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#3025 - 03/09/04 03:14 PM Seaside Resort Review
Forum Host
WorldMark Forum

Have you stayed at this resort? Here's your chance to tell other owners what it's really like. How big is the pool? How hot is the hot tub? What do you wish you had known before you left home?

#59097 - 07/17/20 09:04 AM Re: Seaside Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
pengraman Offline

Registered: 07/03/17
Posts: 4
We have stayed at Seaside several times. The resort is the hardest to get into, but is worth the effort. The last couple times, we had an upper floor, which we preferred, and the most recent a lower floor. Both were wonderful rooms. Beds are great. Well furnished. Views were great. Staff were pleasant. Amy, the GM is a wonderful lady and she is doing a great job at both Seaside and Gleneden. Depoe Bay is an easy walk along the ocean. THE HORN BREWERY is a must stop. Last time, we hit it 3 times. Love the view from the upper eating area! One thing, we are done with the sales pitches. We are Silver Elite and happy here. From now on, saying no. I would recommend WM Seaside without hesitation.

#58907 - 08/24/19 11:38 PM Re: Seaside Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
Pat_604 Offline

Registered: 10/31/14
Posts: 23
Loc: Beautiful BC, Canada
Any tips on asking the front desk to assign the better 1-BR regular unit so I don't get stuck at the back of the site?
Do they have building numbers or certain range of unit numbers?
(I know the unit assignment is based on when it was booked and I was only offered a Waitlist recently....) Thanks,

#58581 - 12/02/18 06:00 PM Re: Seaside Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
junior Offline

Registered: 07/05/10
Posts: 12
Loc: Oregon
We are so tired of waiting for the harassment to receive a parking pass. We have been members for 20 years and will upgrade when we want to! Plus they want a $20 deposit to get you to a meeting when our dues and increases in maintenance fees continue. We love the resort and have visited 20 plus times, but please cool the jets on getting the parking passes. I've sent friends there for a relaxing weekend and they come back remarking about the struggle to get the passes.
Eagle Crest(3x), Oceanside(2), Windsor(3), Running Y(2), Seaside(15x), Gleneden(3), Angels Camp, McCall,Birch Bay, Depoe Bay, Arrow Point, Leavenworth, San Diego-MV, St George, L. Beach, Discovery Bay

#58531 - 10/16/18 09:36 PM Re: Seaside Resort Review [Re: TWilton]
pseitz Offline

Registered: 10/06/06
Posts: 2
I agree. We stayed at Long Beach in WA & had the same sales pretend new information experience. A waste of time. Just new labels to get you to pay new maintenance fees.

#58527 - 10/13/18 08:24 AM Re: Seaside Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
TWilton Offline

Registered: 10/11/18
Posts: 2
This is the tenth stay in a WorldMark property for us. We have had great experiences in our nine previous stays. We even had sales presentations that lived up to the motto of showing respect for us. Unfortunately, our experience with Seaside was disappointing. At check-in we were informed that to get a parking pass we needed to speak to the concierge. Unfortunately, the concierge was really just a front line salesperson intent to get us into the sales presentation. He lied to us about the length of time that would be involved - we were advised that it would be about an hour, and it ended up being two hours. We were advised to arrive at the sales presentation five minutes early but then made to wait about 25 minutes for anything to begin (there goes a half hour of our holiday). The entire office seemed disorganized and staff complained about how busy they were. The group presentation was led by an enthusiastic former high school teacher and we felt like her class of senior citizens. Her upbeat manner was infectious but then as time went on became tedious. But that was all kind of tolerable. The worst was yet to come. Our individual salesperson had a real problem with eye contact and human connection. She seemed to be going through the motions as she took notes and doodled on her sales page. Her manner was so passive, seemingly resentful, that it felt rude and disrespectful. At one point she had a very tense irritated interaction with her husband who was a salesperson at the next table. We had no need to witness whatever awkwardness and irritation that was part of their relationship. Our stay with our salesperson seemed interminable. My wife and I are left vowing that never again will we subject ourselves to a WorldMark sales presentation --- it is just not worth the tedium and time waste that it is involved.We advise all of you smart enough to review the forum to resist the concierge's efforts, take your parking pass and get out.

#58496 - 09/12/18 05:57 AM Re: Seaside Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
shay Offline

Registered: 04/18/05
Posts: 23
Loc: Idaho
This is our second time staying at Seaside. We had a studio on the 7th floor with a view of the ocean from our balcony. I am not a fan of staying in a studio, but it sure beats a hotel room! Nice mini-kitchen and spacious bathroom. The Murphy bed was comfortable and easy to take down and put up.

There was a volley ball tournament scheduled for the weekend and the beach was full of volley ball equipment. Not a big deal as we could still walk on the beach and look at the ocean.
The board walk stretches a nice easy mile along the beach. And the town has great places to eat.
This is a joint property WorldMark and Wyndham resorts. Not that that made any difference that I could see.
This was an interim visit sandwiched between a family reunion/vacation in Kalamath Falls at The Running Y and a meeting in Lebanon. I might mention here that I secured this stay using the waitlist.

