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#709 - 03/02/04 11:04 AM Oceanside Resort Review

Have you stayed at Oceanside? Here's your chance to tell other owners what it's really like. How big is the pool? How hot is the hot tub? What do you wish you had known before you left home?

#736 - 06/16/05 07:12 PM Re: Oceanside Resort Review
CalifTravel Offline

Registered: 02/26/05
Posts: 9
Just returned from Oceanside and enjoyed the resort very much. Even liked the colors. We were surprised to see individual packages for the laundry and dishwasher, but did not find it a problem to exchange our empty packages for additional supplies. One surprise (and an inconvenient one) was not having salt & pepper shakers. This was a first for us since we had just been to Windsor the month before and had salt/pepper. We were told this was due to a health safety issue, but we still had the usual spices in the cupboard. Is this something that will be the norm at other resorts? At our condo in Mexico we didn't even have coffee filters available along with empty salt & pepper shakers due to health safety.

#735 - 05/29/05 10:22 AM Re: Oceanside Resort Review
anne602 Offline

Registered: 08/30/04
Posts: 2
We just returned from a 7 night stay in Oceanside where we totally enjoyed ourselves. The resort as is common with all the resorts we've stayed was clean, easy access to freeways, friendly staff, and met our expectations. We reserved a one bedroom and were happy to receive 5th floor middle section. The unit was roomy and well stocked, one of the reviews commented on the size of the master bedroom, we found the room to be roomy enough for two of us to walk around the bed and not bump into each other. The weather was amazing, mid 60's and overcast, we're from Phoenix where last weekend reached 113' so you can imagine our thrill with the cool ocean air. The patio was really nice, we were happily surprised to find all units appear to have a view of the beach. During our first couple of nights the resort was very busy with one group in particular who were at the pool made a habit of hollering up to their friends at the room balcony (not in close proximity) rather obnoxious. As for the distance to the beach, it's a close enough walk maybe 5min stroll to the pier and another 5mins to the water, plus I'm 33 weeks pregnant and not walking all that quickly these days. We're already planning our return trip for when the baby is old enough to enjoy Legoland and other attractions nearby. Ok I'm sure you want to hear "something" negative about the resort - well ok the elevators were slow, I admit I could have used the stairs...

#734 - 05/21/05 04:35 PM Re: Oceanside Resort Review
mtngal Offline

Registered: 03/19/04
Posts: 1205
Loc: Frazier Park, CA
I'm sitting here on the balcony of our 1 bedroom unit in Oceanside. The slight ocean breeze is just about perfect - I understand that it is supposed to be in the 90s or 100s in Los Angeles. It is my first time here, though I've been to a number of other WM resorts.

Not only did we book this night on bonus time, we booked it yesterday. It is a 1 bedroom and is right over the entrance to the garage. I was surprised that it wasn't as noisy as I had expected. The noise of the freeway isn't much - I think the sound of the ocean at Pismo is louder.

We arrived early and our unit wasn't ready. We wandered around the lobby a bit and I noticed someone sitting at a table with a laptop. Hmmmm...

While we were waiting, we walked to the beach. I decided to see what my Magellan Meridian GPS thought of the walk. It showed that the walk from the resort to the edge of the beach was .34 miles - just over a third of a mile. It took about 15 minutes because we sauntered along looking at the shops and restaurants along the marina. So not a long walk, but it isn't just around the corner, either. There were lots of people out on the beach - it's obviously popular.

When we got back our unit was ready. Even though I was somewhat disappointed that our unit was over the garage entrance, I decided it wouldn't keep me from enjoying the balcony. Turned on the laptop, made sure the wireless card was turned on, and a wireless network popped up! Our unit is close enough to the lobby to have a signal! So I can sit out here, typing away and enjoy the ocean breeze. All of a sudden the unit isn't such a problem after all.

The unit is very nice inside, much like other WM units. I like the decor. We probably won't use the kitchen at all since we are only here for one night. But it's a place I'd be happy to return to any time.

Edited to add: The signal on my balcony wasn't consistent - later I couldn't get enough of a signal to get back on. I thought about going down to the lobby but didn't bother - I was too comfortable to move!

