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#57961 - 10/10/17 09:24 AM WorldMark Shawnee Village Resort Review
KrisComm Offline

Registered: 08/16/11
Posts: 328
Have you stayed at WorldMark Shawnee Village? Here's your chance to tell other owners what it's really like. How big is the pool? How hot is the hot tub? What do you wish you had known before you left home?

#59168 - 12/25/20 07:38 AM Re: WorldMark Shawnee Village Resort Review [Re: KrisComm]
Scottnyc2020 Offline

Registered: 12/22/20
Posts: 1
I've gone here a couple times, and plan to book again this winter season to go skiing. My experiences with the staff have always been positive. They are friendly and as helpful as they can be. Here's my take on the multiple questions I see in this thread:

In regards to the questions about accommodations, the units are old and well worn. These are not impressive units, and I wouldn't bring anyone here with average to high expectations. I've always used the deluxe rooms with the jetted hot tub. The units are very reminiscent of old ski lodges, and if you plan to use it as a crash pad to go skiing, that's about what you'd get. However, the units are not impressive. If you expect the accommodations to be equivalent to a contemporary hotel room or a unit equivalent to a west coast property, you're going to be unhappy. I attended the morning meeting and went the length of the presentation, where I was given a tour to the offered Worldmark Club rooms (or something like that,) where Trendwest members do not have the ability to use without buying into. These units are absolutely beautiful, and along the lines of expectation other resorts have. In a way, the presentation made me feel like a second class member, even though I paid good money to get into this timeshare.

In regards to the presentation, eat before you go. They made a big deal at the reception area about serving a hot breakfast with the presentation. But the offerings are paltry. One year, I showed up on time and they were out of everything minus a beverage. The second year I went, I showed up a little earlier and arrived as they put out the breakfast. They don't put out much, and it's only one tray of a selection with no refills. That's why it runs out quickly. They run out by the time 4-5 families take their portions. It would be best if they just offered a continental breakfast instead of hot selections, so they could put more out for more people instead of running out within the first 15 minutes. They also give you discount coupons for the ski lift. For the two years I've gotten them, they've been denied at the ticket booth. The workers say they continually tell the timeshare people they aren't accepted, but they still give them out. I haven't followed up with Worldmark because I buy multi day tickets and the difference is negligible. But that's still sketchy, and I should mention it because the salespeople push that as an extra incentive to attend their presentation.

The pool is very big, and fits a lot of people. It's nice, but I would think it would be better in hot weather. In the winter, the pool is very cold to swim in. If you arrive when the pool first opens, the water is cold because the highest temperature is far from being reached. If you arrive in the afternoon when the pool is fully heated, the pool is still to cold to be comfortable for long. My kids had shorty insulated rashguards and their lips were still blue after a short time swimming. They have a hot tub, where they strickly enforce the no kids policy. That water was perfect for me but bad for the kids. In reality, the hot tub really wasn't that hot, the pool needed to be more like that temperature, and the hot tub needed to be hotter.

Like I mentioned, I will be booking here again. It's not my favorite resort, but I'm living in the East Coast, and the options are extremely limited in regards to convenience of use. If there are any questions, I'll monitor this post for a limited time. The nearby ski resort is fantastic, and my family have a great time on the slopes.

#59154 - 11/13/20 08:08 AM Re: WorldMark Shawnee Village Resort Review [Re: Montyvincent]
cheintz Offline

Registered: 05/11/20
Posts: 6
Loc: Quincy il
Have not gone yet

#59149 - 11/01/20 07:49 AM Re: WorldMark Shawnee Village Resort Review [Re: cheintz]
Montyvincent Offline

Registered: 12/17/18
Posts: 1
Did you end up going to Shawnee village? If so how was it?

#59055 - 05/13/20 10:41 AM Re: WorldMark Shawnee Village Resort Review [Re: KrisComm]
cheintz Offline

Registered: 05/11/20
Posts: 6
Loc: Quincy il
have the issues been resolved of dirty units and out dated decor

#59054 - 05/13/20 10:39 AM Re: WorldMark Shawnee Village Resort Review [Re: Hancer524]
cheintz Offline

Registered: 05/11/20
Posts: 6
Loc: Quincy il
have you been back to shawnee

#59053 - 05/13/20 10:37 AM Re: WorldMark Shawnee Village Resort Review [Re: rubytrooper]
cheintz Offline

Registered: 05/11/20
Posts: 6
Loc: Quincy il
any word on correcting the problems at this resort. would like to take in a nascar race there but worried about the units

#58942 - 10/22/19 09:11 AM Re: WorldMark Shawnee Village Resort Review [Re: KrisComm]
rubytrooper Offline

Registered: 10/21/19
Posts: 1
We are going to this resort the first week of November for our anniversary - flying from San Diego and also booked a unit for our friends who live in Lebanon, PA to share the time with us. I have never read the reviews for a resort we're going to - I always just assume the best at a WorldMark resort - but our friends read them and are very concerned. I was horrified at what they read so I called Owner Care and they had a resort representative call me right away. I spoke with 'Al' who promised we will have a wonderful stay and the resort is nothing like the bad reviews indicate ... I look forward to reporting back favorably ... fingers crossed!

#58917 - 09/20/19 01:17 PM Re: WorldMark Shawnee Village Resort Review [Re: KrisComm]
Hancer524 Offline

Registered: 03/12/17
Posts: 1
An one else ever stay here and what was your experience like? Planning a trip in OCT.

#58893 - 08/14/19 03:10 PM Re: WorldMark Shawnee Village Resort Review [Re: KrisComm]
stuzel Offline

Registered: 11/26/04
Posts: 1
I was just thinking about this resort and whether I should try it out but I only see 3 nasty negative posts with no follow up. Kind of sad to see.

#58890 - 08/09/19 06:07 PM Re: WorldMark Shawnee Village Resort Review [Re: KrisComm]
john gosch Offline

Registered: 04/09/13
Posts: 5
eekWe stayed the August of 2018 The village doesn't listen to what the people are saying. My maintenance fees are over $1200 a year this place was a black eye to world Mark owners, the staff there should be fired. There were bugs such as ants, spiders and looked like it hadn't been cleaned in years.I was a shamed of the place. If the people that run that resort aren't dealt with their superiors should be removed from the payroll.I have belonged to World Mark since 1984 this resort is not worthy of being called World Mark.Our maintenance fees keep going up and this resort is worthy of the increases that we pay.
John Gosch

#58789 - 04/27/19 09:51 AM Re: WorldMark Shawnee Village Resort Review [Re: KrisComm]
the2 Offline

Registered: 09/01/06
Posts: 1
Loc: California
We went there a few weeks ago. They gave us a room that was dirty and had ants crawling around inside. It looked more like a dirty motel room than a Wyndham resort. We asked for another room, they said no. Not until we found ants crawling in our beds did they give us a clean room. We had to move in the middle of the night. This resort is not at all up to Worldmark standards.

#58753 - 03/26/19 09:04 AM Re: WorldMark Shawnee Village Resort Review [Re: KrisComm]
RhondaPeterson Offline

Registered: 03/25/19
Posts: 1
We stayed at the WM Shawnee Resort. We visited in October 2018. The resort duplexes are awful. Upon entering the duplex, you looked around and I wondered if I was in the wrong place. I really felt it was an old old 1970's ski lodge, as I live close to Snoqualmie pass. Except it was real real dirty. So dirty we did not cook. Ground in grime. The floors and rugs were shoes only attire. You could see the floor through some parts of the carpet. We washed the linen.
All I can wonder was who bought this resort. And why would they send owners to this area. I'm not a guest, I am an owner.

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