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#7892 - 04/13/04 04:28 PM Questions and Comments for Kihei
Forum Host
WorldMark Forum

Have questions regarding this resort? Want to give someone kudos for the great story they shared in their Vacation Journal or for their awesome photo album? Do it here. Title your reply "Questions - Kihei", "Kudos; Journal - Kihei", or Kudos; Photos - Kihei". This will make it easy to search this thread to find the questions and answers or the respective kudos. Be sure to give us the username for your thank you.

#55674 - 02/28/15 06:42 AM Re: Questions and Comments for Kihei [Re: LeonandSue]
AlaskaLiz Offline

Registered: 08/16/10
Posts: 18
I don't have a pic. The studio unit had no oven, just cook top. There is a microwave and sink. I don't recall about the dishwasher, but we only stayed in studio a day or two last year. Call the resort direct to confirm if you need to they are always helpful. We love it at Kihei. Aloha, Liz

#55655 - 02/23/15 02:45 PM Re: Questions and Comments for Kihei [Re: Forum Host]
LeonandSue Offline

Registered: 02/21/15
Posts: 1
Hello. Does anyone have a photo of the "Mini Kitchen" in the Studios at Kihei? If no photo, can you describe the "mini kitchen"? I'm assuming that it does have a refrigerator, sink/wash basin, micro wave. Does it have a stove (top burners). I'm pretty sure there is no oven nor dish washer. Just wanted to check before we buy our groceries. We always go to Costco after we land at the airport!

#55635 - 02/17/15 06:41 PM Re: Questions and Comments for Kihei [Re: abbytreasures]
JoeRoss Offline

Registered: 12/23/12
Posts: 2
We have been visiting Maui for 15+ years, usually during whale season. We recently (2013) inherited a Worldmark timeshare and decided we could try it out on our 2015 trip. Since we needed 13 months the 2014 trip was not an option. What a hassle. OMG. We had to book Kona for a week (that we could not use) just to get Maui for the week we needed. And even that was not easy. It is one big game and we are novice players.

Upon becoming owners we went to the San Francisco property for a weekend (5600 credits) and attended an owners update which was really a hard push for us to pay $10,000 more to get into Travelshare so we actually could "book easier". She told us the reason we could never get into tropical properties was because we were the lowest level and if we would buy into Travelshare we could book earlier than the 13 months. Anyway, she asked for my SSN to 'update their records.' I didnt want to give it to her but she insisted Worldmark must have it on file. What she really did was go run my credit! I was livid when I found out later. I have since been told she (and her male boss) were not being truthful about the 13 months. Everyone can only book 13 months in advance right?

So we burned credits and never went to Kona. Spent one night here at Kihei and the next 6 at Valley Isle. We will not be back. Dumping this Worldmark ASAP. The 'view' at Kihei is slight at best. We go to watch whales and we always get big ocean view units at various properties we like. We did not like this one for that purpose. Valley Isle had a much better view and was on the beach. I saw a comment in the forum that VI was like a convalescent home. LOL I guess it was, but hey they were all very nice old people. Our 11 year old son loved the beach there. I would never consider spending time and $$ for a unit that was not a great ocean view. Otherwise you are just in any other boring hotel. Yes this trip was cheaper, but you only live once.

If you want the best whale watch trip use Ultimate Whale Watch. They only take 18 people on the boat. $50/ea but well worth it.

#55632 - 02/17/15 09:02 AM Re: Questions and Comments for Kihei [Re: Forum Host]
Crwte Offline

Registered: 02/13/13
Posts: 2
We have been owners since 1996 and have seen the changes and aren't happy about some if them. I don't like that some of the owners are profiting from my condos. This is a vacation timeshare not a travel agency. And no I don't like not being able to choose my view. Having said that, we have been to Kihei twice, once with our kids and grandkids for 7 days and didn't have a view, then again with 4 friends for a month and had a limited view. We will be going for 6 weeks, yes retirement is grand, and have a limited view again. Does not having a view take away from our trip? Absolutely not, does having it make our vacations? No it just enhances it. This is our favorite resort and are happy to hear it's being renovated. We will continue to go back as often as possible. The staff is the best we've had at any resort.

#55605 - 02/09/15 06:11 PM Re: Questions and Comments for Kihei [Re: Forum Host]
abbytreasures Offline

Registered: 10/15/07
Posts: 1
I have been to Kihei. With the costs of flights these days, it's too much of a gamble to "hope" you get a view other than the parking lot. I think this is a move backwards for Worldmark, placing owners in the dark as to what they will receive when they get there. I, for one, will not be back. It's just not worth the gamble.

#55600 - 02/07/15 04:45 PM Re: Questions and Comments for Kihei - New Policy for Room Descriptions [Re: cotraveller]
pktanner Offline

Registered: 07/30/11
Posts: 3
Yep! mees CA REal Estate View requirement. We had same thought. Had 8211 Condos just south and tree left same "blue" visible. So Yes LIMITED view

#55599 - 02/07/15 04:25 PM Re: Questions and Comments for Kihei [Re: Forum Host]
pktanner Offline

Registered: 07/30/11
Posts: 3
Here is a peeve: We were TOLD at check in that the REASON for the need for chained reservation to a week at a RED ZONE resort is that there is a group of owners that has decided that they can use Worldmark Kihei as a vacation profit making enterprise. So thank you to my fellow owners who are using a loop hole to mess up my vacation plans to enhance your pocket book. I hope you get turned over to the IRS and state taxation people for enforcement.