Edited by mtngal (05/22/05 02:58 PM)

#733 - 05/08/05 06:53 PM Re: Oceanside Resort Review
advancedlogic Offline

Registered: 04/22/05
Posts: 2
Loc: Calabasas Hills (LA), CA
I just stayed @ Oceanside 5/6/05 for a day. The resort seemed heavily booked, yet thru persistence, I was able to secure a last-minute reservation on Thurs (5/5). The unit was a 2 BR w/ a King in the master, queen in the secondary. It was centrally located (almost above the spa) 5th-floor unit with a balcony view of the harbor and ocean.

First, allow me to praise the layout of the unit - ALL multi-room units should be laid out this way. The room ran the width of the building - entry on one side, balcony ob the other. The bedrooms are at either end, separated by the secondary bathroom & the kitchen. This layout allows a bit more, uh, "privacy" between the bedrooms than those sharing a common wall. Though it was only myself and a long-time friend from nearby Camp Pendleton, this feature would be greatly appreciated should another couple had joined us.

The decor is a bit more modern than may be seen at other resorts. Your preference on this boils down to a matter of taste, as all subjective things do. Personally, I liked the decor - clean, modern, bright, different. The resort was undergoing an exterior repainting project - nothing too intrusive, sans for a roped-off walkway near the pool.
The only gripe/problem experienced with the unit was with the hot water. Specifically, the sink faucet was a bit noisy at a certain flow rate (probably air in the system). Simply adjusting the handle corrected it, however, so it wasn't a real inconvenience. Other than that, it was a comfortable, pleasant experience - I didn't hear the highway noise with the windows shut (and simply background noise with them open). The trains (Metrolink and others) came fairly frequently during the day, but did not use their air horns or anything unbearably loud. In the unit, you will hear a low rumbling as they pass, but even that becomes unnoticable as your stay progresses. But again, my unit was centrally located so I can't say how bad the noise would be for the units near the building ends.
Saturday a.m. @ 9:30 was an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast for $4.00 (comes with 3 sausages and beverage as well). Wasn't too bad, except for the extremely watered-down O.J.

Here's a heads up for your stay at just about any WM resort: Buy one of those cheap, small $30 Cyberhome DVD units and an extension cord. The master BR's usually only have VCR's - NO DVD players, though the living room have combo units. The VCR in the master BR had front Audio (stereo) & Video inputs, making connecting a DVD player a snap. However, there's only 1 outlet being used by the TV/VCR. The extension chord will make your life much easier at this point.

Anyway, enjoy your stay @ OUR resorts (doesn't it feel great to say that???). As a 29 y/o single owner, I'm looking forward to meeting other singles during my travels!

#732 - 05/07/05 08:53 PM Re: Oceanside Resort Review
trixmsj Offline

Registered: 05/01/05
Posts: 6
We stayed at the Worldmark for 3 nights back about a month ago in March 2005. The rooms are very nice as we all should expect from Worldmark. The tennis court is a nice addition which only some of the other resorts have. The colors of the resort are definitly loud but the interior of all the rooms are very nice. It's great to sit out on the balcony to watch the sunset while an Amtrak train runs along the coast. One thing that amazes me are all the complaints I read about the "long" walk to the beach. People, aren't we all on vacations here? The walk to the beach itself could'nt have been more than ten minutes long. That was without any complaints from a 6yr old! Once we reached the beach how could we not want to walk to the longest pier on the west coast itself! That walk will take you anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes to get there. The pier itself is a great experience where you can stop and get some fish and chips while you catch a breather. Than it is back to the resort !One every important warning...The San Luis Rey River runs adjacent to the resort and flows off into the ocean.If you go through the harbor to reach the beach you will have to cross this by foot to meet your destination on the beach or pier! Water looks shallow!! I am 6ft2 and had the water at my chin level and then the next second had it at my waist level!!!Be careful and if you have to ,walk along the paved street that runs over river first before you approach the beach!! It only takes about 5 extra minutes or so!!! If you don't prepare to get wet!!! The resort is only 5-10 minutes away from Legoland so do save some time for that!!!
Happy Vacationing!!!!!!

#731 - 04/27/05 07:38 AM Re: Oceanside Resort Review
ThisEndUp Offline

Registered: 04/30/04
Posts: 367
Loc: The O.C.
Sorry to hear about your bad experience. We personally LOVE Oceanside and go there almost every year.

In reply to:

There wasn't any dishwasher detergent or washing machine detergent.

