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#51015 - 11/07/13 03:33 PM Deer Harbor Resort Review
KrisComm Offline

Registered: 08/16/11
Posts: 328
Have you stayed at WorldMark Deer Harbor? Here's your chance to tell other WorldMark owners what it's really like. How big is the pool? How hot is the hot tub? What do you wish you had known before you left home?

#58931 - 10/08/19 04:57 PM Re: Deer Harbor Resort Review [Re: KrisComm]
rcglmg Offline

Registered: 08/25/17
Posts: 2
We spend a week at Deer Harbor in August 2019. Loved the resort. Quiet. No cell service but kind of nice to not be bugged. About 25 minutes from shopping. Saw deer and eagles. As a "get away", you cannot beat it.

#58409 - 07/12/18 04:49 PM Re: Deer Harbor Resort Review [Re: KrisComm]
dogwood98270 Offline

Registered: 03/26/05
Posts: 27
Loc: Washington State
We are currently nearing the end of our stay up here, and thought this would be the best time to voice my opinion of the good and the bad of our stay. The good: Everything. We thoroughly enjoyed the view, the units, and the sun. It has been vey nice all week here. Sun is shining and it has been very nice weather. We brought our grandson up here with us, and we were worried about finding enough to keep him busy. But that has not been the case. He has been very busy all week, and has really enjoyed the time at the pool. Being that he is only 5 years old, he has a complete blast up here. We took him on a whale watching tour, he really enjoyed it, and got to see a whole pod of killer whales playing around. Took him to Moran State Park, and he enjoyed that. Kept him busy here at the resort and when it comes to nighttime, he has slept very easy being all tired out. This has probably been the best vacation that he has gone on with us, and he has been on a few. The bad: Well, cannot think of any, except that I might not have brought enough beer with me. But thankfully, that problem is easily solved here. Went to the Island Hoppin' Brewery, and must say that is definitely a micro brewery that you will want to visit. A little tough to find, but well worth it. Gas is a little expensive, we seen it for $4.17 a gal. So if you come over with your car, fill up before you hit the ferry. As for the units, yes they might be a little bit small, but that is something everyone should be able to work around and still enjoy. They have quite a few (5) gas grills, and a Traeger grill that I personally was the only one that I would use. Would like to see the other resorts switch to Tragers also. The staff is very friendly and helpful at every turn. They will give you as much ice as you need, so you do not need to run and buy ice all the time. So, in my opinion, if you are wondering if this might be an enjoyable resort to visit, it is. No complaints from my family.

Edited by dogwood98270 (07/12/18 04:52 PM)

#58288 - 04/25/18 02:43 PM Re: Deer Harbor Resort Review [Re: KrisComm]
jluther Offline

Registered: 04/24/18
Posts: 1
We were there for spring break 3/31- 4/7/18.
We were lucky to get the 2 waterfront units (2 and 3 BR units). Loved the water's edge location! The kitchens were small for the unit size with very limited work space/storage. The 2 BR unit could easily accommodate 6, not just 4. There could be a murphy bed or at least a pull-out sofa; the second BR only had a full size bed which seemed smaller than that so if you have 2 super skinny people that would be fine, otherwise it's tight; the BR itself could easily fit a queen bed. The 3 BR should sleep 8, not just 6. A pull-out sofa would work there too. The 2 BR had a more upscale look and had a bigger living area and deck. These units should have their own BBQ on the large decks. Ice makers were not working in either units but we got plenty from front desk.
No Wifi so the teenagers were in withdrawal! We asked about this and wondered why the other side of the island has really good wifi. The young gal at front desk was not sympathetic. "There's nothing we can do about that!". That was the only snippy staff we ran into. All others were super nice, friendly and helpful. One lady even let us poke into the other units we were curious about when they were open to clean.
First few days we had pretty good weather then it rained second half of the week.
We hiked up Turtle Back trail which was worth the effort; awesome views! Constitution Mountain was cool too without the hike. Very scenic!

