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#29906 - 11/20/07 04:02 PM Questions and Comments Mission Valley - San Diego
Forum Host
WorldMark Forum

Have questions regarding this resort or the area? This is the place to ask. Want to give someone kudos for the wonderful vacation story or resort review they shared? Do it here. Title your reply "Questions - Mission Valley - San Diego", or "Kudos: Owners Photo Album - Mission Valley - San Diego". This will make it easy to search the thread and find the questions and answers or the respective Kudos. Be sure to give the username for your thank you.

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#58499 - 09/17/18 04:37 PM Re: Questions and Comments Mission Valley - San Diego [Re: Forum Host]
Purplewino Offline

Registered: 09/15/18
Posts: 5
Sales jerks....

Unbelievable..... threatened with being towed because the sales jerk who would not give me a parking pass without listening to 10 minutes of owner update....refused to give me a parking pass?

I am ready to file a class action lawsuit.

What a bunch of as#%^les!

I am not going to take this bs anymore

#58237 - 03/27/18 09:35 PM Ruthless Check-In / Owner Education - Mission Valley - San Diego [Re: Forum Host]
FunPoppins Offline

Registered: 03/01/18
Posts: 1
We usually have a good experience with the people who book our stays at Wyndham. Check-ins however, are becoming a different deal. We recently stayed at Mission Valley, San Diego. That experience, as well as the last two or three visits at Mission Valley and elsewhere, were quite bad at check-in. We dread getting our parking pass and being given the whole, "Owner education," sales push. It's horrible. When we checked in at Mission Valley, the parking pass/owner education woman WOULD NOT take, "No," for an answer. We really just wanted to check-in to our room.

Our son was recently killed in a a car crash and we just wanted to get away and didn't want to socialize. We just wanted some peace, and to be left alone. The woman was SO pushy - I told her we would not be getting up and out for the any of the Owner Education presentations. Despite that, she insisted and signed us up for the 10 o'clock owner presentation pushing that we "couldn't pass" on the free gift they were offering. I finally just said OK to get her to stop. It's a good thing my wife stayed in the car during all this - She would have probably crumbled from the frustration. The next thing I knew, the woman was asking me for my credit card so she could charge us $25 in case we didn't show up at the owner presentation. What the heck ?! I gave her my card just to be done with her, get my parking pass and get to our room. It felt like I'd been robbed. I just resigned myself to blow the $25 as I just wanted to move on (This was about a 20 minute ordeal). Next time I may just be rude and vocal to get that rubbish to stop. This is one reason why I don't tell many people about Wyndham anymore. It's embarrassing. And now, the owner education people have resorted to collecting your cell phone number for the owner presentation thing (More people must have started unplugging the room phones after check-in). Ruthless !

We just want to enjoy our getaways - We know how the system works. Please stop insulting us by informing us that if we haven't been to an owner education recently - We know what our club offers. Unfortunately this check-in thing gets worse every time we visit. Pretty disgusted.

#56963 - 06/07/16 08:28 AM Re: Questions and Comments Mission Valley - San Diego [Re: Forum Host]
gregfromcali Offline

Registered: 07/27/04
Posts: 1
I have a 2 bedroom Queen unit reserved from Saturday 6/11/2016 to Saturday 6/18/2016. There's a loose end we need to tie up in LA on Monday the 13th. Anyone interested in a trade please e-mail me at galex312@aol.com. Thanks!

#56764 - 03/16/16 12:11 PM Spring Break vacation rental [Re: Forum Host]
phredd98 Offline

Registered: 04/03/06
Posts: 1
Hi! I understand we can post vacation rentals here? We have a vacation at Mission Valley April 2 - 9, 2015. It's a 4 person 1 bedroom reservation. My parents were going to use it but they can't now. And our family is a family of 5 so we can't use it. So we are trying to rent it out. Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks! :-)

#55737 - 03/23/15 04:01 PM Re: Questions and Comments Mission Valley - San Diego [Re: Forum Host]
lkkk Offline

Registered: 03/22/15
Posts: 1
Worldmark Mission Valley Review…..March 2015

Close your eyes, step out on the balcony, and believe the roar you hear is the pounding surf of the rugged Oregon coast, even if you are in San Diego. It is almost believable. It’s surround sound at its finest as you are in the midst of freeway central. You can drive most anywhere quickly (as long as it’s between 10 am and 2 pm) and capture the local culture of road rage of irrational America. Don’t venture out quite so soon and be treated to a front row seat of florescent accented construction workers in their snazzy looking colored hardhats and tool belts, not looking too busy, but entertaining none the less. Noisy; yes, but compliments the roaring traffic.
Still not wanting to put your life and wallet (in case you should bang up a rental car) at risk; how about a cool dip in the postage stamp size pool and spa? Err, all you can see are bodies bobbling and screaming. Now is the opportunity to just be a people watcher and enjoy even more entertaining behavior. A mine field of excitement awaits the unwary as the tiles in the pool yard are ready to tip and snare a toe. To be fair, towards the middle of our stay the pool was closed (and it was 85-90 degrees in the shade) for tile repair, followed by days of selected blocked off areas with construction ribbons. Sure would have been nice if Wyndham built this place right in the first place to keep our annual maintenance dues down.
OK, now can’t stand it anymore being harassed any by Wyndham time share sales people (disguised as owner update and vacation facilitators) and being cooped up in undersized rooms (read: two bedrooms for 6 with a dining table for 3) compared to what you have become accustomed to as a Worldmark owner (do you feel like one?). It is time to see what San Diego has to offer. Great climate (if climate change patterns haven’t destroyed it by the time you read this that is), and many great venues like the Zoo, SeaWorld, Balboa park with its museums, shopping in Seaport Village, and Trolley tours, to name a few. Ha, again the wallet will be flat or your Bankcard maxed in short order. All these venues costs are huge, especially if you have a family. Expecting significant lower rates for children or toddlers; don’t, and you won’t be disappointed. Really, if you can resist the venue temptations, spend most of your time at the beaches and parks that don’t require a gold nugget for admission (err if you can find a parking space).
Plan your adventures to venues using your laptop, (or whatever personal communication device you have brought from home) to save time and maybe a few bucks, but alas, expect to pay extra as a Worldmark “owner” (or is it just a club member these days) to use Wi-Fi (that has its problems that even tech support can’t solve) at your “owned” Worldmark. Even Motel 6 is a better deal as is your local Home Depot.
It’s just in expectations. Expect to pay a small fortune if you come as a family. Expect an undersized and aging facility. Expect not to use the pool. Expect a dull roar even if you have a hearing disability like me.
Expect a gracious and accommodating staff (except the persistent time share sales people). It’s all in attitude, and if your expectations are met, you will enjoy your stay at Woldmark by Wyndham, Mission Valley, San Diego. If this experience is what you were promised as you put down your capital and pay large fees, you will not be disappointed.

#55569 - 02/02/15 10:06 AM Re: Questions and Comments Mission Valley - San Diego [Re: Forum Host]
jonesco07 Offline

Registered: 12/08/09
Posts: 4
Loc: Reno, NV
I have a two bedroom queen at Mission Valley for February 15th-18th but would really like the two bedroom with twins. If you'd like to trade, please contact me at jonesco07@sbcglobal.net. Thanks!!!


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