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#3750 - 03/10/04 08:26 PM Area Restaurants - Victoria
Forum Host
WorldMark Forum

Share those hidden gems you stumbled upon or report on the celebrated favorite that everyone must visit. This is the place to share your reviews and suggestions.

#58850 - 06/30/19 07:50 AM Re: Area Restaurants - Victoria [Re: Forum Host]
Papa Offline

Registered: 02/09/09
Posts: 44
Found two other great food spots in Victoria. A short walk out the front and heading out like you're going to fisherman's wharf. Don't turn and walk in the driveway to the wharf, but keep walking on the side walk until you're in front of the grassy fisherman's walk park. Across the street from the regular bus stop is a food truck (actually food trailer) and a fish market. At the food truck, we ordered two fish and chips made from the sweetest fresh halibut. One four ounce serving would fill most normal people up, we ended up splitting three fillets. Yummy

The other place that was a FIND for great breakfast is called Jam cafe. You can look it up on tripadvisor, food was great. We had one order of a biscuit scramble with sweet cured bacon, scrambled eggs, cheese with the tomatoe jam on the side. Not a small biscuit or small serving. Awesome. Second order for us was a baby German pancake with lemon curd and a side of that bacon. Wowie, the lemon curd really worked - not too sweet, in a small cast iron pan.

The good side of the story is that our weight watcher's group back home isn't meeting on our regular day because it's Fourth of July... so two weeks to work off the fun meals.
Member since 1995

#58841 - 06/26/19 06:43 AM Re: Area Restaurants - Victoria [Re: Papa]
Papa Offline

Registered: 02/09/09
Posts: 44
Update June 2019: For a first dinner, drive toward the Empress and turn right on Menzies about six blocks to the supermarket on your right. Their hot case of cooked chickens had several choices including organic. Their veggie section had really fresh locally grown fruit (raspberries and strawberries) peaches and cream fresh corn and top quality asparagus. Bagged salads and cold veggie dishes from the deli can get some groceries in and a meal on the table quickly. We had chicken left over and made two salads out of it for other dinners in the week.

In the Hudson marketplace (parking garage on Fisgard St.) the Roast shop had some really moist roast beef, not thin sliced to make into nice sandwiches. Victoria pie company had chicken pot pie with lots of chicken covered with a nice sauce. The veggies piles high under the crust weren't sauced, so I'd recommend the hand pies to get more flavorful fillings.
French bakery that was on the next level is gone now. Tried La Roux, pastries looked great, but consensus was taste just wasn't there.

Heading over to Cook Street, just off Fort, we refreshed our food memory of Bubbies Bakery. Small round carrot cakes were wonderful. Their chocolate Beelzebuby cookie had great chocolate flavor and a kick of pepper or chilies was a new flavor treat. One of us loved it the other not so much. Their fruit cookie is vegan and a nice treat along with their morning muffin. They're known for their great cinnamon rolls, but we didn't try them.

Afternoon tea at Butchart Gardens is a treat. You don't have to dress up but should have reservations... you can do that on line. I was surprised that I was full, like I had eaten a big lunch meal. Looking to go back to Gatsby Mansion for their afternoon tea, but haven't made it there yet. Today, we're doing the hop on hop off bus, meeting it at the public bus stop past the entrance to Fisherman's wharf over closer to the beautiful Coast Hotel. You have to call the company to make that stop a pickup with your voucher, but no ticket yet. We plan to hit the food cart right across from the bus stop for lunch on the way back. They're right in front of one of the fresh fish markets and we may buy some fresh salmon to BBQ on the Barbecue back at our unit. We're scouting for a sandwich shop to grab a fresh sandwich to take on the plane back to SeaTac. Will go to the Whole Foods market on the way to the airport (actually on the one way coming back... just have to take the left turnaround lane on Hwy 17 to get to it, unless we find a favorite spot before that time.

