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#34988 - 11/28/08 09:42 AM Santa Fe Resort Review
Forum Host
WorldMark Forum

Have you stayed at Santa Fe? Here's your chance to tell other WorldMark vacationers what it's really like. How big is the pool? How hot is the hot tub? What do you wish you had known before you left home?

#57895 - 08/27/17 03:09 PM Re: Santa Fe Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
kare Offline

Registered: 08/16/08
Posts: 27
Loc: CA
We stayed in the Santa Fe resort in June 2017. It is our understanding that every unit is completely different, so with that in mind...we wanted to post pictures of the cute 1-bedroom unit we had. The resort is within easy walking distance of the downtown Santa Fe area. It's a shopper's heaven as well as someone looking for a variety of restaurants that are all fantastic...not to mention the food available from the street vendors in the downtown square.

Here's the link to the pictures of our unit: https://photos.google.com/u/1/album/AF1QipOWttENkf8tJDqWwAYuhs36lK7X-5i9p5x6HgPi

#56770 - 03/20/16 08:26 AM Re: Santa Fe Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
OmaB2015 Offline

Registered: 04/01/15
Posts: 2
Has anyone stayed in a studio compact at Santa Fe? We don't mind a studio if it has a real bed and not a Murphey bed or sofa bed. Just trying to see what type of room to reserve and there seems to be a lot of availability for studio compact.

#55459 - 12/22/14 07:14 AM Re: Santa Fe Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
da5stringking Offline

Registered: 04/22/13
Posts: 34
We are just packing up from a two day stay at the Santa Fe Resort. So far, we have had nothing but a positive experience. I did read a lot of the forum responses before coming here, so that helped a lot. The resort is really small. Everything about it is small--the rooms, the parking lot, etc. Also, I read from anther response to not even try to understand the traffic here. Right again. Coming from a place with a grid traffic system, things were a little different. Those are things that can be worked around, though, and have no effect on the vacation itself if one chooses not to let it.

Check in was a good experience. A huge shout out to Rochelle at the front desk. She was so helpful in telling us about places to eat, visit, etc. Absolutely no sales pitch about an owner update, which I am very appreciative about. Not one phone call to the room to "see how we were doing". This resort has a very peaceful feeling to it that is suitable to the atmosphere around.

Even though there are not as many conveniences in the rooms, there was free laundry machines by the check in department by the ice machines. It was VERY cold during our stay; our children made use of the endless stash of hot chocolate at the check in office, as well.

Even though there was "nothing to do" at the resort (no game room, hot tub, etc.) our older children had a great time nonetheless. We walked around the city during the day and then watched movies at night. The city itself was beautiful, but then again, we're here at Christmas time, where every place has an extra glow to it.

The room itself was comfortable enough for all of us. The living room area is very cozy with a fireplace. The kitchen has a small stove top, a small fridge, and a small dishwasher--just like New Orleans. But it was enough. We walked to a small farmers market (Sprouts) and bought enough groceries for breakfast, but while we were here, we wanted to eat the food here. Here is a tip: If you're looking for just a few groceries, the Allsup's gas station across the street has all the groceries one would need to make a decent meal--they even have sausage. They were cheaper than Sprouts and closer.

The Plaza was very neat to walk around. There was a lot to offer in shops, eats, etc. We enjoyed a French restaurant by La Fonda and ate different types of crepes. We also liked the Blue Corn Cafe. The front desk had a coupon for the Blue Corn Cafe which gave our family a free chips and dips platter (regularly 10 dollars.) We also enjoyed a place called Tomasitas on Guadalupe street, just up from the resort. There is cheaper food on Guadalupe Street going the opposite way (towards Sprouts). There is another French place as well as a drive-thru that sells burritos and other things for a LOT cheaper than eating on the plaza. Everything that my husband and I ate was delicious--Our kids tried a lot of new things, and liked most of them. The food was on the spicy side, but was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good.

We walked around the different cathedrals which were interesting, we walked along the Hall of the Governors, where people were renting their crafts, and we stopped inside the La Fonda Inn to look at the huge gingerbread house and their Christmas tree. There was literally everything here for sale.

All in all, I would come back again, not to experience a hub-bub of a city, but to relax and have some deserved downtime.

Like usual, this resort gets an enthusiastic two thumbs up from me!

Members since 2013--Resorts Visited:

Las Vegas BLVD 3X's, Anaheim, CA; Oceanside, CA; Gleneden, OR; New Orleans, LA; Bear Lake, UT; Big Bear, CA; Santa Fe, NM.