We discovered this change last year when we booked an extra weekend there. They used to give you little cylindrical screw-top containers for both and they would be full when you checked-in and you could refill them at the front desk. Last time, there was no laundry detergent anywhere in the unit and a single "one-wash" size packet of dishwasher soap. We went down to the desk and got a few of each, no problem, but it was a change from how it used to be.
My family website - http://www.themabryfamily.com

#730 - 04/26/05 10:32 PM Re: Oceanside Resort Review
SideoutCA Offline

Registered: 04/26/05
Posts: 3
Loc: Los Angeles
My familly and I were at Oceanside for a week (Mid Apr 2005)...actually we registered for a week and stayed only 2 days. Read on for what happened. We registered for the 3 bedroom multi-floor penthouse. Because we registered late, we got the 1st floor unit in the far end of the building (closest to the freeway). Here is my review:

1. We didn't hear much of the freeway. I guess it's because we were on the bottom floor and there is a hillside slope on our side. I guess the freeway is high up enough on the top of the slope and our unit was low enough that we couldn't hear much of it. Maybe the upper floor units would get the noise.

2. Main problem with the unit. The clerk at the Registration Desk told us that the previous tenant flooded the Master Bathroom Tub. The water spread from the bedroom to the walk-in closet and half the Master Bedroom. They did everything that they could to dry it (shop vac, commercial fan, towels) but it wasn't dry enough. Imagine walking around the carpet hearing the squishing under your feet. We couldn't even change in the walk-in closet. However, the worse thing of all is the smell of muggy, moist, stale water. We opened the windows as best as we can but had do close them when we went out. Now imaging the even stronger muggy smell of that wet carpet when we got back. To top it off we had a 13 month baby whose just starting to walk (and fall) all over the carpet...and the Master Bedroom was the only room large enough to put the crib. We did try to change units but was told that there were no other units available.

3. Other problems with the unit. One of the other bedroom windows was shattered. Luckily because it was a double paned window only one was broken. It wasn't repaired by the time we left. The kitchen sink also leaked. Next morning during breakfast we noticed a puddle under the sink while washing. We called the front desk and they took care of the leak when we went out for the day.

4. As for the service, I'd say 50/50. I didn't expect them to be able to do anything about the wet carpet as they did all they can to dry it...although I wished they would have given us another room instead. I'd give them credit for responding on the same day to fix the leak in the kitchen sink. But 2 smaller items wasn't done. There wasn't any dishwasher detergent or washing machine detergent. I called the front desk and they said that there is no one who could bring them to us however I can pick it up at the front desk. By this time, I was too disappointed with the stay so far. I had to push the front desk to ask housekeeping to bring them especially after the problems we're already having. The front desk said they'll call the Housekeeping Manager. That's the last I heard about it and never received anything by the time we left.

4. As for the overall building. It appears nice and clean. The pool area looks good too. My baby even had a little fun in the tot lot play area.

5. The parking is bad. They give you only ONE parking permit per unit. Hmmm...I reserved a 3 bedroom penthouse suite for 6 adults and a baby. That's more than 1 car full of people. They told us to park across the street in the public parking lot. So whose idea was it to build a "resort" where there's not enough parking? Especially since we "owners" pay good money for them.

6. As all the previous reviewers say, the beach is not that close. Luckily I read all your reviews ahead of time and knew what to expect. My expectations wasn't high so I wasn't disappointed. The area is more of a docking pier for private boats with some restaurants. The actual beach itself wasn't much to look at. Nothing close to a typical Southern California beach. (Note: I'm from Los Angeles).

Needless to say. We couldn't bear the smell of wet carpet and we checked out after 2 days. I complained to Customer Service. I'd have to say that off all the WorldMark resorts I've been to, this is the worst.

Nevertheless, I would still give this resort a 2nd try as this 1st experience appears to be a fluke...I hoping.

#729 - 02/23/05 09:03 PM Re: Oceanside Resort Review
Installguy2 Offline

Registered: 04/09/04
Posts: 3
We just returned from a 5 night stay in a 3 bedroom penthouse unit. It was our first stay at the resort. We were on the freeway side on the South end of the resort. I have to say that the freeway noise was somewhat bothersome in the mornings. It would have been nice to have a fan in the bedroom to help cover the noise. The trains did not bother us at all.
We had a couple of issues with the room which the maintanence staff promptly corrected. We were also missing a spatula which houskeeping replaced in a couple of hours. The shower in the master bath needs to have a soap dish of some sort installed.
Outside of that, it rained, and rained, and rained.
We found the staff to be courteous and helpful.
It would be nice to get more than one packet of dishwasher soap instead of having to trek down to the office to get more.
Overall a fair visit. Units need some sprucing up.

