canceled due to pandemic, I was told August 1 was the earliest anything would be available in OR and WA. Imagine my surprise when everything opened at full capacity, and us poor souls who’d been trying for months, got no info 😡.

Anyway, I happened on to Seaside and got 2 nights. lovely room, blah blah. Decorated now in soft grey, beige and blues. New carpet, paint and soft furnishings. Wooden furniture and art seem to be the same. They have made the area by the double elevators faux wood. That’s new. No vending machines, hot tub, rec room or computer rm avail at this time.

Your whole party gets one hour of scheduled pool time for your entire stay. Less kids in the pool is the upside. Still pressure to go to a sales meeting. Started at 10,000 one time points, and called later to offer 15,000. Even though I have 35,000 annually, can hardly pay those dues and told them that my mother (the other owner) was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer the day before, so we are in shock and need time for peace... they still bugged us.

To avoid owners saving parking passes til next time, or parking on the street, they no longer have keycards. Everyone in the party gets a bracelet with a chip that opens doors and the garage. So you can’t skip the pressure desk. 2 lines to wait in. Yay🙄. However this is very cool, not forgetting or digging for a key. Besides that, once we did skip the desk in 2019, and they called at 8:45 to tell us we’d be towed without a pass. Grrrr The next day, some genius female at the sales desk said that if we reused a pass, “it was a good way to get kicked out.” What? Of my reservation? This wasn’t supposed to be a complaint session, but pool hours (in the old days) and the sales desk make my blood pressure go up.

#59090 - 07/10/20 02:24 PM Re: Questions and Comments for Seaside [Re: xllan]
oregonlamb Offline

Registered: 12/05/08
Posts: 47
Loc: Oregon
Taxes. Several WM are in areas with no lodging tax, but alas, Seaside is not.

#59089 - 07/10/20 01:07 PM Re: Questions and Comments for Seaside [Re: Forum Host]
xllan Offline

Registered: 07/09/20
Posts: 2
Does anyone know why there is still a charge for booking at Seaside, even though I have credits and housekeeping available?

#59088 - 07/10/20 06:39 AM Re: Questions and Comments for Seaside [Re: Forum Host]
xllan Offline

Registered: 07/09/20
Posts: 2
Say that you reserved a week (7-nights) in Seaside and wanted to rent it out. What's the best way of doing it? Should I rent only to other WorldMark owners, or is it safe to rent to non-owners? Is there any protection for me "owner" if the "guests" happen to do any damage to the unit during their stay? Does resort take down credit card info of "guest" for any accidentals?

#58978 - 12/10/19 06:06 PM Re: Questions and Comments for Seaside [Re: Forum Host]
WMJeff Offline

Registered: 11/12/19
Posts: 4
You use your room key to get into the parking garage and you do not need a parking pass. When checking in they ask for your license plate number.

#58790 - 04/27/19 07:24 PM Re: Questions and Comments for Seaside [Re: Forum Host]
huskyhater Offline

Registered: 02/27/19
Posts: 1
Do yourself a favor-park on the street and avoid having to go to the "parking pass" desk, they harass to the hilt to get you to go to their sales (they call it a "informational class") meeting the next morning. Other than the sales people who don't understand "NO", it's a great place to stay.

#58419 - 07/28/18 04:49 AM Re: Questions and Comments for Seaside [Re: Forum Host]
cchavez Offline

Registered: 07/24/18
Posts: 1
We will not be using a 1 Br in Seaside on Sunday August 12 thru Sunday August 19. Contact me if you are interested in making arrangements to use this 1br in Seaside. Thanks.

#58156 - 02/22/18 07:19 AM Re: Questions and Comments for Seaside [Re: Forum Host]
DrCodes Offline

Registered: 04/02/04
Posts: 51
Unfortunately have to cancel a 1 bedroom at Seaside for tonight and tomorrow night 02/22-02/24. Calling in about 30 minutes. Message me if you'd like it.

Edited by DrCodes (02/22/18 07:23 AM)

#57924 - 09/17/17 10:18 AM Re: Questions and Comments for Seaside [Re: Forum Host]
navyrinemom Offline

Registered: 07/16/14
Posts: 3
I have a 2 bedroom reserved for Friday, September 22 through Friday, September 29 - I will be traveling solo so just need one room if someone wants to trade + some vacation cash.

#57342 - 11/23/16 06:45 AM Re: Questions and Comments for Seaside [Re: WIZ WORLD]
Wanderer Offline

Registered: 05/11/04
Posts: 7
We have stayed several times at this resort. Great location and staff.
There are many activities to participate in and the the area is so breath taking. Great kite flying location. We enjoyed the drive down to Cannon Beach and other locations along the coast.

Edited by Wanderer (11/23/16 06:50 AM)
"tis the best of life being a WM owner.

#57000 - 06/30/16 01:36 PM Re: Questions and Comments for Seaside [Re: ssswck]
Samtpfote Offline

Registered: 07/15/14
Posts: 3
The penthouses face directly the ocean.
We just stayed in a 3 Bdrm deluxe and we had a jacuzzi bathtub in the master bath and we had partial view on the ocean.

#56985 - 06/20/16 10:50 AM Re: Questions and Comments for Seaside [Re: Forum Host]
ssswck Offline

Registered: 01/09/13
Posts: 2
What is the difference between a 3 BR Deluxe and a 3 BR Penthouse? Are the extra credits worth it? Thanks!!

#56139 - 07/19/15 04:08 PM Re: Questions and Comments for Seaside [Re: Forum Host]
cocaman Offline

Registered: 03/31/12
Posts: 12
Loc: Washington
July 2015 Seaside it one of the most popular destinations for good reason. The resort i just steps away from the ocean. It is certainly up to typical WM standards. There are numerous employees there all day who are more than happy to make sure you have a great stay. Seaside is full of good dining, fun activities, and close to other ocean communities. A visit to Fort Clatsop National Park is one activity well worth your time if you are a history buff. Two places we found to eat this time that are excellent are Nonni's Italian and Bell Buoy cafe. Both are walkable, the Bell Bouy is a half mile or more. The only complaint, and there is nothing to do but be patient, is the lack of elevators. A bonus this stay. We checked out by ten a.m. and received a $10 certificate for breakfast good at three places. Since we had eaten in the room we were able to use it at the little cafe and store in the lobby. Nice incentive.

#56118 - 07/10/15 04:41 PM Re: Questions and Comments for Seaside [Re: Forum Host]
iadoreyorkies Offline

Registered: 04/10/13
Posts: 1
I have a 3 Bedroom Deluxe Room reserved from Aug. 9th -16th. Unfortunately, our plane reservations are for the 8th-15th. Does anyone have reservations that they would like to rent out for Aug. 8th in Seaside? Any size of unit would be fine! Thanks SO much!

#55478 - 01/01/15 02:11 AM Re: Questions and Comments for Seaside [Re: Forum Host]

Registered: 10/25/09
Posts: 52
Loc: OR - Oregon
Happy New Year!!!!!

Another great New Years Eve at Seaside Oregon
Fire work are poppin and nice fires on the beach. Who could ask for more.

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