WorldMark resorts visited: McCall, ID; Arrowpoint, ID; Seaside, OR; Oceanside, CA; Lake of the Ozarks, OK; Running Y, OR; Lake Chelan, WA; Eagle Crest, OR; Surfside Inn, WA: Las Vegas (all three), NV; Reno, NV; St. George, UT; San Francisco, CA: Rancho Vistoso, AZ; Pine Top, T; West Yellowstone, MT; Bear Lake, UT; Depoe Bay, OR; Wolf Creek, CA; Longbeach, WA; San Diego Mission Valley, CA; New Orleans Avenue Plaza, LA; Angels Camp, CA; Birch Bay, WA; Leavenworth, WA: Scottsdale, AZ

#57612 - 04/01/17 03:11 PM 2017 Seaside Review [Re: Forum Host]
TrippinSuz Offline

Registered: 05/24/07
Posts: 20
Loc: WA
We travel here frequently because we have a loved one who has moved to the area. If you are a WorldMark owner who likes things quiet and calm, this is NOT the resort for you. Oh the humanity during this latest visit (I was told it is spring break in Oregon). There were so many heads in the pool, you could hardly see the water! Egad petri dish!

We usually try to book ocean front units, but it wasn't possible for this stay. We had a unit that was on the 3rd floor which faced the Shilo Inn across the street. It was virtually impossible to sleep at night from the flashing display the Shilo had running on their sign all.night.long. Next time, I will pack a tarp and a way to fasten this over the window valance!!! It was apparent people have done something like this in the past, because there were staple marks in the paint - haha. The fellow in the office offered to send up a worker to cover the window with a blanket. We were going to do that for our 2nd of 2 nights, but we got in late and just wanted to go to bed. WouldaCouldaShoulda. Why oh Why don't they have blackout shades for these places? I'm sure this room has had 100's of people in it over the years... how did THEY sleep? Eeks! Anyway, you've been warned. If you don't have a Penthouse or an Ocean Front unit booked, you have no way of knowing what kind of light intrusion you will have into your bedroom. Plan ahead if you need a dark bedroom!
Visits: Camlin,BirchBay,DiscBay,MarVillage, Leavenworth,LakeChelanShores,LakeHouse,ArrowPt,Seaside,LongBch,Reno,ClearLake,AngelsCamp,Indio,EagleCrest,TheCanadian,Windsor,Yellowstone,Maui

#56998 - 06/29/16 09:43 AM Re: Seaside Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
Samtpfote Offline

Registered: 07/15/14
Posts: 3
My family and I are visiting this resort almost every year since 2010.
This is our go to resort since it is a fairly short drive for us, the kids love the pool area and Seaside is a beautiful coastal town.
We are staying in a 3 bedroom deluxe right now and I can see the ocean from the living room.
The staff here is always friendly.
The only negative about the resort is that there are too many parents that do not believe in supervising their kids.
On our first day there was a boy in the pool (usually I don't let my son in the pool on his own without a swim vest on but I was just grabbing our towels) who literally tried to drown my son. He kept pushing him under water and my son was struggling really hard.
I had to throw the towels back onto the chair and run into to pool to get him to a safe spot. He was throwing up and got a black eye from this.
At this point I was so mad I had to leave before I would do something I would regret later. And of course no parents around.....
Also, what's up with the wrist bands that you have to wear around the resort. I feel like I am at Great Wolf Lodge.

#56500 - 12/13/15 05:19 PM Re: Seaside Resort Review [Re: JanJ]
oregonlamb Offline

Registered: 12/05/08
Posts: 46
Loc: Oregon
The Penthouses are at the front directly across from the ocean. Three bedroom deluxe units are next and can be on any of the 4 sides. You will have an ocean view of some kind from your balcony. Deluxe rooms start on the 5th floor, so whatever your view is, it's better than the lower 4 floors.

#56234 - 08/29/15 09:21 PM Re: Seaside Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
mamabones Offline

