For our 53rd anniversary we decided to go to a real "upscale" resort. Well what is more upscale than Scottsdale AZ? We book four nights in a Presidential Suite. The first of many problems was finding the place. It can not be seen from the main road as there are three story senior living apartments being build right in front of it. The entry on our GPS was totally blocked off, but there was a small white sign directing us to a narrow temporary access road through the construction project (watch out for screws and nails in the road). We found the lobby to check in and it was underwhelming to say the least. When we entered our unit both myself and my wife both exclaimed "Wow this is weird". The living room is very tiny with a coffee table that is five feet square. It takes up 25% of the floor space. The couch is a hide a bed, but you can't use it because the monster coffee table can not be moved out of the way. But the most weird of all is the adjacent room has nothing it it but a pretend 2/3 size ping pong table (Really?) It renders the room totally unusable, however there is a big screen TV which you could watch while sitting on the ping pong table? Who in the world hired the interior decorators? They surely didn't talk to any of the owners who would be staying in this room. In the living room there are two chairs with METAL arms. The chairs are so deep (front to back) and you can not put your feet on the ground, and those flat metal arms are totally uncomfortable. Add to that a two sided fake fireplace (in Arizona?) which would never be used except maybe two weeks in January. Then add to that the family above us that has munchkins running and stomping on the ceiling well past midnight. I think we are leaving early and going back home. Totally disappointed with this resort...however the air conditioner works great.