Up and coming: New Braunfels, TX and San Diego in the Park

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#50976 - 10/23/13 07:12 AM Re: Santa Fe Resort Review [Re: ]
Icc5 Offline

Registered: 03/26/04
Posts: 124
Loc: Cupertino, California
The one bedroom units are rather small and you must go thru the bedroom to get to the bathroom.
I live to vacation and vacation to live.

#50866 - 09/21/13 06:09 PM Re: Santa Fe Resort Review [Re: ]
Papa Offline

Registered: 02/09/09
Posts: 44
If arriving late at night, pull in at the worldmark sign. Check in is at the first building on the left. Driveway in not paved, so it's better to pack two small suitcases rather than one large. Chances are 50/50 that you'll get an upstairs unit, so lighter suitcase helps there too. Units are really nice with fireplaces that really heat. Laundry and ice machine are in the check in area. No ovens in the kitchen, but Albertsons three blocks away sells roasted whole chickens that can make 2-3 easy meals. Units are not real small, like the urban world marks, but very comfortable.
Member since 1995

#50789 - 09/08/13 12:01 PM Re: Santa Fe Resort Review [Re: ]
Pstreet1 Offline

Registered: 04/01/04
Posts: 225
My favorite drive is the back road (to the west, not the east), highway 4, from Santa Fe to Albuquerque. You go to Los Alamos (stop and see the museum); you'll pass Bandolier National Monument http://www.nps.gov/band/index.htm
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTn1aDQrSAE and then head to a huge caldera (volcano "pit"). It stretches as far as you can see. Fat cattle are up to their bellies in tall grass; it's just magnificient; there's a small visitor center down in the caldera valley. You'll be traveling through the Jemez Mountains, and it is referred to as "The Jemez."

You'll go by a soda spring with all kinds of strange shapes making a dam--very pretty and fun. You'll continue on to the south, in a lovely pine forest, and you'll pass the Jemez State Monument--one of my favorites http://nmmonuments.org/jemez. I was there once just about sunset, near the altar, when the bells from the monastery across the road began to ring. Memorable? Unforgetable.

There are a few trading posts along the way where you might want to stop also, but they are open "as the mood strikes the owners". You'll come into Albuquerque from the west, and pass very close to the Petroglyph Mounment, which doesn't take long to see and can easily be combined with the drive (unless you are at the Jemez State Monument at Sunset, then, of course, you'll be too late.

If you make the drive, consider stopping at my favorite restaurant in Albuquerque: El Pinto. It's north of the main section of Albuquerque (Albuquerque is a small city, so it doesn't take long). You take the exit that would take you to Sandia Casino (good gift shop representing 4 tribes sort of across the street from Sandia Casino, which is prettier than most casinos). The Casino is to the east; take the same exit, but go west. El Pinto is on the south side of the road. It's divine. The atmosphere is wonderful; the food is wonderful; the people are wonderful; the margueritas are wonderful. (You'll be at the east end of the North Valley, a special part of Albuquerque; the city was settled in the Valley, for obvious reasons.) El Pinto is the restaurant Obama and Hillary Clinton were taken to when they were in Albuquerque--It's that good, and you are worthy of it also. There is extensive outside seating in the huge garden area, and that's my favorite if the weather is good, which it usually is. However, inside has its charm, too.

It takes an hour on Interstate 25 to get to Santa Fe from Albuquerque.

Other state monuments close to Albuquerque are interesting, too. I'm fond of Coronado State Monument. It's just north of Albuquerque, right around Bernillilo. http://nmmonuments.org/coronado

If you have time for more trips in New Mexico and are a fan of Native American art and jewelry, drive to Gallup. 95% of the Native American art passes through Gallup. Prices are half the price you'll pay in Albuquerque, and considerably less than half the price you'll pay in Santa Fe. (Major traders in both Albuquerque and Gallup can be seen filling boxes with orders for Santa Fe stores; obviously, there's a mark-up when the items get to Santa Fe.)

On the way to Gallup, you can see the perpetual ice cave and Bandera Volcano. They are located pretty close to Grants New Mexico. http://www.icecaves.com/faq.html The volcano is a small one, so it's easy to explore--one time I was there with a recently broken knee and still managed nicely. The ice cave is unique, and doesn't take long to see. Acoma Pueblo (Sky Pueblo) is also located west of Albuquerque. Very few people still live there, but it's interesting. For me, visiting a pueblo where many people still live seems rude, so I prefer the ones that are pretty much "for show." http://www.indianpueblo.org/19pueblos/index.html If you are in Santa Fe, Taos Pueblo is a possibility for visiting, but a lot of people still live there.

