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#861 - 03/02/04 12:01 PM Palm Springs Resort Review
Forum Host
WorldMark Forum

Have you stayed at Palm Springs? Here's your chance to tell other owners what it's really like. How big is the pool? How hot is the hot tub? What do you wish you had known before you left home?

#58909 - 09/01/19 08:27 AM Re: Palm Springs Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
NewMember Offline

Registered: 11/18/18
Posts: 4
Used Guest Certificates for a stay in August 2019. 1-bd was upgraded to include 2nd bathroom. Smaller resort, yet room was lovely & staff provided outstanding customer service. Centrally located in downtown Palm Springs--very convenient to many activities. Temps were in the 100s--very hot in August, but a/c was comfortable throughout. Only downside were the bugs in the swimming pool. Staff said it was common for that time of year--too bad because that's the time when people want to use the pool the most. WorldMark Vacation Club presentation was informative, without being too high-pressure sales. Good job.

#58012 - 11/13/17 08:46 AM Re: Palm Springs Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
LOTES Offline

Registered: 03/19/04
Posts: 92
Just back from a brief visit to WM Palm Springs in a 3BR unit. The unit was underwhelming at best. The layout is awkward and everything feels "cramped."
  • The front door can't open fully due to hitting the wall behind it. This makes moving the luggage carts through the main door a tricky challenge. Go slowly and carefully. Do not overload the luggage cart!
  • There are only 2 bathrooms in this 3BR layout. The master bedroom has a very, very small bathroom with zero storage and very limited counter space for personal effects. The hallway bath, also housing the laundry unit, offers limited storage. The lights over the mirror are hung quite low -- causing one to stoop down to see themselves in the mirror. (Was the room designed for children only??)
  • The kitchen is an awkward corner layout. The oven cannot be opened without first removing a dining table chair. The mini-dishwasher cannot be opened if the door to the garbage can is also open. (You must relocate the garbage can if you have plan to scrape any leftovers from the dish before rinsing and stacking in the dishwasher?) BTW, the dishwasher is far too small for 3BR unit occupancy. We had challenges on how to fit the cookware and dishes after each meal ...and there were only 2 of us in the unit. I can't imagine how a family could complete meal prep and clean-up in this kitchen.
  • The Master Bedroom is located in the worst location of the three bedrooms. We suspect the location was chosen to minimize plumbing (placing the master bath back to back with the guest bath). The 2nd and 3rd bedrooms each have their own patio access. The master bedroom is interior, placed along the main resort hallway. Thus it lacks natural light and has an extra doorway exiting to the resort hallway. Yuck?
  • While the decor appears to be a fresh renovation in late 50's / early 60's theme ... it is extremely uncomfortable and already showing wear and tear.
  • We didn't notice a murphy bed and assumed that the living room couch was a pull-out given the boxy, rock hard cushions. Again, 50's decor at its best?
  • The hallway in the main building is really tired. The experience hits you as "really old" given the worn appearance and funky odor.
Sorry ... but this resort needs some help. It has certainly slipped below our expectations of "Like New, Every time."

EDITED to Add:
Aside from the hallway and unit comments, our stay was pleasant. The pool and hot tub were 'pleasant' temps (both warm'ish) and we very much enjoyed chatting with other owners and guests. The lobby was sparking and the staff helpful. We would have *loved* to take the nearby shuttle to the street market. Hopefully next time!

Edited by LOTES (11/13/17 08:51 AM)

#57666 - 04/26/17 12:53 PM Re: Palm Springs Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
sonicman28 Offline

Registered: 04/25/17
Posts: 1
Stayed there this past week. Hands down the worst worldmark experience I've had since I became an owner in '97. I've stayed In Cabo, West Yellowstone, Kihei multiple times, Oceanside, San Diego, Big Bear, Indio etc. Frankly I've never once had a bad experience or complaint in all that time, ever. This is a first.

First and foremost, this property is just not up to the standard we get spoiled with at Worldmarks, it simply isn't. We can blame the fact that it's a hotel renovation etc but the fact is that you should know this is not going to be what you've come to expect from the other properties. The rooms are awkward. The master bedroom has a door into the the hotel hallway, not a well sound sealed one either, the kind you have in a hotel hallway. You can hear everyone going by at whatever hours of the night if they're talking at all. Mix that in with having the experience of having our A/C out the first 2 days we were there in 100+ degree heat and it was not a pleasant experience.

When we arrived the thermostat was all the way down to 50 and yet there was no air coming in. I immediately went to the front desk on our way out to lunch to tell them. The woman working there asked if I'd like to have someone meet me in the room and show me how to use it. I assured her that I knew how to use an A/c thermostat and that I was sure it wasn't working, that it was down so low it probably froze. She said all their A/Cs were working fine and that maybe she could have someone show me how to set it. I made it clear that it was broken and needed maintenance to look at it. She begrudgingly agreed to send someone up. Strangest interaction I've ever had at a Worldmark front desk honestly. Didn't feel like I was staying at Worldmark with her response. They sent maintenance and it was indeed frozen, very nice guy, Jason I believe was his name. Helpful and brought up box fans for the evening while it got working. Box fans are not a lot of help there but at least they were trying. It worked for a couple of hours that night but quit again about 11 and we toughed it out.

