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#709 - 03/02/04 11:04 AM Oceanside Resort Review
Forum Host
WorldMark Forum

Have you stayed at Oceanside? Here's your chance to tell other owners what it's really like. How big is the pool? How hot is the hot tub? What do you wish you had known before you left home?

#59221 - 04/10/21 08:28 PM Re: Oceanside Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
ajsitu Offline

Registered: 03/13/21
Posts: 1
We stayed in a 3-bedroom presidential this past Thanksgiving for 3 nights. On the 2nd night, we found a live coachroach crawling around on the wall. We were able to chase it down but it kind of ruined the night. We ended up abandoned the room and hurdled up in the others instead. We notified the front desk twice and showed them the proof. No one ever followed up on it. Maybe it will get some attention here.

#58467 - 08/16/18 11:07 AM Re: Oceanside Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
travelerjim Offline

Registered: 08/21/09
Posts: 10
Loc: WA, USA
Oceanside, CA: Just finished a 7-night stay with our family which included 2 small children, ages 2 & 4. Very nice, newly updated (exterior) facility. Encountered a couple of maintenance items that we've never seen before, but they got fixed once reported. The beach was within walking distance for even the 4 year old; not the 2 year old, but a stroller did the job. Lots of places to eat within walking distance. Only 1 garaged vehicle space per unit, but there is a large City lot just below the WM that always has space...even for RV's, but you can't camp in your RV, just park. Pools were great, nice basketball court, playground, etc....all the usual that you expect from WM. It's also within walking distance (1.25 miles) from downtown...a nice easy, safe, flat walk to burn off calories after eating dinner in town. Parking can be difficult in town, but there is a 2-story, free lot across the tracks SE from the Marriot that always had room. Speaking of tracks, others have reported train noise and it's true; however, the air conditioner helps drown out some of it, especially if you sleep in the Murphy bed directly under the blower or in the 2nd bedroom (if your unit has one).

#57716 - 05/23/17 03:37 PM Re: Oceanside Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
worlynn Offline

Registered: 06/29/10
Posts: 1
Stayed at Oceanside for 5 days in March. We love this resort, and all the amenities nearby: walks, restaurants, cruises, boat rentals, etc. The property is terrific, and all rooms have at least partial ocean views.

My one gripe: the entertainment system sucks. The entire system has been replaced by Wyndham's in-house system, according to the office. And no one there knows how to work it.

Here's what we found: 1) there is no program guide for TV stations, and no local newspaper to tell you what's on;
2) we could not get into our Netflix account to pull up any other entertainment. We got just so far, then the system stopped working--didn't go blank, just stopped accepting commands. We had to figure out for ourselves that the wireless keyboard on the mantle was for system input.
3) the TV resolution is wrong for the size of screen in our room, so part of the picture is cut off, and we couldn't fix it;
4) there is no longer a written in-room 3-ring binder with channel listings, system instructions, local activities, etc.

For reference, we are both techies, with over 40 years' combined experience in information technology. If we can't make it work, God help normal folks!

#57346 - 11/25/16 02:49 PM Re: Oceanside Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
scottdavis4k Offline

Registered: 11/08/05
Posts: 2
Loc: Ca,usa
I'd like to share my most recent World Mark visit to southern California.

We stayed at the Oceanside time share while touring for colleges for my daughter....Immediately exiting the freeway I was disturbed. The neighborhood/surrounding area was a dirty looking area, that I KNEW wasn't World Mark's style. We arrived late at night and the power was off at the property. As my family exited the vehicle a strange man came out of the dark asking me questions and telling me to follow him. I learned he was the security guard (which concerns me that the property would need one. He took me into the building where someone again came out of the dark with candles gave me some light sticks and checked me in. Once finding the room we settled in and the lights came on at approximately 6am. Later that evening, our sink/disposal began to overflow. We had not used the sink area whatsoever. I was disgusted by the smell and brown liquid rising onto the counter top and the floor area. The property took hours until someone arrived and then the plumbing took another two hours. Unfortunately my stay at World Mark was not up to par as a member. I have always enjoyed my stay and felt proud as an owner to bring my family. My stay at Oceanside was not an experience that I felt proud to be an owner. I was thankful to leave on a good note as the ladies at the front desk were kind and polite.

