Las Vegas Resort Review

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Las Vegas Resort Review - 03/05/04 04:16 PM

Have you stayed at WorldMark's Las Vegas resort? Here's your chance to tell other owners what it's really like. How big is the pool? How hot is the hot tub? What do you wish you had known before you left home?
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Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 02/15/11 02:25 AM

Just stayed at the Las Vegas Blvd resort a few weeks ago for 4 days and we were blown away It was a first trip to Vegas and our first time staying at any resort and I'm definitely seeing where my money is going, lol. The resort staff was very friendly and helpful with ideas and local opinions on dining and shows to see and whatnot. We had a problem with a stopped up drain our first morning, but it was fixed before we got back from swimming an hour later. We absolutey loved the shuttle to and from the strip. One of our nights we stayed out way late and had to take an almost $40 cab ride back, so it's definitely nice having the shuttle available most of the day. There was almost no one using the pools or spas when we used them early in the morning, and it was nice having more than one on the grounds as our room was way in the back of the resort. All in all I give this resort 4 stars. Can't wait to go back!
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Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 03/04/11 07:16 PM

Where di you catch the cab at? Trying to get an idea of cab cost if we needed it. You said $40 but how long of a ride was that?
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Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 03/04/11 08:56 PM

Can anybody tell me if there is pictures of the 3 bedroom penthouse to look at online. Thanks Joe
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Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 04/22/11 09:20 AM

VERY, VERY Disappointed during Check-IN!

First off, this resort is beautiful-always immaculate, and the staff is "usually" very accomodating!

I booked a 2BR for my inlaws, and my developmentally disabled aunt and uncle. After travelling 6 hours and arriving on 4/17 at 6pm to check-in...they were told that the room will not be ready for at least 1 hour! Ugh! Matt (Concierge Supervisor) told me he would get them some tickets to a Comedy Show or something for their inconvenience-yeah...come to find out, they would have had to sit through a presentation to get them! What a nice guy...making 2 senior citizens and 2 disabled adults "wait" through a presentation...after already making them "wait" for their room to be ready.
It's funny how I haven't received a "check-out" survey yet...had to request it from Owner Services.
So-resort staff failed big time on this one; correction, Front Desk and MATT failed.
It's still a beautiful property-I would highly recommend it! I'm not sure I could recommend the Concierge Supervisor though...
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Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 06/13/11 12:15 AM

Stressful place to stay! Very disappointed
We just stayed two nights and we will never go back. The check in process was horrible. We were given our room keys but had to go across the lobby to another desk to get our parking pass. Found out this was the marketing desk thinly veiled as a customer service desk. Here we were heavily pressured to attend "owner education" and felt as if our parking pass was being held hostage until we agreed to attend a session. Pool towels were not in the room. We had to stand in line to get them and then sign a voucher agreeing to pay $15 per towel if we didn't return them to the desk. The blinds in the bedroom did not keep out the exterior lighting at night nor the early morning sunshine, so our room was never dark. And there are not any drapes in the bedroom. The staff were not the friendly helpful people we have come to expect at worldmark resorts. I hope the service we experienced in Las Vegas is not the new face of Worldmark.
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Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 06/14/11 01:09 PM

Just had a three day "vacation"....I do not recommend this resort for anyone. The short of it is...we checked in, carpet not swept and the worst part was that the deck was filthy beyond description. It was so bad that they completely replaced the electric grill with a new was disgusting...and the manager did not even return our request for a apologies...nothing. Then we had no wash clothes...called at 7pm....nothing...went to bed and guess 1030pm a knock on the door woke us up...gee thanks for the wash clothes...If smart I would have stayed at the South Point Hotel a few blocks is cheaper, cleaner and friendlier...I won't return...!!
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Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 08/16/11 02:01 PM

We have stayed here 3 times. It is a one night stop over on our way to AZ. The first time a few years agao was fine. In March 2011 we satyed on the 9th and 14th. Both nights were horrible! At the time my husband was walking with a cane and mobility was limited we had a handicapped studio. It was the farthest unit from the elevator and banged up and dirty. On our return trip we also had a studio the unit was clean but the fridge had the most horrific odor! I called the front desk and they sent someone up who sprayed something in it which took away the odor(until she had left the room) Thr blinds did not keep the light out and the street noise was so disconcerting. We will stay at a hotel on our future visits to Las Vegas.
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Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 09/22/11 09:52 AM