#57809 - 07/11/17 07:14 AM Re: Deer Harbor Resort Review [Re: jorgensene]
silvermtskibum Offline

Registered: 07/14/10
Posts: 2
Loc: Kellogg, Idaho
We will be there next week. What unit were you in and how are the views?

#57795 - 07/05/17 12:39 PM Re: Deer Harbor Resort Review [Re: KrisComm]
jorgensene Offline

Registered: 06/01/10
Posts: 1
My wife and I are still at Deer Harbor, having spent three days here and still having four nights left. When we got here, we were completely pleased with the beauty of Orcus Island The northwest temperate rain forest is just what we love. The entire island only has one incorporated city (East Sound), which is small, so the lifestyle here is simple for the most part, with some tourist related business to serve the visitors.

From the perspective of the Worldmak resort, we have been overjoyed with the facility and the way it has been managed. When we arrived I noticed a screw loose in one of the cupboards and when it was reported, within an hour or so, maintenance had it repaired. They jumped on our need immediately. On day-two, the resort management held a barbeque for all the guests. It gave us an opportunuity to meet a few new couples as well as Kevin (resort manager). It made being away from home for a week that much more enjoyable.

We have been here during the Independece Day holiday and took advantage of a fireworks display sponsored by the East Sound Chamber of Commerce. While waiting for the fireworks display to begin, we once again ran into our facility manager. Kevin was there with his family but took the opportunity to not only introduce us to his wife and kids, he also provided us with chairs and a blanket to make our three hour wait more comfortable. He wen waaay above and beyond to make us comfortable. As it turns out, Kevin has only been managing the resort for about three months. As a Worldmark owner himself, he is atuned to the needs of his guests and makes an effort to make sure we are comfortable and satisfied. We are pleased to have met him and pleased to be here at Deer Harbor.

The facilities are well kept and very comfortable. Kevin has a good plan for future improvements and the resort will become even better in the years to come. I highly recommend Deer Harbor as an escape from the rat race of the main land. laugh

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#56929 - 05/24/16 12:25 AM Re: Deer Harbor Resort Review [Re: KrisComm]
Mary Jo Offline

Registered: 05/01/10
Posts: 4
Loc: Oregon
I just got back from a week at Deer Harbor. It was a beautiful location! There were a few things that didn't meet with my expectations.
*It was apparent the units were designed from a cubical! Only the bedroom window opened, and when we arrived, our unit was stifling. We borrowed a fan from the office, but it wasn't enough to keep the whole unit comfortable. The furnishings were pretty uncomfortable in the livingroom.
*It was also apparent that the designer was young and agile. I witnessed guests hobbling up the bumpy hill/stairs with walkers. This is NOT a resort for anyone with mobility issues. It could have been pretty easy to avoid stairs and make unit access easier, by opening the courtyard between units and allowing access to back parking spaces.
*While the individual hot tubs seem like a nice amenity, removing the cover and climbing in when you are elderly or handicapped really isn't an option.
* We could have been advised of "critters"... we left an empty styrofoam cooler on the deck, and it got chewed up! I had considered leaving the front door open for ventilation. Glad I didn't!
* The mini fridge is just that, MINI. No freezer, not much room for groceries.
*We steamed bay clams TWICE, from Buck Bay Shellfish. Located past the Mount Constitution turnoff, I'd go back in a heartbeat. They also had a nice (albeit expensive) selection of NW fish.
* There are only three barbeque grills, and they are on the patio adjacent the pool and office. That's quite a trek from some units.
*Certain amenities that are standard in Worldmark units aren't at this location, but available if you ask- blenders. CD players. Laundry facilities.
*Phone service- as most have mentioned, it is spotty. I could get a signal hiking further south up the road. My phone would beep as I drove past Massacre Bay. Eastsound. Mount Constitution. The resort computer RARELY was used in the Owners "Lounge"- I did my messaging with it.
*If you are there on a Saturday, head to Rosario Resort and catch an organ recital in the music room at 4pm... The pipe organ is magnificent, and I wish I had known about it when we were near there on Saturday.
*Be prepared to drive for dinner. If you plan your day accordingly, you can eat coming or going to different adventures and avoid having to keep going back to town. There is a restaurant right in front of the resort, but it was being renovated while we were there. That will be really convenient. We were there in the "off season". Also be prepared for many closures during the midweek if not peak season.
*The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful!