I hope more people will post here, it's kind of the DESERT of info for travelers. Post good or bad, but share your food adventures...
Member since 1995

#57847 - 07/27/17 11:23 AM Re: Area Restaurants - Victoria [Re: Forum Host]
Papa Offline

Registered: 02/09/09
Posts: 44
Out adventuring, found a couple of nice bakeries:Patisserie Daniel at 1729 Cook St. great bakery case including croissants, ham and cheese, pasties, salads and sandwiches to go. Small, but nice.
The Crust Bakery, 730 Fort Street. Head across in front of the Empress hotel up to Fort Street, turn right about three blocks, bakery is on the left with a line of locals waiting to go in. raspberry and white chocolate Muffins, tarts, croissants, plain, chocolate, almond and ham and cheese, savory calzones, it all looked great and taste was there too.
High tea at the Gatsby Mansion (walking distance, right before the government building. Wonderful high tea including a couple of little scones that were the best I have ever tasted.
For a quick dinner for the first night and some groceries, head up Menzies to the market there. There's a nice deli, fresh fruit, milk and for one or family size, in the cold case past the deli are some prepared, but finish cooking at home in the oven quiches, beef and mushroom pie and some chicken pot pies.
In the Victorian Market is the Victoria Pie with rustic pies, chicken pot pies, hand pies. Across from the pies is a meat sandwich/salad place with just roasted meats, made into sandwiches, or plates or a big made to order salad bar. Parking is tougher, you might have to park a block away and walk, but worth it. Also at the upper level is a french bakery with fresh baked items and a case of frozen - cook fresh at home items like croissants, flakey monkey bread. Fun place.
Member since 1995

#56180 - 08/08/15 04:34 PM Re: Area Restaurants - Victoria [Re: Forum Host]
wannabetravelin Offline

Registered: 09/20/06
Posts: 28
Loc: California
We have 3 children, ages 6, 3, and 20 months. We ate at Red Fish Blue Fish, (in the inner harbor in a container, you eat on the wharf), which I think had the best halibut fish and chips but a HUGE line. As in, 30-45 minute wait. We also ate at Finest at Sea, which is a food trailer around the corner from the worldmark just a bit and had very very good halibut fish and chips and NO line (portions were biggest at RFBF, barbs and Finest at Sea were about 2/3-3/4 the size). Same price at both places. We ate at Flying Otter Grill, but they aren't well equipped for children; no high hairs available, glasses like an adult; food was good but I may or may not go back (plus sitting on the patio is HOT from the greenhouse type roofing). Also never offered to refill my husbands soda (charged $3.50 or so for it) and was very slow to refill water. Today we went to the Steamship Grill and I enjoyed our meal there. A bit high end for kids, again glass glasses no lids, no kids menu, and pretty steep prices on the food we got for the kids (the waitress just asked if we wanted to know what they had for kids so we didn't know prices). However, it was good; we got halibut fish and chips there and it was just as good as the two places I had mentioned before. I got the coconut prawns, and was disappointed in the size (6- 1" shrimp) but the flavor was good. One son got a flatbread cheese pizza and one got fish and chips which were both good. Pricey but good. smile they treated us better the FLying Otter Grill did; I'm not sure if they like kids there, or if our waitress was having a bad day. The Starbucks in the Steamship building struggles; check your coffee/order before you leave! I've had them mess up several orders . All in all, I'm not sure restaurants here are caught up on child friendly cups/practices yet! The Il Covo Italian place across the street smells heavenly, but look at their menu before you go, their style was pretty different from what were used to as Italian, and fairly pricey too. $21 for Gnocci, $10.95 for kids meals. Maybe it's just canadian price sticker shock. smile

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#55915 - 05/14/15 07:55 PM Re: New Italian Restaurant - Victoria [Re: Forum Host]
Aarbee Offline

Registered: 03/27/04
Posts: 292
Loc: Washington
Across the street from the resort where the Superior Restaurant used to be is the Il Cova. We just ate there and found that the decor, atmosphere, service and food are great. It has been there one year. I hope it stays. The prices are moderate and they cook everything fresh. There are several gluton free pastas. I had pasta with scampi for $24 and a very good wine for $6. There is a 10% disount coupon in the lobby for all food orders.
In Central Wa.