#728 - 02/23/05 11:35 AM Re: Oceanside Resort Review
3catmom Offline

Registered: 02/15/05
Posts: 8
We haunted the website for two weeks hoping to get a room for Saturday, Feb. 19 on Bonus Time, never realizing that that was President's Day weekend. But Thursday the 17th a two bedroom suite popped up and we grabbed it. This is only our second trip to a WorldMark resort, but will probably be the resort we most often use as a getaway since it is the closest to our home in Los Angeles (about a 90 minute drive). Oceanside pales by comparison to our first experience at Seaside, Oregon (which I highly recommend, by the way). The room was "just o.k." -- my first comment was "didn't they tell us during the sales presentation that all rooms were kept "as new" all the time?" The room had once been nice, but seemed on the shabby side to us.

As for a view, yes over the train trestle and between neighboring buildings you could just spot the ocean. But we're probably jaded because we live at the tip of a peninsula and see huge ocean views on a daily basis. (Again, check out Seaside, Oregon for fabulous view rooms).

Our friends who used the "freeway side" bedroom, said they could hear the freeway but that it "wasn't too bad". We, on the other hand, had the Amtrack side bedroom. The trains not only rumbled by about every 30 minutes, they blew their horns at crossings as they approached and then again just as they passed. With the patio door open the noise was obnoxious, and with it closed not a heck of a lot better. And yes, maybe they stop running by midnight and don't start up again until 5AM, but we tend to be in bed by 11PM and TRY to sleep until 7 or 8AM.

As for the closeness of the ocean, take it from a Los Angelena who's idea of a walk is the distance between the couch and the refrigerator, the ocean is an easy 15 minute stroll -- and we stopped to look at squirrels in the rocks at the harbor. I agree with those that said the sand was dirty gray -- I figured it was due to all the winter rain we've had.

We even walked out the back gate of the complex, up to the Coast Highway and over the bridge to the Flying Bridge restaurant. That walk took 12 minutes (with me bitching all the way because we really didn't know how far we were going and were relying on directions from MapQuest that claimed the restaurant was .3 miles away). Dinner was excellent and in fact we walked back for brunch the next day (the whole reason for the trip had been to have lunch with a friend from San Diego on Sunday).

What little interaction we had with the staff on checking in was courteous and professional, and in fact when they saw we were two couples checking in they immediately called housekeeping to push the twin beds together and remake the beds -- it would never have occurred to me to ask for this and in fact my husband and I had volunteered to take that room before arrival since the other couple was doing the driving. By the time we parked the car and got our stuff up to the room the ladies were just finishing up that chore. Our friends insisted on taking that room and giving us the "view" room, but the next morning we teased them that they had knowingly given us the "Amtrack room".

We'll go back, even with my grumblings, and plan to do more exploring of the Carlsbad area, which we're not familiar with at all, and then down to San Diego itself.

#727 - 02/02/05 10:10 AM Re: Oceanside Resort Review
goldseal Offline

Registered: 09/22/04
Posts: 76
Loc: Salt Lake City, UT
I am sure a large part of it is that we have just been unlucky in hitting the wrong people. But as my wife likes to say, "Perception is reality." What we have found is it is much easier to go to the forum for our questions when we are at Oceanside or to seek out other owners or guests at the resort rather than try to get any help from the folks at the desk.
Maurine, Spencer, Samuel, and Lydia

#726 - 01/27/05 06:00 PM Re: Oceanside Resort Review
everett_goob Offline

Registered: 04/02/04
Posts: 92
Loc: Everett, WA
I have had the same problem with that place. More than once. I think they need a thorough rundown of public relations.
"WorldMark is more fun than a clown on fire."

#725 - 01/27/05 03:29 PM Re: Oceanside Resort Review
alenalani Offline

Registered: 01/27/05
Posts: 1
We have made reservations to this resort. We haven't visited the resort yet. But, I am experiencing rudeness with the staff like an assistant manager.