We just spent a great week September 13-20 in a 3 BR unit. Our son, his wife, and their 2 1/2 and 4 year olds were with us, and were happy to have a separate bedroom for the kids. Check in went fine. We declined the owners meeting because we had a busy schedule, and they took No as answer with no problem.
The unit looked good, but we did have a few problems. The washer/dryer was replaced with no argument when it continued to not do the final rinse spin. The ice maker was replaced and the rack in the dishwasher fixed. The utility doors/track need replacing, so those were put on the to do list for after we left, along with cleaning the carpet (it was vacuumed but really needs cleaning). It would have been nice to have a pristine unit, especially since we had guests,but that's life. I figure that as an owner it is up to me to report problems (nicely) so they can be fixed. Our son was impressed by the quick response.
The grounds are great! The kids LOVED the playground and kids pool. We all enjoyed the waterfall pool which is warm, not hot, so it is great for kids and those of us who don't like the water too hot. If you stand under a waterfall, it gives your shoulders a great massage.
This was a family vacaton so we weren't interested in going to casinos, but there is a shuttle for those who want it. We drove (9 hours from San Jose, CA), so getting places was no problem. Hoover Dam is an easy drive and well worth seeing. We also went to Red Rocks Canyon National Reserve which has a very nice visitors center and loop drive along with trails and rock climbing.
Luckily the weather was in the 90's, not over 100, so it wasn't too bad. We enjoyed sitting on our deck in the evening, especially when there was a wedding reception in the area right below us (which was over by 9 pm).
I was a little apprehensive after reading the negative reviews, but we really enjoyed our time at this resort despite a few maintenance issues. Maybe we are easy to please, but we have had a good experience at all of the 2o+ Worldmark resorts we have visited.
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Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 10/07/11 02:01 AM

Spent two days at the Las Vegas Blvd Worldmark Resort and had an enjoyable stay. We did run into a few problems and felt very good after talking to the Resort Mgr (believe her name is Julie)who is very upbeat and interested in making things right.
She made me feel good about the direction of this resort and seems to have a hand on the pulse of things.
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Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 10/09/11 09:36 AM

Just spent 5 days at Worldmark Las Vegas, on the south strip. Unit was OK, a few minor problems (slat and valance fell off the venetian blinds, filter screen in dryer fell out). The main inconvenience was the outdated TV sets. The main TV in the living room was small and quite old. Its remote control had 53 tiny buttons, of which only 3 actually worked. No power or channel-changing working buttons. The condo was pleasant, but Worldmark should really consider bringing the television sets out of the 1990's up to current standards.
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Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 10/14/11 02:30 PM

Dear Kbg,

These are items that WorldMark by Wyndham Management would like to know about so that we can take immediate action to get these issues addressed. If you have an issue or concern that you would like management to be aware of so corrective action can be taken, the most expeditious way to communicate that concern would be to send it directly to If you prefer, you may call Owner Care at 888.648.7363 option 4.
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Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 10/27/11 05:09 PM

What a wonderful stay at the Las Vegas Resort! Staff was wonderful -- from front desk personnel who went out of their way to assist us to the pool personnel to everyone there. The unit was wonderful, the grounds were beautifully kept. We did have a problem with the TV, however, one call to the front desk and within 5 minutes it was fixed. We will definitely be back!!
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Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 11/12/11 08:39 AM

Our family of four stayed in both units over the week, Winter 2011 (due to availability limitation). Here are my observations.

The Good:
- Spacious with dial-operated fireplace.

- Bathroom had renovated toilet and shower stall.

- Nice kitchen with modern dishwasher and kitchenware.

- Washer and Dryer in each unit. New-looking.

- Soap, toilet paper, and dishwasher detergent supplied, but not shampoo/conditioner or detergent for washing clothes.

- The dining table and chairs are nice.

- Hot tub is hot even in November.

The Bad:
- Overall, there's a smell, and both units looked old due to its very old carpet, stained furniture from body oil and use, and stained tiles with missing or cracked cement filling. Basically, nobody who could afford this resort as owner or guest would keep these furniture in their own homes.