#49641 - 02/12/13 06:11 PM Re: Area Restaurants - Victoria [Re: ]
bglhndlvr Offline

Registered: 02/12/09
Posts: 5
This is our second time staying at the resort. Thankfully, we booked early enough in order to get a penthouse with hot tub. During this visit, we at Blue Crab next door at the Coastal Hotel. If you like Chowder, then YOU must have it there. I had to keep my husband from licking the bowl!!! If you like BBQ, then go to the Pig BBQ Joint (on the corner of Blanchard and Johnson), for fish and chips...go to Bard & Banker. The WM staff suggested the place in Fisherman's Wharf, but it was too cold to sit outside. As for breakfast/brunch, had Sunday Brunch at The Gatsby House. Food and service were phenomenal, but we were somewhat disappointed with the options for the cost.

#47086 - 01/25/12 06:01 PM Re: Area Restaurants - Victoria [Re: ]
sandymas Offline

Registered: 01/25/12
Posts: 2
We travel to Victoria every couple of months. Favorite restaurants are Nautical Nellie's on Wharf Street and Ric's on Government Street. Both serve exceptional seafood, steaks and rack of lamb. For those who enjoy Dim Sum, Don Mee's in Chinatown is far above any other Dim Sum I've ever eaten. Barb's for fish & chips? Not so much anymoe. Better and less expensive at the coffee shop at Day's Inn.

#46160 - 08/22/11 08:57 AM Re: Area Restaurants - Victoria [Re: ]
relaxabit Offline

Registered: 10/19/09
Posts: 4
Loc: OR
We headed across the street to The Superior not quite knowing what to expect. Great meal and very fun atmosphere. We were seated next to the music set up and wondered if it would be too loud to talk (very small room for the elaborate drum setup) - what we got was nice mellow guitar and vocal. Very nice. They serve small plates at reasonable prices and the menu changes daily - can become very expensive for a meal depending on what you order - but worth every penny. Not family friendly.

#46016 - 08/08/11 12:47 PM Re: Area Restaurants - Victoria [Re: ]
Jethro Offline

Registered: 01/31/07
Posts: 5
Just returned from a wonderful repeat stay. The surprise gem this time was "The Fish Store", which is located right next to Barb's. I wanted to try The Fish Store's fish & chips, but the description of the fish taco's was just too tempting -- so I went with halibut (and got some fries to go with them). The halibut tacos were awesome -- the fish was perfectly cooked, with good tangy flavor from the cooking spices, cilantro, salsa, and lime; and good crunch from the cabbage (real tacos have cabbage instead of lettuce). I don't normally eat fries with tacos, but they talked them up, and I was not disappointed -- fresh cut and very flavorful.

I did sample my kids' meals from Barb's, and they were pretty good (The Fish Store's fries were better), but I'd recommend walking about 10 steps further down the dock and seeing what The Fish Store has to offer.

#45971 - 08/04/11 08:34 PM Re: Area Restaurants - Victoria [Re: ]
Papa Offline

Registered: 02/09/09
Posts: 44
I love bakeries and found Bubby Rose's at 1222 Cook St. Head back toward the ferry/airport on Douglas St., turn right on Fort, about a mile to Cook st., turn right and about a block ahead on the right. Great Croissants, sticky buns, hearty breads, quiche, all wonderful.

For breakfast we found John's Place on Pandora St. Head back on Douglass, go past Fort and turn left on Pandora St. A block or two ahead on the left side of the street. Old diner with great food. The build your own omlett was wonderful with cheddar cheese, bacon, mushrooms and spinach. The corned beef hash looked a little simple as it was ground, but the crust on it and wonderful flavor took away any doubts. The Belgian waffle with fresh strawberries and whipped cream was also wonderful. Take a look at the pie case at the mile high apple pie. It was featured on diners, drive ins and dives on the food channel. Nothing fancy here but great food. You can find both of these places by doing a bing internet search with the names and Victoria BC in the search. Enjoy for us, we'll be looking forward to coming back.
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