I wanted to get information about recreation stuff for a birthday party. And the answers I was getting are unbelievable. I tried to be pleasant on the telephone, however I felt like I was a bill collector wanting information. And it seems that this person couldn't understand the purpose of my call--- is to find out activities for the kids to utilize the resort.

So, I made myself even more, more nicer on the telephone just to fork out the answers from this person, and it seems that it worked.

I read some comments about this resort, and I believe I am not the only one who a brought this comment about the staff in Oceanside. I hope Owner Services would take this seriously and improve on their people skills. A little more understanding toward owners' needs and helpfulness.

Aloha everyone!

#724 - 01/23/05 06:55 PM Re: Oceanside Resort Review
kabeat Offline

Registered: 01/23/05
Posts: 1
Loc: California
Just spent two nights on bonus time at Oceanside in a 2 bedroom with twins unit. Loved the room. It was my first time staying in a 2 bedroom unit and I was very pleased with the size of it. Yes, the train tracks are right next door, but the train comes by every two hours or so with the earliest around 5 a.m. and the latest a little after midnight. The noise didn't bother us. What bothered us were the inconsiderate guests staying in the room above us partying on their balcony, keeping everyone in the complex awake until the wee hours of the morning. Not sure if they have security but would've appreciated somebody doing something about the noise. The beach is only a short walk (less than 10 minutes) away and the harbor complex there has some good restaurants and cute shops. Didn't use the pool facilities but looked inviting. Nice complex. I will definately stay here again.

#723 - 01/23/05 02:19 PM Re: Oceanside Resort Review
medina Offline

Registered: 12/27/04
Posts: 27
Loc: Colorado
I stayed in a 2BR unit with twin beds on the second level last weekend. I was really pleased with the layout of the 2BR unit, but like everyone wish the second TV was in the room designated for the kids. That should be addressed.

Besides the two bedrooms, there was also a Murphy bed in the wall, which we didn't use, so cannot comment on comfort. I really liked the interior decorating, it was modern traditional. The carpet in this unit was fine, but I thought the seat cushions on the sofa looked terribly worn, and could use a restuffing. The bathrooms were very nice sized. The patio was nice size too, but I did not get a chance to use the grill. The unit I was in had an obstructed view, so I could barely see the ocean at such a low level, but it was still nice.

I thought the recreation room was very inviting. There was nice furniture to relax while the kids enjoyed themselves, or two computers to catch up on email. There are three pool tables in the rec room, but a ping pong table for smaller children would be a well received addition.

I liked how it was close to the Harbor and the beach, but because I was on such a low level and the staff did not point it out to me, I did not even know it was there until the day I left the resort.

Now for the bad.....

I thought the unit was extremely dirty. It really, really needed a good scrubbing from top to bottom. It was as if the unit is picked up after each guest, but not thoroughly cleaned. I just felt dirty. I got a cup out of the very dusty cabinet and it had a gross hair on it. The door to the master bedroom looked like a little kid with something on his hands had wiped them all over the door. Yuk, it was just gross. Which was really unfortunate since the place was so nice.

I did think the traffic noise from the freeway disrupted the enjoyment of the patio. It was loud.

However, especially if someone would clean the rooms properly, I would love to visit again. I much preferred this location to Anaheim, which I will probably not be visiting again. If you want to do Southern California right, buy the City Pass for $172, which gives you five days of entertainment, and stay at Oceanside which is central to all of them.

#722 - 01/21/05 02:21 PM Re: Oceanside Resort Review
goldseal Offline

Registered: 09/22/04
Posts: 76
Loc: Salt Lake City, UT
We have stayed at Oceanside twice with our family of four and have never felt cramped. Of course as I think of it that may be because our home seems to have smaller bedrooms and so when we use WM they always seem to be niced sized rooms.

We have never noticed the noise from the freeway or the train to be a problem. We would agree with most other posters that if you listen for it you will hear it. With a headache or having a restless night I can see how it could potentially be a problem. At the Thunderbird in Las Vegas I couldn't get to sleep because of the crickets!

Like you we were extremely disappointed in the staff. They seemed immature and uncaring. The sales staff were to the point of being abrasive once they found out we were owners. Interestingly they did not even bother to ask for referals or ask if we might be considering upgrading. I bring this up to contrast it with the new Las Vegas where the sales people bend over backwards to show you different size units, give out travel tips, etc., etc., etc. I have referred many friends and relatives to them and none to anyone at Oceanside (Is anyone at Oceanside sales taking notes?) I have also experienced this same friendliness from all other resort sales people with the exception of Oceanside (and like I said it was extremely noticeable there, almost like they were trying to make it a point to say if you already own we don't care!).