Next morning I went back and the same woman was working the desk. I told her that the A/C wasn't working again. She said well did you turn it down too low again? You had it turned all the way down to 50. I replied that I hadn't, as I told her yesterday it was there when I got into the unit, and ultimately it wasn't working could she please contact maintenance. Shortly after that the assistant manager, Lauro I believe, came and offered to swap for an identical 2 bedroom. We quickly agreed, packed our stuff and moved. We didn't pay a lot of attention as we were headed out for the day but it wasn't 2 beds in the 2nd room, so not identical. With 3 kids, this meant when we arrived back around bedtime and discovered it we had no other option. One of the kids had to sleep on the floor. Not ideal.

We wound up checking out 3 days early. Haven't ever done that before.

Again, I am NOT a complainer. I've owned for 20 years and never once had a complaint before now. But this is not a great resort. GREAT location close to downtown but not what you'd expect from Worldmark. I guess the positive of that is that they've gotten us used to very nice resorts. But this doesn't hold a candle to their Indio resort and yet it's only a 1000 point saving per week. I would not stay here again. Needs to be rethought and TRULY renovated, not just hang area appropriate art work. Another oddity I forgot to mention is the murphy bed is behind the couch. You have to move the couch and coffee table completely out almost into the kitchen to use it.

I will say that Lauro (I believe that was his name, I'm terrible with names) was awesome. Extremely nice and really tried to accommodate. He was the exact opposite of the other woman that I dealt with.

#57434 - 01/15/17 07:57 AM Re: Palm Springs Resort Review [Re: Oklahoma]
Oklahoma Offline

Registered: 01/13/17
Posts: 2
Forgot to note our other WM visits: Indio (10x), Santa Fe (3x), Tucson(2x), Branson, Ozarks, OK, San Francisco, Windsor, and some I can't remember right now

#57433 - 01/15/17 07:53 AM Re: Palm Springs Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
Oklahoma Offline

Registered: 01/13/17
Posts: 2
We were able to snag a 2 bedroom here for one night after AA changed our CA departure due to weather advisory for OK. We had spent 13 days prior in 4 bedroom Presidential at Indio WM and purchased a nice new chunk of points but our request to find a room there fell on deaf ears. We found this vacancy at Palm Springs WM at the last minute and have enjoyed our time here. Renovations at this property were just completed in the last month, and the decor is very tasteful and "California". While the units are considerably more compact, they have all we need. Management was friendly and very helpful. My husband and I would welcome the opportunity to return here!

#57240 - 10/08/16 05:25 AM Re: Palm Springs Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
USMC Offline

Registered: 08/29/16
Posts: 5
My wife and I just visited the Palm Springs resort over the weekend and had a very relaxing stay. Yes there is construction ongoing, and yes it is a converted hotel; however, the staff was very friendly – our room (studio) was ready when I arrived 1 hour early – maintenance of the grounds was excellent – overall cleanliness of the resort was outstanding - and our owners’ presentation experience was – I’ll get back to that.

If you are looking for the “wow” factor, or a place to turn the kids lose this may not be for you – it is somewhat small, suggest Indio if you want the bigger resort. That being said there is a great family atmosphere. If you are more of the AARP type like us, just wanting to relax and be close to the shops and restaurants of Palms Springs, then this if just fine. Spa Casino is also nearby – we made a deposit.

The studio (#8), had just been renovated and was nicely appointed in a retro Palm Springs style. Size of the studio was great for the two of us, the kitchen area was more than sufficient, there was a fireplace in the living area, and an outdoor patio area was complete with table/4 chairs and our own BBQ grill. Studios (10 of them) all are in a single story section on the backside of the property, with the patio area facing to the east – so some sun in the morning and plenty of shade in the afternoon – which could get cool in the winter. Additionally, the studios have a small grassy area between the patio and the pool/hot tub. The negative - low water pressure in the shower. While the room did not have a washer/dryer, there is a free of cost laundry room studio residents can access by room key with 2 full sized washers and dryers just beyond studio #10.

When we checked-in we were invited to an owner’s presentation which would be “totally different” - more relaxed, no high pressure sales, only 60 minutes, you will get a great sandwich from a local Deli and of course a gift. Well, they “Hit the Mark” on ALL. The presentation was actually a nice experience and should be the “Model Program.” We listened to a 30 min brief of updates designed to spark questions to discuss with your sales representative. After the brief we had a question/answer period with our sales rep and then was asked if we were interested in seeing any offers to purchase more points. When we said “not today” - she accepted we were not ready at this time – provided us with our gift - and we were on are way in 55 min. By the way, the deli sandwich was great.

Key to this owner’s presentation, we were treated with respect and it was not the dreaded brow beating experience which turns up stress at the beginning of your vacation and puts you in a bad place when you are simply there to relax. As we departed, the sales staff was still friendly (not smug), and asked us to consider coming back to their office when we are interested in a future purchase - our response was absolutely (we are an hour away)! Being treated with dignity is much appreciated and can go a long way.