A suggestion... I have stayed at many locations and have always enjoyed getting a world Mark mug or souvenir. I have found that properties are not consistent in the items they offer. I would love to see a staple of merchandise (mugs, magnets etc.) so that I can collect from each property as I travel.

Thank you,
Frederick Scott Davis

#57293 - 11/01/16 03:01 PM Re: Oceanside Resort Booking and Possible change [Re: Forum Host]
DaveMuse Offline

Registered: 10/31/16
Posts: 1
Good afternoon,

We are booked at WM-Oceanside for Nov 5 and 6 in a lower level penthouse. Due to a snafu we were not able to get a reservation for the Friday night of this stay period.

Our son's wedding is this weekend and we are hosting a Family gathering on Friday night and really need the lower level penthouse for that night and for Saturday's wedding prep time period.

If any Owner is currently booked into a lower level Penthouse on Friday, Nov. 4 and Saturday, Nov. 5 we would love to have the opportunity to swap rooms for Friday night and Saturday night. If you are not able to leave on Friday, then we would even like if you could leave early on Saturday morning so that we can get the PH as soon as possible after Housekeeping is complete with this.

We would gladly pay you for your inconvenience.

Please email me at DaveLMuse@Gmail.Com so we can discuss.

Thanks and thank you for your consideration.

Dave Muse

#57269 - 10/19/16 10:12 AM Re: Oceanside Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
glstjs Offline

Registered: 07/11/05
Posts: 3
We loved our stay at this resort and would have stayed there this last week, but they were under construction, so we stayed in Mission Valley. Our stay would have been more enjoyable at Oceanside with the construction then it was at Mission Valley, which we left after 1 of 3 nights booked.

Love the fact you can walk to the marina and enjoy a day at the beach.

#56749 - 03/08/16 09:26 PM Re: Oceanside Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
da5stringking Offline

Registered: 04/22/13
Posts: 34
First of all, if someone comes to a timeshare property expecting to be disappointed, then they are going to be disappointed. If someone comes to this particular resort expecting a crazy and entertaining night life, then this isn't the right place. This is our second time coming to the Oceanside property. We come expecting to just have a VERY relaxing time...

When we booked this vacation, it was our son's turn to decide where we go. He wanted to go back to Oceanside, after visiting there three years previous.

We love everything that this place has to offer: the tennis courts, basketball courts, swimming pool, hot tub, playground and not to mention the awesome harbor walk as well as the beach. There is a lot to do here at the resort and at the beach as well.

The trains aren't that noisy--we hardly noticed them at all.

We love using the BBQ and cooking out at the resorts. We cook everything from hobo dinners to baked potatoes on the BBQ.

I love the addition of the herb garden for guests to take what they need.

All in all, we love this place! grin

Resorts Visited: Las Vegas Blvd, NV (x4), Anaheim, CA (x2), Oceanside, CA (x2); Gleneden, OR; New Orleans, LA; Bear Lake, UT; Santa Fe, NM; New Braunfels, TX; San Diego Inn by the Park, CA; Steamboat Springs, CO; Wolf Creek, UT; Pinetop, AZ. Coming up: Oahu, Hawaii

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Edit Reason: Wanted to change just a few things...

#56522 - 12/29/15 02:34 PM Re: Oceanside Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
rscott Offline

Registered: 08/08/06
Posts: 12
Loc: utah
Our family of six has been to Oceanside five times over the last ten years. We really enjoy it and have never had issues with the noise from the trains or the highway. There must be some really light sleepers out there..... All in all, if you are really picky then timeshares are not for you. Oceanside WM is comfortable, friendly staff, and centrally located.....not to mention, a short walk to the beach through the marina. Our kids are all ages from 10 to 21 and I have never heard a complaint about the pools, units, or noise. Ignore negative reviews for this property, it is totally fine and you will have a great time..

#56325 - 10/02/15 08:40 AM Re: Oceanside Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
vickim Offline

Registered: 02/17/06
Posts: 7
Loc: WA
We've stayed at Oceanside three times over the last 17 years. This last summer we had a family reunion where we had a 2 bedroom Presidential, 2 bedroom with twins and a 3 bedroom special needs. So I can speak to each one pretty well.