The water is definitely not 5 minutes away and for decent beaches we drove. I really like the easy on/off access due to the location so overall I would give a definite thumbs up for the location.

We go to NV and CA often enough that we have our own VON and Ralphs cards which definitely improve the pricing of most groceries, especially those items on special that week. I believe one can use the phone number of the resort at the store to still get the discount (check with the unhelpful people at the front desk, the sales people as stated previously will tell u to buzz off).

California Residency Tax is an irritant. If CA does enough things like that they will not shift the tax burden they will discourage tourism. That like the weather is not under the control of WM or trendwest though.

Overall we love the resort and plan on using it two to three times a year or more.
Maurine, Spencer, Samuel, and Lydia

#721 - 12/14/04 08:54 PM Re: Oceanside Resort Review
roybassist Offline

Registered: 12/14/04
Posts: 1
We stayed at this resort in late October. We liked it, and would stay here again. This was our first and only stay in any of the resorts so far, so we can’t compare it against any others.

Our room was a studio. We wouldn't say it was fancy, but it was comfortable. I was surprised that the bed, which folds out of the wall, was quite comfortable. We found the kitchen adequately equipped for us. Maybe could have used just a few more dishes so we could have run the dishwasher with fuller loads. Our gas grill worked fine. The carpet was showing its age a bit, but everything was very clean.

The staff called shortly after we got into our room to make sure everything was ok. The also were friendly, and advised us on local restaurants and grocery stores.

We were delighted to have a view of the ocean from the balcony. It looked to me like every room in the resort probably has a similar view, though I can’t be sure. We walked to the beach in about 8 minutes at an easy pace (we're in our 50s, have good mobility and enjoy walking). You pass the harbor shops and restaurants on the way. It's a pleasant walk. The sand was the same color as we found up and down the coast for miles. It isn't anything unusual for the area.

On one occasion, the hot tub wasn't hot enough to suit us; but the next time it was just right.

We could hear the noise from the freeway and the trains. It was ok to have the balcony door open during the day, but we did have to close it at night for sleeping. With the door closed, the noise was insignificant.

#720 - 12/03/04 08:56 AM Re: Oceanside Resort Review
pliston Offline

Registered: 12/03/04
Posts: 2
We stayed in Oceanside in October, 2004. Our visit was great. This resort is easy to get to and has great access to I-5. Our room was a two bedroom and none of the bedrooms were small. My only complaint is no TV in the room with the twin beds, but it is that way in all the Worldmark resorts we have stayed in. We ate at the evening social and it was free - even the drinks.

The pool was great and my kids played tennis and basketball. The view was amazing of the ocean and the beach is short walk away. We drove down and parked at the beach, it was fun to watch the surfers.

I would definitely recommend this resort.

#719 - 11/09/04 11:17 PM Re: Oceanside Resort Review
Romeo Offline

Registered: 10/26/04
Posts: 12
Loc: Southern California
I've been to Oceanside several times. I like it. It's definately different than the other resorts I've visited.

Since I'm from Soutnern CA, I knew a bit about the area before my first visit. The resort is poised on a small craft harbor so I expected the harbor environment. It's not a surprise to me that the "beaches" aren't like the one's seen on postcards.

The rooms are nice. Everything worked everytime. They're comfortable and nicely furnished. The pool is huge but toward the end of the day the resort itself cuts into the pool's sunlight. There is some noise from the I-5 freeway but it wasn't enough to keep us awake at night.

I've found the resort staff fun and engaging each time I've visited. They seem interested in offering tips to assist us in enjoying the area. They seem very personable, California beach-goer types. But then again, I get along with most everyone.

One of the special things about Oceanside is their SECURED GUEST PARKING. Perfect for the paranoid motorcyclist, like me.

In anycase, for those from outside Southern CA, I would suggest doing some research into the area around this resort before booking. It might help avoid some of the things other members have posted.

Have fun.

