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#2819 - 03/08/04 02:46 PM Gleneden Resort Review
Forum Host
WorldMark Forum

Have you stayed at Gleneden? Here's your chance to tell other owners what it's really like. How big is the pool? How hot is the hot tub? What do you wish you'd known before you left home?

#59196 - 02/19/21 10:18 AM Re: Gleneden Resort Review [Re: Jolly_Mon]
marijune Offline

Registered: 05/15/11
Posts: 1
Loc: Washington
We have been having trouble at GlenEden also. In August we had a weeks visit. Upon arrival it was VERY apparent the floors had not been vacuumed. The kitchen floor was filthy. We called the front desk to be told we had to vacate for at least two hours for them to come clean. I’d just traveled seven hours, really didn’t want to go for two more. We told her we would vacuum & clean ourselves. On day two, we discovered our our refrigerator was not working. Called the office again, again with the two hours. This time we had to leave. We do our thing, come back to a new (?) fridge. It appears to be working so we are good. Nope, it’s not working. Call again, same thing-two hours out. Some relaxing vacation we are having. So we leave again. Come back to another new fridge. By now, (this is day four with no fridge) we have to throw away our food. We’ve had to eat out twice to vacate the room. Now we have to throw away our food. No offer of compensation. I call owner care when we get home. I want my credits back so we can have a relaxing vacation. Manager said NO, no way. Finally got some points but manager was VERY unhappy. Here we are in Feb. We’ve come to Glenn Eden For about 15 years at this time. I book early AM 13 months out for special needs room. Always get a good room, front building-till now. Back building this time. Smells of retaliation to me. don’t make the manager mad.

#59093 - 07/15/20 06:03 AM Re: Gleneden Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
arlpt Offline

Registered: 04/12/09
Posts: 15
We visited in July 20 during the Pandemic. We had room 209 in the far west building. No bathroom in the Master suite. The room was so small with the dresser on an angled wall. The corner of the bed was 10” away from the dresser and required slithering past it to get to the closet. Very annoying.
Other than than that the room was ok with a Ocean view from the balcony.
We were notified by email the day before arrival that checkin would be outside and we were given a 1 hour block to arrive in and line up. Only 1 car in front of us. It was a quick check in. We were told all TP and paper products provided would be discarded after we left.

#59092 - 07/11/20 07:01 PM Re: Gleneden Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
Jolly_Mon Offline

Registered: 06/14/15
Posts: 6
Loc: Oregon=Summer; Arizona=Winter
Although it has been three years since we were here, we had the chance to come again and made a reservation for four days with our guests. We had called the resort several days in advance to request that if the unit had twin beds in the second bedroom, that a “bed bridge” be installed to turn the beds into a king. We also reconfirmed that request when we called to schedule a curb check-in time because of the virus requirements. We were told both times that the bed bridge would be no problem.

However, upon checking into the unit, the second bedroom indeed was still twin beds. We called the office were told we were given that unit in error and that it should have been reserved for a reservation made 13 months in advance. We found that comment offensive as in the past when we had made reservations 13 months in advance, we felt we did not get that same consideration for our room assignment since we were given a room almost in the back without much of a view.

At any rate, we were now told it was too late in the day to make a change to the beds, and that we should call the next day to arrange for housekeeping to make the change and that we would have to vacate the unit for two hours so they could make the change and disinfect the room again.

We did call the next morning and informed the office that we would be away for at least two hours so they could come and make up the beds into a king. We were, in fact, away for over four hours, only to return to discover that nothing had been done. Calling the office again, they would do the change but that would have to leave again to have the beds converted. After much conversation, it was finally agreed that we could sit outside on the deck while housekeeping was there.

Finally the change was made and only after all that did we received a call from the office acknowledging that they had checked our reservation and indeed the bed bridge request had been made and confirmed again upon the check-in reservation. Only then, did anyone offer an apology. Sorry to say, our guests who were previously interested in a Worldmark ownership, are not so interested after this experience.

#57843 - 07/27/17 07:43 AM Re: Gleneden Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
Jolly_Mon Offline

Registered: 06/14/15
Posts: 6
Loc: Oregon=Summer; Arizona=Winter
We just spent a week at Gleneden Beach on a ground floor, front building, and north-side 2 bedroom unit. It was the most troubling visit we’ve ever made at a World Mark resort. The room above us had a child that could not sit still and ran stomping back and forth and back and forth until we notified the front desk. They would call the room above and the uncaring parents would calm the child down. But it kept happening over and over. The office probably called a half dozen times during the week. The noise was so bad that we had to turn the TV up to hear it and the noise also irritated our friends staying with us. The office was understanding and would call every time we couldn’t stand it anymore, but the problem was poor sound insulation between floors, and parents that were unaware of others or just didn’t care. They should have been “aware” after so many calls to quiet down, but it didn’t stop.