#56596 - 01/21/16 06:31 AM Re: Deer Harbor Resort Review [Re: KrisComm]
packbakr Offline

Registered: 08/05/11
Posts: 10
Loc: Washington State
The accommodations are really good, the bed was comfortable. We didn't do much serious cooking as it is a little difficult with a two-burner stove. The mini frig was adequate for the two of us as we were only staying 3 nights. The hot tub was great and well maintained. The only negatives I would mention is that since there is no cell service it would be nice if WiFi was provided in the cottages without cost (we did use the computer in the Owners Lounge without a problem, however we were worried about being out of touch with our family). The largest negative applies only to older folks like my husband and myself. There is too much walking up and down hills and there is not a good place to park without walking down a hill with no sidewalk. Because it is winter there were plenty of parking spaces near a sidewalk, however I can imagine that during the summer it would present quite a problem. My suggestion is that is you are older or have difficult walking, you may choose to stay someplace else. The dock store was very handy but it also required a walk down and up a hill.
Richard and Kathleen Sieber

#56198 - 08/14/15 07:40 AM Re: Deer Harbor Resort Review [Re: KrisComm]
Jolly_Mon Offline

Registered: 06/14/15
Posts: 6
Loc: Oregon=Summer; Arizona=Winter
We just spent two days at Deer Harbor in the Special Needs unit (#123). This is the first time we’ve “driven” on Orcas Island, although we’ve been there in our sailboat many times. In fact we kept our sailboat in the Deer Harbor Marina for a summer season back in the ‘90’s and never missed a chance to sail into Rosario Resort.
The WorldMark Deer Harbor resort was a beautiful location, although the Special Needs unit on top of the hill only had a narrow view of the harbor. But the hot tub on the deck was wonderful. The office staff were, as usual, very friendly and helpful. We needed to make a phone call, and since there is no or very little cell service (for Verizon), the lady in the office let us use her phone to call Oregon. Cell service was best in Orcas village or Eastsound.
The problem for us was no internet service. The resort specifies ResortNet, but in our unit and in the Owner’s lounge, we could not connect. We were finally able to connect in the office, but with a weak signal. We maintain a newsletter and directory for our resort park in Arizona and need access to keep up on the news and changes. This was the first WM resort where we could not connect. The staff said they were aware of the phone signal problem, but the locals were opposed to any cell phone towers and were sorry for the weak internet signal.
That being said, we had a great time driving around the island, shopping in Eastsound, climbing the tower on Mt. Constitution, buying pottery at Orcas Island Pottery (a wonderful place near West Beach), and eating at the Deer Harbor Inn, Madrona Bar & Grill, Olga Café, and Orcas Island Hotel. The Olga Artworks was a special treat too since we used to walk up to its cafe from the dock in Olga when we were cruising. It burned down two years ago and has been completely renovated by the help of the entire Orcas Island community, a must stop while exploring.

#55922 - 05/16/15 04:04 PM Re: Deer Harbor Resort Review [Re: KrisComm]
CalifTravel Offline

Registered: 02/26/05
Posts: 10
We recently moved from northern California where we visited many World Mark resorts. Now living in Washington and recently visited Deer Harbor and really loved the location and facilities. Kitchen was very adequately furnished minus the oven and refrigerator/freezer. We even had cell phone coverage in most places and my little tablet had very good reception on the Resort2Net. We stayed in one of the cottages and was very comfortable, even though we found the living room furniture a little uncomfortable.


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