- Bathroom old faucets, leaky & underpressured showerheads.

- Internet. No wifi. Slow to non-working condition most of the time. I had to call tech support every day (at least 4 times per day) before giving up. And I'm a tech person.

- Toilet plunger is in the coat closet, along with extra pillows and blanket. And the one-bedroom closet had a strong stench to it that we didn't dare to use the pillows in there.

- Noise is a problem. The air-conditioning control is modern, but the actual machinery makes such a loud noise that rivals jets taking off. Be sure to bring sleep aid pills. Human celebratory sounds also transmit easily from other units.

- Bed cover is smelly. We ditched ours immediately and placed it in the smelly closet (see above).

My Suggestion:
Renovate the floor, carpet, and furniture to reflect the image you want to portray. At least to Marriot standard. You really don't need 4 lifeguards at 9pm in the Winter for the lazy river. Get Wifi, like all other hotels. Using power sockets to connect to internet (strictly by hard wire) is unreliable.
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Re: Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 11/13/11 10:50 AM

Hello BD Buccaneer,

These are items that WorldMark by Wyndham Management would like to know about so that we can take immediate action to get these issues addressed. If you have an issue or concern that you would like management to be aware of so corrective action can be taken, the most expeditious way to communicate that concern would be to send it directly to If you prefer, you may call Owner Care at 888.648.7363 option 4.
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Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 11/17/11 11:21 AM

Stayed here for a week and it was wonderful except for dealing with the sales staff! Kids loved Las Vegas and it was nice to have a family environment to hang out in away from the rest of Vegas.

Only complaint was the sales pitch. Normally we don't give up our free time while on vacation, but the sales rep said it was Owner Education and gave us a list of topics that would be covering. Not only did the Sales Rep NOT cover any of those topics at all, we were there for 3 1/2 hours. Definately not worth the time and hassle! Plus the free tickets we received were available at different locations up and down the strip. Unless you are serious about purchasing credits, do not go to these meetings.
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Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 11/23/11 03:32 PM

We drove our 2 Hummer H2's from Washington to California then drove to Vegas and stayed at the Las Vegas Boulevard resort July-August of 2010. It is a nice resort, however one of our Hummer's got stolen right from the Parking area (located around the back underneath the rooms). It was stolen during daylight with a timeframe of about 45 minutes from when we left the vehicle to come back to try and leave for dinner and it was gone. Please be aware that there are no cameras at the resort. The Las Vegas Police officer told us that Las Vegas is the #1 city on the West Coast for Auto theft.

I would NOT recommend driving a HIGH-PROFILE vehicle to this resort.
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Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 11/30/11 01:34 PM

This place is great to stay! We have been here many times and always love it! We just recently stayed on November 5. Was a 2 bedroom for 1 night. I can say it was not the cleanest room that we stayed in all the times we have been there.

But!!!!! We actually got to Vegas on November 1. My husband was there to be a speaker at a conference. We stayed at one of the newer hotels on the strip. Never again! I would also never pay to stay there. Work was paying for the stay. When we got to WorldMark we were so happy and it felt like home. This was no big issue with the room just not as nice as the other 3 times we stayed there.

We have never had any pressure about presentation or have ever been bugged. But this is where we first bought into WorldMark.

Pools are fantastic! Love the lazy river. Get a pitcher of something to drink and lay in the tube all day. Really nice now that you do not have to pay for a tube. The towels are a little annoying but I can see why we have that rule.

We are from Salt Lake City so we love to get away here every year besides are big vacation.
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Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 01/14/12 03:47 PM

Can anyone tell me the difference between the 3-bedroom unit and the 3-bedroom unit/Penthouse at the Las Vegas Bld location?
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Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 01/18/12 03:40 PM

I have booked a vacation at this resort for September and am VERY concerned after I have read the recent reviews on this blog. It sounds like the place is in need of a MAJOR overhaul and a definite change of management. I am going to be extremely disappointed if I do not get the excellent facilities that I have come to expect from WorldMark
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Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 01/22/12 03:47 PM