#718 - 09/30/04 07:21 AM Re: Oceanside Resort Review
ThisEndUp Offline

Registered: 04/30/04
Posts: 367
Loc: The O.C.
We love Oceanside and have been there 3 times. That said, we've experienced things similar to what you did. Our sliding screen door was screwed up - looked like someone accidentally walked through it and tweaked it out of square. Our gas grill wouldn't light, either - I finally figured out that if you only turn on one of the burners instead of both, as the instructions say, it would light. The channel 8 problem - maybe someone accidentally removed it from the channel lineup programmed into the TV?

No, the beach isn't 5 mins., but it's only 10 or so and it's an easy walk, even with toddlers and a stroller.
My family website - http://www.themabryfamily.com

#717 - 09/29/04 01:09 PM Re: Oceanside Resort Review
Nick Offline

Registered: 03/31/04
Posts: 20
Loc: Colorado
We stayed at Oceanside for 3 nights last week. We were in a one-bedroom unit on the first floor near the office. There was no noise problem at all. The office staff was the most organized and helpful we have encountered at the 8 WM resorts we have stayed at. The unit was roomy and nicely layed out.

No, the beach is not 5 minutes away as stated in the resort manager's letter. But the harbor is.

The bathroom lacked adequate counter space. No place to hang all the towels.

Too many things did not work or were missing:

The gas grill would not light. The office gave me a handful of matches and said to "just light a match and through it into the grill." After throwing about 10 lit matches into the grill it finally lit with a KABOOM. I'd feel a lot safer if they would fix the damn grill.

Channel 8 on the bedroom TV would not work.

No kitchen scissors. Could not find steak tongs until the office said they were in the drawer under the oven. I guess only Steamboat Springs has salad tongs.

I suspect Oceanside is going to be a maintenance nightmare for WM. The screen door was off the track and jammed. Closet bifold door jammed on a screw that had not been screwed in enough. The carpet looked very bad for its age. The whole unit seemed out of square -- typical poor California constructin quality, I guess.

Noisy air conditioner. Obviously poorly designed.

Interior decor seemed quite drab in contrast to the exterior.

#716 - 06/27/04 07:32 PM Re: Oceanside Resort Review
rjbjr Offline

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Loc: Richmond, CA
We have been to this resort several times (we're from Northern CA).

1. I am a fairly large person (6'5" and heavier than I need to be) and never noticed the bedrooms being small.
2. I have found a mixed bag with the resort staff. Some have been very helpful, others were not worth employing cleaning out portapotties. Hopefully the resort management will take care of this. These kinds of problems are always management problems and personally I would rather have diligent workers that don't speak much English than English speaking.... well no need to get perjorative.
3. We have walked to the beach several times. Its five minutes with a walking 2 year old to the dock and another 5 or so to the public beach along the side walk.
4. The CRV is not a tax. You get it back when you return the container to a recycling center. Its a deposit, just like most of the states in the Northeast. I just checked my Albertsons receipt and food is not sales taxed.
5. Fresh food is the cheapest I have seen in CA. We just got back from Discovery Bay (WA state) and found food noticeably more expensive for all fresh and produce items. In the East, where most of my family lives, food is even more expensive.

I am surprised you didn't mention the noise. Its our one big turnoff for the restort. The freeway roars all night long and there is the occasional train to add to the noise level. Oceanside is not the best area in San Diego county, starting with the next city south (I think its Carlsbad) the cities are a LOT nicer. But land is SO expensive out here that the only reason we don't build buildings over the streets is because of the earthquake. Trendwest was lucky to get anything on the beach side of the freeway in SD county.

#715 - 06/10/04 05:45 AM Re: Oceanside Resort Review
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Great attitude. When I went to LOTO last month, someone was complaining to the front desk about the WEATHER, as if WorldMark controls the warm fronts. Of course, the weather at that time consisted of heavy rain, lightning, thunder and TORNADO warnings, but was you say, life happens.

I thought everything about LOTO was wonderful _ the resort, the staff, the pool, the lake, even the incredible weather. Hey, I'm on vacation. What coud be bad?

-- EverettJohn
"WorldMark is more fun than a clown on fire."

#714 - 06/09/04 01:22 PM Re: Oceanside Resort Review
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We've stayed at this resort twice - both times in a 2 bedroom unit. We LOVE this resort!!! Our kids LOVE this resort!!!

They have a nice, inexpensive, all you can eat pancake breakfast. They have fun, snacks in the afternoon (for a small fee). They have activities/crafts for the kids.

The two times we've been there, the staff has been really helpful and very friendly.