#55597 - 02/07/15 04:20 PM Re: Questions and Comments for Kihei [Re: Forum Host]
pktanner Offline

Registered: 07/30/11
Posts: 3
I get the need to reclassify room types. Trees grow. Buildings have been added south that were not there when original classifications were made. However, I would be very upset as a Platinum Elite Owner that got a view of the Coast Hotel instead of the ocean with a 13 month in advance booking due to random luck of the draw.
If I were the people making this decision I would either take out the trees and or have a select group of owners like me that would go from room to room and classify the room correctly with today's real estate.

#55566 - 02/01/15 09:14 AM Re: Questions and Comments for Kihei [Re: Forum Host]
gobellagio Offline

Registered: 11/09/05
Posts: 7
Loc: St. Louis, Mo
I am disappointed by the new policy also of not letting us know where our units will be located in regards to our view. They say it is to streamline the booking and check in process? How does this help when it is all computer generated??? I have been to this resort 9 times and without knowing where we will stay I am reluctant to go back. A view of the parking lot is not my idea of a relaxing resort atmosphere. There is no problem filling up these rooms, as they are all booked 13 months in advance with no options left after that time period. Sandy is correct, the Board has made a horrible decision. Why not tell the guests if they are going to have a view or not? They will only have more complaints now when guests begin to arrive. Major let down for some people.

I just returned from a week in Kauai at WM and a week at Kihei WM. Kauai has a beautiful resort with awesome views right on the ocean. The renovation that is going on at Kihei WM is extensive. Looks like they are doing it building by building, an entire building at a time. The rooms were totally gutted and new flooring, counters, etc. were being installed. Much overdo!!!!! My guess is that it will take at least a year to do all the units.

The Kinaole Food truck and Whale of a do-nut food truck are still both awesome. Have to check them out, both parked directly on the street in front of WM.

Good luck with booking everyone!!!

#55563 - 01/31/15 12:46 PM Re: Questions and Comments for Kihei - New Policy for Room Descriptions [Re: SandyW]
cotraveller Offline

Registered: 03/18/04
Posts: 504
Loc: Colorado
Considering that this was the view from our "limited-view" unit, I don't see the new room descriptions as a big deal.

The darker blue between the two treetops in the center of the picture is the ocean. That is a very limited view. For booking purposes the new descriptions without the distinction between the view types opens up more units in each catergory rather than having them split into two different categories. Makes It easier to get a reservation and to fill a wait list request.
Fred in Colorado
WorldMark Resort Photo Gallery

#55556 - 01/30/15 03:20 AM Re: Questions and Comments for Kihei - New Policy for Room Descriptions [Re: Forum Host]
SandyW Offline

Registered: 01/18/08
Posts: 2
I am absolutely devastated by the Board's new policy regarding the room descriptions. For arrivals after March 1 next year, rooms will not be differentiated by whether or not they have a limited view. So when you arrive at Kihei you may get a room with a view or you may not depending on what is available. They have taken away the certainty of the type of unit being booked and they leave us open to disappointment on arrival at the resort.

The reason given for this decision is to streamline the booking and room assignment process. How hard can it be??? A room with a limited view is different from a room with no view in the same way that a one-bedroom unit is different from a two-bedroom unit! I don't think they have difficulty booking or assigning a one-bedroom unit instead of a two-bedroom unit!

Kihei is my favourite resort and I have been there many times. Each and every time I have booked a room with a view. I really have no interest in a room without a view and so it is unlikely I will ever go there again.

In one fell swoop, the Board has destroyed a major factor in why I am a Worldmark owner.

What can be done to have this decision rescinded?

Edited by SandyW (01/30/15 03:24 AM)

#55526 - 01/21/15 01:03 PM Re: Questions and Comments for Kihei [Re: mowicks]
klamba Offline

Registered: 09/13/05
Posts: 1
Just got back from the resort and I have to say the resort and all its staff are amazing.

We were in building 5 and there was absolutely no noise other than the happy kids in the pool.

Have a great time and please spend time on the beach right across from the resort, it is a hidden gem and great for all activities.


#55521 - 01/19/15 09:02 AM Re: Questions and Comments for Kihei [Re: Forum Host]
mowicks Offline

Registered: 02/18/09
Posts: 2
We are planning a trip to the World Mark Kihei resort in Oct. of this year will the renovations be done by then. I would hate to hear all the noise around the resort. Can someone please let me know.
visited: Fairfield Bay Ar., Bass Lake Ca., Las Vegas Tropicana, Las Vegas Blvd., Indio Ca., Estes Park Co., Branson Mo., New Orleans La., Kihei Maui Hi., Kauai.

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