We will be staying here at this resort for the first time in July24-31, 2012. We will be attending the Scentsy Convention. My daughter in law and I were both permoted to Director 12/01/2011. Are their anyother Scentsy Consultant who will be staying here at the same time?
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Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 01/22/12 03:50 PM

Thank for the information. We are going in July and will take our steerwheel gorillla lock with us! I wonder why the parking garage is not locked?
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Re: Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 01/22/12 03:52 PM

Why is the parking garage not a secure parking garage, especially since cars have been stolen right out of the garage.
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Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 01/23/12 07:47 AM

I have been staying at WM Las Vegas since they opened. We are platinum level owners since 1993. First, about the garages, I have never had a break in. The guard at the front gate will not let you in without some kind of WM reason for being there. In our most recent experience, they had our name on a clipboard for initial checkin and gave us us a wave once we had the parking pass on our dashboard. Second, about the condition of the resort, it is heavily used and no one could afford to keep the place in new condition without major expense. I have not had an unclean unit when there ever. But I do notice wear and tear. Third, about the management team there, I have seen better myself but considering the huge size of the resort it only makes sense that customer inpatience especially after losing at the casino would wear on anyone. Lastly, I use II and RCI to book at other resorts several times a year in addition to WM. Our ownership with WM make for great choices in Las Vegas. I suggest that you do your own shopping and compare the resorts. In conclusion, Las Vegas is my favorite city and I have going there since the year 1976. But high, long term, unemployment there plus the slow down of weekenders from LA have hurt the business models in Las Vegas and therefore it has more crime. But I have not any safety concerns at any of the resorts to include WM ever. I hope this addresses the many inquiries on WM Las Vegas over a long time. Sleep well at your WM unit!
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Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 02/28/12 01:58 PM

We just got back from 4 days in Vegas. We had gone for a wedding so we really weren't that interested in being on the Strip. It's not far though and there is a shuttle if you don't want to drive there. Overall, the unit was nice. We had four people in a one-bedroom unit which was a little cramped. Next time we'll definitely go for a two-bedroom. The pool and jacuzzi were very nice and close to all units. I didn't like how they pressured me to go to a breakfast meeting "just to let them know what I like about my WM ownership" I went to one in Angels Camp last summer and found out that it is really just a sales ploy. Anyway, I told them I would go, but then when they called to confirm it that morning I told them I couldn't make it afterall. It was a lot easier to let them down that way. I really don't like the pressure though, and hope that WM stops this practice. They should have it available if you want, but not make it seem so compulsory. It was nice to have a mini market on the property to get things we ran out of,like milk, so we didn't have to make an extra trip to the grocery store. The employees didn't seem very friendly though, and one of the shuttle drivers we had was downright surly. I also was a little upset that after driving all the way from San Jose for 8 hours our unit wasn't ready. We were a little early, so we understood that, but by 4:20 we still weren't in our unit. Overall,we had a good time,though, as always, and would stay there again in the future.
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Re: Need Points for Your Upcoming Vacations? - 06/03/12 09:22 AM

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Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 06/19/12 07:25 AM

Spent 2 nights in Vegas last week.

This is always a nice resort but this time we were traveling with the newest member of our family, our 14 month old daughter. One of our concerns is that around the resort and especially in the playground area there are fruit bearing trees. The fruit or maybe its an olive, falls to the ground and gets mashed up by people stepping on them. It stains the walkway and I saw at least one person skid slightly on one. This does not make for am enjoyable playground area when a concerned parent is trying to keep little fingers and clothes from being stained by these berries or even eaten.

The other concern is that we got the usual spiel about attending the owner information blah blah blah. I've been an owner since before I met my wife and she was skeptical of the ownership until I started taking her to WM resorts. She is however, still skeptical of buying any more credits (i.e. Travelshare) but wanted to learn more so we agreed to attend the meeting.

We were told it would be 90 minutes and include breakfast. In full disclosure, we are talkers, especially when it comes to the subject of our daughter who draws people to her with her personality. I expected to be there for a while but I also explained in the first 5 minutes, to the rep, that we are not interested in buying credits at this time due to a recent real estate purchase and would like the information and numbers up front without the dog and pony show.