Our last time there our unit wasn't ready until about 5pm, and the activites were cancelled due to staff illness - life happends.. It wasn't a big deal.

#713 - 06/04/04 03:23 PM Re: Oceanside Resort Review
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I never really noticed the sand color. I'm color blind, anway, so sand is just simply "sand" colored as far as I'm concerned. Slight differences in color shades are lost on me...

We only walk down to the beach for the kids to play on the jungle gym that's on the sand down by the little McDonald's. When we want to go play in the water or whatever, we drive over near the pier and use that beach area. I don't know if the sand is any different there, or not.

As for soda - I drink 2 to 3 liters of diet soda per day and, at least here at home, I can usually find it for anywhere from .79 to (at most) 1.49 per bottle at the grocery store. There's almost always either Coke or Pepsi brands on sale for .99 each and the store brands are usually .79 or .89 every day. Occasionally nothing's on sale so it's 1.29 or they try to sneak in a 3 for $4 or 4 for $5 "bonus buy" for the math-impaired. The convenience stores try to rape you at 1.89 to 2.19 each.

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#712 - 06/04/04 01:52 PM Re: Oceanside Resort Review
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Hey, its nice to hear whats on the other side of the mirror, too. Lets see...
1. I had to sleep on the far end of the bed, which is why I noticed :P
2. Lucky you. Of course I never bother to talk to such frustrated people either. But this time I had forgotten something at the condo. So I called and asked the woman (will post her name soon) to check on that, she got my number and of course, never called back. I waited 4 hours before calling again and was told by a very giggly woman that yes, she was looking at that stuff at that very minute (would she have lost any fat muscles by picking up the phone and calling me back?!?!). When my husband called and spoke to her, she of course had a nice story about MY attitude (hey, I'm not the one bursting out in giggles when the other person requests that their medical supplies be returned ASAP)....!!!! But anyways, the medical company was a lot more prompt with their delievery. Not to mention, I wasn't nervous about my cc number being posted on the internet by a drunk un-professional.
3. No comments, except that the condo 'claims' the beach to be 5 minutes, when its not.
4. Taxes....
5. We did buy the 2 liters from Vons, which was taxed pretty high as well. Is it only Oceanview or the whole of the state that considers soda to be extremely luxuriously spoiler item?

And one more thing, you didn't say anything about the grey sand? I know the beach in San Diego is absolutely breathtaking, but this one was extremely noisy as well.

#711 - 06/04/04 12:54 PM Re: Oceanside Resort Review
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1. Never noticed.
2. Never dealt with them.
3. Yep, 10-15 mins. sounds about right, down the ramp across the lot, under the train tracks, through the marina shops, past that apt. complex, onto the beach.
4. Ah, yes, the occupancy tax. I wonder if you have an actual, deeded timeshare if you have to pay occupancy tax every time you visit? (Sorry.. off-topic but just wondering)
5. Not sure which store you hit, but there's a Vons and a Ralph's (I believe) across from each other about 2 offramps south, just east of the 5. Both had "standard" prices from what I recall. The "soda" tax is actually CRV (California Redemption Value) and is to promote recycling. Buy 2-liters, they only charge you 8 cents for the one bottle instead of 4 cents per can. It used to be 5 cents and 2.5 cents, but they just increased the CRV effective 1/1/2004.

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#710 - 06/04/04 11:39 AM Re: Oceanside Resort Review
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I have stayed at the resort for a small week. Resort was nice, but there were too many negatives to go with it.
1. For one thing the bedroom was too small. To get to the other side of the bed, you practically had to watch the wall in case it scraped against your clothes.
2. The attitude of the staff is Extremely unprofessional. We have stayed at other Worldmark resorts but this is the only one where they have hired the kind of people who wont even return your call without getting a credit card number out of you (!!!). I dont think the rest of California is this greedy.
3. The resort is NOT 5 minutes walk from the water as claimed, it is more like 15 or 20 minutes. There is another apartment complex between the resort and the beach which is actually grey (hey what happened to the white sandy beaches of California? Did they dump toxic waste on this beach or something?)
4. California Residency Tax.... Yes you will have to pay EXTRA for that. Need I say more?
5. Everything at the grocery store is almost 75% more in price than the rest of the USA, even the rest of California. There is an extra tax on Coca Cola..!!!!! (Is that considered to be a luxury item or something?!?!)

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