The presidential was beautiful and had a large deck. We let our teens stay there for the one night we had it as a treat. It was at the end on the 2nd floor nearest the train tracks so I asked them if they wanted to wear earplugs (we live in a *very* quiet rural area so noises may impact sleep as we're not really used to it). They said no. In the morning I checked with them and they said they didn't have any problem. We had a great dinner there our first night as it was very roomy.

We put 5 adults and one toddler in the 3 bedroom special needs. I've never booked an SN unit before because I've always left it for those who truly need it. Unfortunately I had to use it due to the size of our group (sorry!!!). It was interesting to see the accommodations that WM made for those with SN. It actually worked well for having 3 families in one unit as the bedrooms were equally dispersed around the unit (not just right next to each other. It gave a little more distance in a way for some private time. The accommodations worked well as the living area and bathrooms were wider and the deck larger to accommodate wheelchairs (I suppose). It gave room to walk around the toddler debris :^). Compared to the presidential, the accommodations feel very stripped down (and maybe more to facilitate mobility). But not to be concerned WM owners! I've travelled around the world in high end hotels, B&Bs, pensiones, villas, motel 6s, residence inns and to dozens of timeshares. This is good stuff. American accommodations on a whole are far more extravagant than those in say, Europe. Finding a three bedroom *anywhere* is like a treasure hunt. And then to find one to meet the needs for ease of access is almost impossible I would imagine.

We put my 4 person family in the standard 2 bedroom where my teens chose to not share the same twin bedroom but rather one of them used the murphy bed and the other got the twin room to herself. I think it's a teen space thing. They really like it when I book the 3 bedrooms but they didn't have the option this time. Nice to have the option for them. We were situated in the middle of the resort. The deck was the smallest of the three units. Very small. We didn't use it much as we spent time on the bigger decks with family and out and about. For noise, we didn't have issues. My husband didn't wear earplugs and he was fine. I almost always wear earplugs when I travel to a multi-unit space because people in general seem to forget how loud their hallway/walkway conversations can get. Especially when they've been out partying and are still laughing it up on the way home.

The 2 bedroom units and presidential were on the same floor, so we only had to go up one floor to get to the 3bedroom -- which we did a lot. We tended to use the stairs even though the elevator was right outside our unit. Good exercise and sometimes much faster than waiting. We are lucky that we have the agility to walk so it's best to leave the elevator for those who can't because they have strollers, carts, groceries or wheelchairs.

We found a leak under our kitchen sink at one point and we simply tightened the connector to fix it. Things like this happen whether at a timeshare or in our own home. It's not necessarily negligence. It's just normal stuff. No big deal.

Overall, it was soooo much fun with lots of things for everyone to do. Boating, swimming, soaking in the sun, LEGOLAND, botanical garden, street market, car show, tot yard, basketball, shopping, and jogging. We did it all. We even did a little geocaching (there's one really nearby...hint hint. I call that good value.

#55585 - 02/04/15 10:13 AM Re: Oceanside Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
perret Offline

Registered: 12/14/13
Posts: 5
Update to review: I talked to family members who had stayed at the resort regarding the noise we had that they hadn't experienced. It turns out they always stayed at the south end of the resort away from the train noise. Since you can't choose your unit, your stay here apparently depends on where your unit is located.

#55541 - 01/26/15 08:51 PM Re: Oceanside Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
perret Offline

Registered: 12/14/13
Posts: 5
Stayed in the 3 bedroom top floor penthouse for 4 nights in January 2014 and basically wasted the 9900 credits it cost us to stay there. That end of the resort is right by the train and it does not run only during the day. It was running at least once per hour until 12:45 a.m. and again starting around 4 a.m. (it might have been running between those times also but we were all so exhausted from the noise we might have slept briefly). There are only 2 top floor penthouses, one at the train end of the resort and one at the highway end. So your odds are 50/50 you'll get the train noise. Since the other units at the train end obviously also got the noise there's no way we're staying there again.

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