Our recommendation is NOT to get a ground floor unit unless you have rambunctious children. We will not take that chance again at this resort. We made our reservations 13 months to the day in advance and checked in early at the resort, but still got a side room, not a front ocean view. We were a little disappointed.

#57772 - 06/24/17 08:44 AM Re: Gleneden Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
btaylor Offline

Registered: 07/07/08
Posts: 22
Loc: Idaho
We were there in June 2017 2 bedroom front building room 310. The room was fabulous. Ocean view from living room and master bedroom. We said no to the owner's update and was not bothered again.
The layout of the unit for the kitchen area is not ideal. Really only one person in the kitchen area as it's really tight. The dishwasher had problems cleaning well which hopefully they've repaired it. The master bedroom is much smaller than expected and the bathroom - only one sink and hardly any counter space. This is different from other units we've stayed in at the resort. They have upgraded sink, fixtures, etc. The other bedroom/bathroom was spacious but had a lousy view of the outside hallway area.

The resort was never very busy or many people about. Usually had the pool and spa to ourselves in the morning. Great access to the beach which is the best thing. Not many seashells to be found but the waves and the seals were fun to watch.
Thiftway is the local grocery store and has a decent selection. If you want the big grocery stores, Safeway, Fred Meyer, you'll find them in Lincoln City or Newport.
Depoe Bay still has the cute line up of stores along the highway/ocean. The whale watch center is always fun, we didn't see any whales even though they've been spotted around the area.
Only ate out a couple times. Went to Mo's in Newport which we've always loved; however, this time the food wasn't the greatest. It was a bummer as we had guests with us and it was a disappointment. The waitress just decided to change what one person ordered as she knew better apparently and then the food was overcooked. Mistakes can happen but the response when asked about it wasn't ideal and no apology. Will have to find a new place I think.

Overall, it was a great relaxing time. We'll be back.
22 Resorts so far – our favorites:Seaside, Depoe Bay, Las Vegas Blvd, Anaheim, Coral Baja, Indio, Grand Mayan – Playa del Carmen

#57575 - 03/16/17 07:17 PM Re: Gleneden Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
roknroll91 Offline

Registered: 12/08/08
Posts: 2
For some reason my account was deleted and all my posts were as well this a a re-post from November 2016.
This is the 3rd time that we have had an awful experience with Owner Updates.

We have now had two very terrible experiences with the group meetings. the representative at the resort was awesome and respectful and told us that we would be able to take our children because the event was at the Depoe Bay recreation center and one of us could attend and the other could entertain the children in the play area. We attended the group session all together and the children needed to stretch there legs and play. While my wife was talking to the sales representative she said he got up twice with out saying anything and disappeared, once in the middle of a question. At one point he came out and demanded that I come into the meeting and told me that I had to be present. I explained the situation and and he was impolite and said that his managers are requesting that I attend. I gathered my extremely disappointed children and brought them into the meeting. My wife had no idea that this was occurring which in tern frustrated her. It was difficult for the sales representative to speak over my frustrated children which further agitated my wife and I and appeared to further agitate the sales representative who progressively became more short and aggressive with his answers. At one point he was ignoring my wife's questions and was only interested in pointing out the things that he wanted to talk about. He told us about the Worldmark my savings club and was not able to provide any information as to whats available, how to sign up, or who to talk to on how to sign up. The sign up process on the my savings is awful and very complicated. Plus between the savings that are actually useful and the clunky app the usefulness of the my savings is terrible. He explained about Legacy time which in the end my wife determined that it was not a feature that we would utilize and he was rude when she wasn't interested in using it. When asked if we wanted to upgrade he explained the benefits of upgrading which was a repeat of the presentation and when we declined he stood up and disappeared. I was very frustrated at this point, my wife was was ready to just walk out, and my children were anxious and barely tolerating the amount of time which at this point was well past 80 minutes. I stood up to go get my kids some thing to drink and on my way to the refreshment stand I walked past the sales rep, that left us sitting in the meeting room with out explanation, standing outside the building appearing to be chit chatting with someone. When he returned he tried again to upgrade us and again we had to decline. He appeared to become very agitated stood up again and walked off and returned with a lady that wanted signatures for refusing points and accepting our reward. Again the sale rep left without a word left while we were signing and the lady gathering signatures walked off after telling us to take this to the desk. We walked to the front desk and everyone ignored us for a couple minutes until I tracked down someone in one of the offices who had to find some one else to help us. While walking out we walked by our sales rep playing on his tablet and said nothing. I feel that we were treated with disrespect and were mislead about this being a family friendly session. I also feel that it is the second most awful representation and experience with Worldmark. The education part of the owner education was minimal. We were lead to believe that we would be able to learn about the new properties that were being purchase, we would be able to ask questions about features that we wanted to know about, we were told that as long as both of us were onsite that we could attend the meeting separately. None of these came to fruition, I felt lied to and during the presentation and sales pitch the staff was only interested in renting/upgrading accounts. Our questions were ignored or diverted onto subjects that they wanted to talk about. Im sorely disappointed in the entire process and most likely will never attend another owner education meeting. We even booked a room for our family who was interested in the Worldmark experience when we gave them the tour and showed them around my best and most stressed advice to them was that they shouldn't go to the owner education meeting at all. It would ruin there trip and it wasn't worth the trouble.
Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Martin Luther King Jr.