Hope this helps.

Big Bear, Indio(X2), Palm Springs (X2), Las Vegas Tropicana, Solvang, and Kihei

#56667 - 02/15/16 06:35 AM Re: Palm Springs Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
retiredATC Offline

Registered: 01/18/16
Posts: 7
Loc: Phoenix
I am wondering why the Palm Springs resort home page only lists the 'special needs' unit descriptions. It says additional unit descriptions "will soon be added". How many years does it take to update this information? After all, this location in NOT a new property.

Geesh,...I sound like a crab! Yet, seriously, I was wondering about the number of baths in the 2 and/or 3 bedroom unit. I will be staying with kids for a few days in June. . .. .. MMmmmmm.. .. .. nice and hot!

St George, Oceanside, Spencer St LV, Boulevard LV, Wolf Creek, SF, Rancho Vistoso. Kihei, Avenue Plaza NO, Galena

#56644 - 02/09/16 04:16 PM Re: Palm Springs Resort Review [Re: Ruston & Melissa]
brm0825 Offline

Registered: 05/21/05
Posts: 46
Loc: shelton,wa
has any one stayed at the new palm springs plasa? we checked it out today and it is not w/m quality. you could be stuck on ground floor with a parking lot 4 feet from your patio doors. no in room laundry. kinda reminds me of a motel

#56631 - 02/04/16 10:09 AM Re: Palm Springs Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
Dominguez, Linn Offline

Registered: 03/13/13
Posts: 1
Just got back from 9 days in Palm Springs & will give info here for any interested. This is an old establishment & is converted from a motel. The location to many activities is excellent; free weekend BUZ transportation located right outside resort. I realize different things are important to different people so I'll list some positive & negative things in my opinion. Positive: Very nice staff; great pool & spa; clean rooms; 2 baths in our 1 bedroom; comfy living room furniture; good indoor lighting; large balcony; good location for many activities/restaurants. Negative: (Some of these are little things, but could matter to some) Toaster only for 2 slices; toaster pop-up didn't work but we fixed ours; Needs blackout drapery (only vertical blinds & sun comes in); very small dishwasher & cramped to load/unload; bed seemed smaller than Queen as stated; no kitchen sink "squirter"; very few choices for view other than street/parking lot (which we had); hospital close by & helicopter landed there multiple times which might annoy some with noise (didn't bother us actually); very little closet space (can use closet in entry way in addition to bedroom but would be bad if more than 2 people); water pressure is awful (we understand water conservation, but feel showers take longer to rinse off & probably end up using more water); our balcony lighting was low in wall so not good if you want to BBQ with light after sun goes down; our unit (#316) needs tub faucet replacements...very loose & will probably break soon); movies available (3 diff. movies) got stuck & we had to re-start...however, we weren't charged for movies which was kind of the staff. In spite of the little things, we had a very good time; would look to stay at a different resort if we go back though. I'd like to leave this with one recommendation for the street fair they have every Thursday evening: If you like tamales, be sure to visit the booth of the "Tamale Guy" - truly the best I've ever had & they have vegetarian choices & dessert choices as well as the "usual" meat choices. Also, the weekend college fair (in Cathedral City I believe) is great for shopping (and they have a food court as well) and there are chairs throughout for resting! Happy Travels!

#56305 - 09/23/15 02:37 PM Re: Palm Springs Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
Cisnerosly Offline

Registered: 09/20/15
Posts: 1
This will be our second mini vacation at a WM resort. Looking at some of the reviews, I don't see too many on the Palms Spring Resort. Some reviews are very OLD and somewhat outdated. Would appreciate any comments from anyone who has stayed there recently. My concerns are that do not have elevators, for guests that may want to stay away from a ground level( being these units -special needs) that are facing the street and parking lot.
Any information would be appreciated.

#56116 - 07/09/15 12:55 PM Re: Palm Springs Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
tiredtexan Offline

Registered: 12/14/10
Posts: 1
Loc: texas
We stayed at this resort the second week of June. We were visiting relatives, so we had to bear the extremely hot weather, (119 one day). We really liked the resort, and it is just blocks from a quaint downtown. There is a trolley on weekends to take you all around for free, so you can enjoy some of the many fine restaurants, have a drink, and not worry about driving. When we arrived we were given a very nice room with a horrible view, (the cement stairwell, the only view out our front window.) The staff immediately gave us a very nice room on the 2nd floor, after expressing our outrage, after having the resv, for such a long time, and it being off season, and not busy. We would go back again, maybe in cooler weather.

#55571 - 02/02/15 10:22 AM Re: Palm Springs Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
roesle5 Offline

Registered: 01/21/09
Posts: 3
I'd stay in Palm Springs in a heartbeat over Indio! The staff is outstanding and the location is so convenient to a vibrant downtown. The rooms that I've stayed in (and also my guests) have been extremely comfortable, very clean and well stocked with necessities. Indio would probably be a better place for families with kids as Palm Springs is pretty much an adult village. Many outstanding restaurants, walking tours, hiking trails, art museum, Thursday night street fair, etc. etc.


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