Registered: 09/23/04
Posts: 1
My family and I stay at the Seaside resort several times a year and have been doing so ever since it opened. Each season in Seaside has its own charms. Summers are busy and noisy. There are lots of beach activities including some pretty amazing kites. The family also enjoys the many fun things to do in the town of Seaside itself. The bumper cars, large arcade, and carousel were particularly popular when the kids were young. Also, the movie theater is much less expensive than home so every visit includes at least one movie. When the kids became teenagers and adults they loved the shopping including the many candy stores. The resort is on a wonderful sand beach having surfers on the southern part of the bay and a river to the north, where the sea shells are more numerous. During summers I enjoy hiking, tide pools (near the tunnel south of Cannon Beach), and watching the tourists. During fall the long rainy season begins and the crowds disappear. Frequently we are the only people on the beach. I love the power of the ocean during private walks along Seaside's sand beach. During winter I enjoy the wonderful storms. It is particularly fun to be in the hot tub during a snow storm or a downpour. The shape of the beach varies from season to season as also the visible wildlife. I think that the resort itself is outstanding. There are two hot tubs, a wading pool, and a large pool. The computer room is larger than most other resorts. The three bedroom deluxe and the penthouse rooms have (amazing) full 180-degree ocean views. All other rooms have partial or oblique ocean views. The smaller the room, the further it is from the beach and generally the poorer the view. We've stayed in studios several times. During one visit we had to go out on the balcony to see the ocean -- every other room had at least one window with an ocean view. The resort is a single large building in a U shape with the open part of the U towards the ocean. Rooms are either facing outside or else facing into the U. Complaints about noise primarily occur from outside facing rooms on the North. Complaints about too-much-sun primarily occur from outside facing rooms to the South. Complaints about too many laughing children in the pool occur from rooms within the U. However, in my experience, few people complain because the resort is wonderful. My family and I really enjoy our times being there.

#56177 - 08/08/15 12:24 PM Re: Seaside Resort Review [Re: JanJ]

Registered: 10/25/09
Posts: 52
Loc: OR - Oregon
I would give the resort a call but,I think all the 3 bedrooms face the beach. I have stayed there many times but in studios and 2 bedroom units. I did tour a 3 bedroom that was up front with the best view of the ocean you could get.Even without a ocean view this is hands down my favorite WorldMark resort.I just love all the little towns(Warrenton,Astoria,Cannon Beach,etc.)that give you so much to do. Happy Travels!

#56169 - 08/03/15 01:40 PM Re: Seaside Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
JanJ Offline

Registered: 06/13/08
Posts: 8
Loc: Idaho
Can anyone tell me what part of the resort the 3 bdrm deluxe condos are located? Am hoping to get a great view in March.


#56140 - 07/19/15 04:10 PM Re: Seaside Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
cocaman Offline

Registered: 03/31/12
Posts: 12
Loc: Washington
July 2015 Seaside it one of the most popular destinations for good reason. The resort is just steps away from the ocean. It is certainly up to typical WM standards. There are numerous employees there all day who are more than happy to make sure you have a great stay. Seaside is full of good dining, fun activities, and close to other ocean communities. A visit to Fort Clatsop National Park is one activity well worth your time if you are a history buff. Two places we found to eat this time that are excellent are Nonni's Italian and Bell Buoy cafe. Both are walkable, though the Bell Bouy is a half mile or more. The only complaint, and there is nothing to do but be patient, is the lack of elevators. A bonus this stay. We checked out by ten a.m. and received a $10 certificate for breakfast good at three places. Since we had eaten in the room we were able to use it at the little cafe and store in the lobby. Nice incentive.

#55888 - 05/05/15 03:39 PM Re: Seaside Resort Review [Re: Forum Host]
lauraleigh9mm Offline

Registered: 09/15/05
Posts: 7
We recently stayed 4 nights in a deluxe two bedroom unit. We are owners and this was the first visit to this particular timeshare. We had a decent view of the Ocean from the balcony and the rooms where nice. I loved the location right in the middle of town so walking to all the attractions was wonderful. If you are intersted in clamming, go to the Ace Hardware 3 blocks east of the resort and buy a clam "gun" ($15). Your family will be swimming in delicious razor clams. I will say that during check-in hours it can be REALLY busy in the lobby. I also wish like other WorldMark resort that they had "adult only" hours at the pool and hot tub. Also our oven was old and should be replaced. I would not hesitate to book here again and am planning on it.

#55620 - 02/13/15 08:11 PM Re: Ssaside Hot Water Needs To Be Fixed ......FAST!!! [Re: WIZ WORLD]

Registered: 10/25/09
Posts: 52
Loc: OR - Oregon
This just in Hot Water Fixed at Seaside!!!!!!

#55514 - 01/17/15 08:59 AM Ssaside Hot Water Needs To Be Fixed ......FAST!!! [Re: Forum Host]

Registered: 10/25/09
Posts: 52
Loc: OR - Oregon
Just returned from another great New Years Eve stay at the Seaside resort. The staff again was great and there was no high pressure sells pitch. We booked a studio for the first time since the resort opened. The studios are very nice for two people on a short stay. I highly recommend if that's all thart is available, take it. Seaside is truly one of the crown jewels of the Worldmark resorts (IMO). I always and will continue to recommend it to friends and family. It's in a great small town that is very close to many other lovely locations (Astoria, Cannon Beach, Long Beach and many more).

I stayed here at Seaside in November 2014 and tried to take a shower and had no hot water. I called down to the desk and they said someone would come and check it out, which a nice staff member did. I was told they were working to reroute the hot water. They say it's the boiler system that is the problem. Ok, now I'm here in January and it's still not fixed? At least now they leave a message on your about the water problems, I did'nt get such a message in November. Please get this fixed if it's not by now done.Se you in February with fingers crossed.

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