Two hours into the drawing of boxes and wish lists and all the other hocus pocus the reps are trained to do, my wife took our sleepy daughter back to the condo for a nap. I'm a fairly easy going guy and enjoy the conversation and banter with people but even when I tried to shut it down, this rep just kept coming. She was a great person and very friendly but at one point in the remaining hour I was there, she lost her game face and I could tell she was not happy that she had spent all that time with me and I wasn't going to take the bait.

I understand its a business and they are there to make money but what I don't get is the inability to answer my questions clearly. They keep coming around to the same tag lines of 401V, investment in a vacationing future, and do everything but say "you can't afford not to take this opportunity today".

This will be the last time I attend anything of the sort and I will continue to unplug the phone in the condo when we arrive to avoid the inevitable call.
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Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 06/21/12 09:47 PM

My family and I just returned from there, we stayed May 28 to June 2 2012 in a two-bedroom unit. The new TV's are an improvement and the pool is always nice, lazy river was closed for some reason. I have stayed here numerous times and will continue to do so, but stay away from the "Owners Update" Breakfast, it is nothing more than another Wyndham sales pitch. I will never attend another one of these. Also, the two that were trying to "sale" us on Wyndham knew nothing about WM Owner to Owner Credit Rentals, they said it could not be done, I said, "really" and left knowing they had no clue because I have rented out and rented others' credits in the past. That part tainted my otherwise great vacation. Stop the strong arm tactics for your travel-share stuff please! Most of us just want to enjoy Vegas!
Pat and Chaylee Julian
WM owners since 2003
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Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 07/01/12 02:32 PM

The three bedroom penthouse is bigger, has many fancy upgrades but does not have a murphy bed in the livingroom.
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Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 07/30/12 08:16 AM

Stayed one night at Worldmark in Las Vegas from return trip to St. George, July 2012. The resort has 3 outdoor pools, one of which is a Lazy River. Too many kids, family taking over that pool to enjoy, so used one of the other ones. Best time for adults to use Lazy River, early, early, in the morning... I do wish that at least one of the three pools could be an adult only. Again, my same complaint regarding the poor quality of beds, hard as a rock!!! Please, please upgrade the quality of these beds. They are consistantly the same at each resort, poor, hard, and extremely uncomfortable! Better beds at LaQuinta and their a "hotel" not a "resort" Come on Worldmark, you can do better.
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Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 08/25/12 06:23 PM

Here right now!

Very fancy place. Love the Lazy River. Big rooms.

Interesting there's quite a bit of wear and tear though. Tears in carpets - things like that. I really wish they would enforce the adult only swim time in the evening. I will probably talk with the front desk tomorrow about it.

There is a handy market on-site. Kind of spendy but has some good quick type of food - sandwiches, frozen meals. Great gift stuff!!

I agree about the beds - they are not at all comfortable with the exception of the pillows. But that's the same at every resort for some reason. It'd be nice to get a better variety of channels - but at least in Vegas you spend a lot of time out of the room so that's not too bad!

Everyone has been really friendly!
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Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 09/03/12 07:29 AM

We were there last week 8/24-26. We had a great time in vegas, the resort was clean, quiet and friendly. The staff was friendly and helpful. The pool was a nice size and lazy river was relaxing. Some issues: The rooms show wear and tear. The main TV did not work, the bathroom/bedroom doors did not shut. They needed to sanded down by housekeeping. The lazy river was relaxing, but not as big as the Indio lazy river. There was no energy at the resort. The pool was practically empty and it closed down at 10pm. When we got back from the strip it would have been nice to take quick dip after spending the day walking in the over 110 degree temperatures. The shuttle bus was convienant, however there were several complaints about the lack of space in the buses. We were lucky and caught the last shuttle bus at 12:30am. Some owners that did not make it had been waiting prior to the 11:30pm shuttle. The shuttle driver had to make a special trip to pick up the remaining group. A couple of suggestions for the resort: 1) Free Internet access (we already pay enough in dues, we should not have to pay high access cost; 2) Expanded shuttle service on the weekends. Last pick ups should run until at least 1:30 or 2am. 3) Live band and/or organized pool events during the day.
Posted by: skhoux