Santa Fe to Albuquerque--about 60 miles, an easy hour on the freeway

Albuquerque to Acoma Pueblo--65 miles

Albuquerque to Grants and the ice cave and the volcano--about 100 miles.

Gallup is 140 miles from Albuquerque--long straight road. Most of it is through tribal lands and state troopers can't arrest you for speeding--but the tribal police can. Stop by AAA and get the New Mexico map that shows tribal lands; it's an interesting map, even if you don't have a lead foot.

Distance from Santa Fe to Los Alamos--about 40 miles.

Favorite "everyday" restaurant in Santa Fe: Tomasita’s,
(505) 983-3721
Address: 500 South Guadalupe Street, Santa Fe, NM

I'm far from alone in loving Tomasitas--the town loves it. It's not a secret, and it would be a total shame to miss it. The food is Northern New Mexico, so it will be a little different from other Mexican food you've probably had; for example, you'll find flat enchalidas an option. There are no bad choices; there are lines, so be prepared.

My other favorite--definitely my favorite for dinner--is La Choza--wonderful, northern New Mexico food. I've never been able to find a stuffed sophapia (spelling?????) anywhere I've eaten Mexican food other than Santa Fe. Of all the Mexican I've tasted, northern New Mexico is my absolute favorite.
905 Alarid St Santa Fe, NM 87505‎
(505) 982-0909 Map included on this web site: https://plus.google.com/105305574870199788324/about?gl=us&hl=en You won't find mostly tourists here; you'll find mostly locals--until the tourists get the word.

Anyway, as you can see, I love New Mexico, and I love Albuquerque and Santa Fe--even if the tourists have discovered how wonderful they are.

It's important to remember that the scenery in New Mexico is like music: it's not just the notes that create it; it's the intervals also.

#50613 - 08/13/13 07:18 PM Re: Santa Fe Resort Review [Re: ]
Pstreet1 Offline

Registered: 04/01/04
Posts: 225
We're in Santa Fe now, and we were pleasantly surprised by the unit. I was unable to figure out just what the differences are between the various rooms, and wound up taking a small one because we knew we would be busy the whole time, so the room wouldn't matter much. We were so pleased when we opened the door and discovered a king size bed in the bedroom, which closes off from the living room/kitchen with a pocket door. The living room has a fireplace (which isn't turned on until the end of November), a small but adequate kitchen (no oven), and a couch and a small two person table. The unit is nicely decorated, and we're very pleased.

There is so much to do and see in Santa Fe that we'll be on the go most of the time, but it will be nice to have such a cute unit to come back to. I lived in Albuquerque years ago, and I'm always excited about returning to New Mexico; I never get tired of the national monuments/history/museums/food/scenic drives/shopping.

If you've never been to New Mexico, put it on your wish list and do a little homework before hand so you can maximize your time--it's definitely not a "hang around the resort" place.

#48665 - 09/09/12 06:43 PM Re: Santa Fe Resort Review [Re: ]
Hawks07P Offline

Registered: 07/18/12
Posts: 2
Loc: Colorado
Just spent Labor Day weekend at Santa Fe. Great get away, the unit was small but it was just two of us and we really did not need any more space. The day crew we had was excellent. Both gentlemen answered all of our questions and were able to get us around town easily.

We went to The Santa Fe Opera house for a Mariachi Extravaganza- Great concert, Great Venue!
We also visited the Bandelier National Park. I didn't know there were cliff dwellings in this area. Must see! Take lots of water.

I agree the parking was a little tight, but all of Santa Fe is like that.

We will definately return.

#48557 - 08/23/12 10:09 AM Re: Santa Fe Resort Review [Re: ]
copwtrips Offline

Registered: 05/18/09
Posts: 2
Loc: Southern California
I loved this little resort. It's on a small side street so we didn't hear any noise. The rooms are smaller but nicely done in the Sanfa Fa theme. Parking can be tight but there was room for everyone. No washer/dryer in the units but they are in the main building and they are FREE. (main building about 100 yrs away) Santa Fe has many many shops and places to eat. Best to leave the car at the resort and walk.

#45712 - 07/15/11 03:03 PM Re: Santa Fe Resort Review [Re: weisssoccermom]
lizykat Offline

Registered: 07/27/08
Posts: 3
sounds like the kitchens at SantaFe are the same size as New Orleans...small but just enough...thanks for your input, it certainly helps

#45711 - 07/15/11 03:00 PM Re: Santa Fe Resort Review [Re: Tex]
lizykat Offline

Registered: 07/27/08
Posts: 3
Thanks so much for the details...I know things may have changed, but at least I have an idea of where to look for good food...


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