#57026 - 07/12/16 09:08 AM Re: Gleneden Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
travelbug Offline

Registered: 03/27/04
Posts: 17
Loc: Southern Oregon
We were in Unit 208, second floor 1 bdrm front building. It is next to the park/hedges, still good view and very quiet away from pool/common areas. One set of windows and deck face ocean. Equipped as expected, did have to call for a couple of missing items but someone came right away with them.

There are 1 bdrm front building units that are oceanfront with big bay window and deck in front. At first we were disappointed not to get one of those but this was fine.

Was asked about update when we got our parking pass, we said no. Not pushy. They left a message later in the week but we just ignored it.

#56499 - 12/13/15 05:15 PM Re: Gleneden Resort Review [Re: PaxieG]
oregonlamb Offline

Registered: 12/05/08
Posts: 46
Loc: Oregon
I was there in April. Did NOT want to go to an update. I am a co owner with my mother. I paid for most of the 25,000 points and all of the dues for over 10 years. Imagine how I felt when my friend insisted I go to the update because the dude at the desk said all 3 of us had to go. One of our party was really broke and the $100 would mean a lot to her. So we signed up for her... This same "dude at the desk" claimed there was no record anywhere of me being an owner. Now, this annoyed me all to heck, but also, why is this important? You harass everyone into going, owner or not. Grrrrrr Eventually we went to Depoe Bay to the presentation. When they say it's just a 45 min video, yes, that is true. You wait around til everyone shows up, then they troop you to different rooms for a 45 min video and chat. I was separated from my party. Interesting....... Then, I was put at a table with a sales person. I told her I have 25,000 points, can't hardly afford my dues now, and just did an online update in the last 90 days. I want to go, I want my reward now! No. They kept me for 90 min more, faffing around, "just one more form," "I'll be back soon," etc. Finally, in tears, I could go. The friend who needed the money was left alone once they saw her income, and she had to wait for me. I will NEVER go to an owner update again.

#56498 - 12/13/15 05:08 PM Re: Gleneden Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
oregonlamb Offline

Registered: 12/05/08
Posts: 46
Loc: Oregon
I'm heading to Gleneden next week, and while I've stayed in 2 & 3 bedroom units, I've not seen a one bedroom front building. Are they going to be next to the hedges at the park, overlooking the parking lot? Any ideas?

#56173 - 08/07/15 11:43 AM Re: Gleneden Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
PaxieG Offline

Registered: 02/26/15
Posts: 1
We recently spent just one night in Gleneden (August 2015. Gleneden was our first World Mark stay when we became owners in 2012 and it has remained our favorite. We have stayed in three different types of rooms in three different locations and loved them all. The bottom floor unit was private and secluded feeling, but still a quick walk to the beach. On the way back, we always walk through the neighborhood and admire some of the beach homes. We are in our late 50s, but still like to go out in the evenings and have late dinners. The Side Door Café, walking distance from the resort, is elegant and different.

I have to agree with one of the reviewers about the "Update" at Depoe Bay. I had said NO UPDATE, but my fiancée wanted to see what was new. He is a difficult character and they had our account tagged as such. You would think that the sales rep would handle him with kid gloves, well NO. We just purchased credits in February and told them so at the start. He had to tell her NO at least three times and when he finally got up and left, he was fuming mad. Can't blame him. No means no. I will still go to updates, because I want to utilize my ownership to MY own best advantage, but I will purchase at my own pace, not the pace of a sales rep.

Now, back to the resort. The game room is well equipped. The pool area is gorgeous and those sunsets can't be beat. We sat one evening at the pull-off area in Depoe Bay and watched whales spouting and breaching. It was awesome. The drive to the casino is about 10 to 15 minutes and senior Tuesday is a real deal if you sign up for their Boomer Card.

The staff here is exceptional. Always friendly and helpful. Probably the best group of folks we have encountered at any of the resorts. (Deer Harbor folks were pretty special, too, though.)

#55543 - 01/27/15 10:45 AM Re: Gleneden Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
Ken Fritts Offline

Registered: 09/29/11
Posts: 4
We just stayed at Gleneden earlier this month. Enjoyed the resort, very comfortable and had a view of the ocean which was nice. Easy access to the beach. Staff was very nice and friendly. We went to an owners update, we had just purchase additional points in Dec 2014 at Las Vegas, they were very pushy, would not take no for an answer. We had said no at least 6 times. The manager came over and my wife was in tears and he let us off the hook. Owner update was at Depoe Bay. We have booked Gleneden and are looking forward to our next stay, but will never go to an owner update at Depoe Bay again.

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