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 10/09/12 08:49 PM

Came in at 9:30pm, which meant that the welcome desk was closed. The front desk told me I didn't need the parking tag that evening. That I could wait until the next day. Because we read on the blog the high pressure techiniques we decided to avoid it. We unplugged our phones and never got a parking tag. We loved the lazy river, it was very relaxing after a long day of aching feet from walking the strip.
I want to give kudos to the lifeguards. There was a group of "rowdy" owners in the pool. They were hiding their beer cans inside their inner tubes. One man was told by the lifeguard to place his beer on the side of the pool. He complained and gave the lifeguard a hard time. The lifeguard was 30 years younger than the man he was asking to remove his beer. These lifeguards should not have to deal with this.
Posted by: Frances&Brad

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 11/20/12 09:27 PM

I am a bit confused on which resort in Las Vegas is best Tropicana or Las Vegas Boulevard -

Which one did people feel the beds were to hard?

Which one was the upkeep quite poor.

Any other tiops for travleing there over New years week would be appreciated.
Posted by: isepa

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 11/21/12 10:04 AM

We stayed here one night. As far as location, I thought it was too far from the action. I like peace and quiet, but if you are looking for a Vegas experience you won't find it here. There are no views. I am not sure where the other WM resorts are in Vegas, but look into those if you want to be closer to "The Strip". It is not walking distance to anything worth walking to. This resort is huge for WM standards, I think only Indio is bigger. The rooms were typical WM quality, thin walls. The lazy river was heated to a very warm 90 degrees in November. Kudos to this resort for warming it to a decent temperature for people to truly enjoy, unlike other WM resorts.
Posted by: C&Mjacobs

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 01/22/13 09:14 AM

I was at the resort Jan 19-21 and I was pleased. The staff was nice and cheerful. The room was comfortable and met my expectations as I was just there to spend time with my niece for a quick getaway. The resort is about 4.5 miles from the strip and I would suggest staying here if you have children and not interested in being involved with the Vegas nightlife.
The shuttle was a nice addition because we didn't have a car and besides paying for a cab it was the only way to get to the strip. However, on the weekends the shuttle should run a couple of hours later. The weekend was relaxing with the exception of the pressure to upgrade. I have only been to one of these sales pitches before and didn't realize that this is what they asked me to attend when I was told "we have a buffet breakfast at 10:30am tomorrow, would you like to come and bring all your guest". Overall, I was happy with everything about the resort.
Posted by: DrJimmy

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 02/15/13 11:27 AM

I have stayed at this resort at least 6 times over the past 5 yrs and have also booked rooms for use by other family members. I have stayed in various size units: 1 bdrm, 2 bdrm penthouse and 3 bdrm standard size. The Staff has always been friendly and helpful and my experiences have always been positive.

My most recent stay was last Sunday, Feb 10, in a 1 bdrm unit on bonus time. The unit was immaculately clean and quite large for 1 bdrm: pull out murphy bed and a kitchen larger than many small apartments. Another person could have easily slept on the couch quite comfortably. The room had been upgraded with a new 32" flat screen above the fireplace. I appreciate the easy access from underground parking with a very short walk to the elevator and directly to our room. Total cost around $75. Plus they allowed me to check in at 2:00 - fully 2 hrs earlier than the stated 4 pm check in!

I was in Vegas to attend a rock concert at the Hard Rock Hotel. The cheapest room at the Hardrock that Sunday night was $100 plus resort fees and bed tax: total about $140. No refrigerator or food prep in hotel room. Probably 1/2 the size of a WM 1 bdrm. Plus you have to walk about 200 yds through the hotel to get to your room and put up with the horrendous smoky casino/lobby area. Totally inconvenient compared to the Worldmark.

Yes this resort is 15 minutes from the "action" of the Strip proper. However, it is only about 5 minutes east of Southpointe Casino and 10 minutes east of the M Casino, which has has one of the best buffets in Vegas. I highly recommend this resort for those who prefer to enjoy a little peace and quiet with their Vegas experience. I personally can only take so much of the Strip madness!
Posted by: DrJimmy

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 02/15/13 11:45 AM

Nice post UK1981. I too have been going to this resort since before they finished construction on the 2 end bldgs with their accompanying pools. I agree with your comments about the wear & tear and I personally have always been satisfied with the quality and cleanliness of my unit. They have really stepped up parking security in the past several years. For many years the entry guard house was completely unmanned, but as you said, with the downturn in the Vegas economy more vigilance is necessary, sadly. I'm going back to this resort next month for March Madness!
Posted by: Theowyn

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 02/21/13 04:52 PM

Hi everyone.

We have never stayed at any of the Las Vegas resorts, but we're planning to go to Vegas next summer (2014). Can anyone tell me which of the three resorts is the nicest or what the pros and cons of each is? I really appreciate any insight.

Posted by: stephanie49

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 02/26/13 06:28 PM

I love Las Vegas expectally the resore on Las Vegas Blvd off the strip down past the airport across the street from the Outlet Mall. It has a lazy river as well LOVE IT laugh smile cool tired
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Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 03/23/13 08:45 PM

I totally agree, the South Point Casino is the BEST! The buffet was outstanding and affordable. Mexican cafe has a great lunch special.
Posted by: Castillo5

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 04/19/13 11:13 AM

We went to the Blvd for Spring break with our 6 year old, our 3 year old twins, and my 75 year old grandmother. I had done A LOT of research before going. Here's what I can offer. The resort is nice, and clean, the room was in working order except the safe which just needed new batteries. The 3 bedroom was very large, and the kids had room to run around and play tag. We used the heck out of the kitchen and the washer/dryer. The walls were thin, but not so much inside the actual unit, but more like we could hear the people at the pool having a good time. The weather was cold, windy and wet, the first couple of days so we made use of the rec room with the ping pong table, pool table, and video games, and again just more space to run around. When the weather improved, we really liked the playground, and used all three pools. We did not have to rent the inner tubes, and the pool towels just needed to be check out and in, in the same day (although I think it'd have been ok if we turned them in the next day.) My poor northwesterner son couldn't handle the dry weather, and got countless bloody noses. We were very grateful for the linen exchange that was open every day. I used the gym, once and found it appropriate for my needs. They sell Starbucks drinks in the market, and they are ok (Hey I'm from Seattle, and am particular). I also visited the spa for a massage package, and although the service was great, and I felt better afterwards, it was a little akward. I had a sugar scrub, and needed to shower before the massage. The shower was in the same room as the massage tables, so I'm there showering as my male massage provider is there setting up the table. He respected my privacy, but still! The shuttle service changed right as we got there, so hopefully it will be an improved system, but it was a little iffy for a while as they worked out the "bugs". It now runs continually which means about every 40min or so, and makes a stop at the outlet mall before getting to the Monte Carlo. We had rented a scooter from for my grandmother, and only one of the shuttles is wheelchair accessible. That meant that we could have been waiting 80-90 minutes if we didn't time it right. The front desk had a good handle on which shuttle was due next, and that helped. By the end of the week, we were all riding the RTC city bus. The drivers were mostly helpful, and for $5.00 for able bodied adults you could ride for 24 hours. That pass includes all the RTC, and Deuce buses on the strip too. We wasted money buying a monorail pass, and I do not recommend that. The monorail is at the back of the casinos it serves, and that is a long walk for anyone. The RTC was a straight shot to Southpoint Casino. The Silverton was two buses with a transfer at the transfer center (indoors with A/C, restrooms, and snacks). Taking the bus to the strip would have required a transfer too, and there is an automated voice on the bus telling you when to get off to get to the strip the fastest. We ate at GeeBees a few times. We were told that kids were not allowed, so we mostly did carry out, until we learned that kids were allowed. We went there for one last breakfast, and Cristobal provided the best service to my kids that they've ever gotten. The food was really good, and one plate of food fed all three of my boys. We had family join us and they stayed in a studio. That too was very large, and my guests only had good things to say about their room. I saved on a HK token, by changing the linens myself and was able to have my step mom stay in the room the first part of the week, and my cousin for the latter part of the week. All in all the trip was great and my only complaint is the transportation all around Vegas. There is only one shuttle company that serves Worldmark from the airport, so that was a little hassle. The total time to get anywhere in Vegas is just daunting. I'd rent a car next time if able, but would still have long walks from the parking garages at the casinos. One last note, I did discover that there are quite a few urgent cares around Worldmark, that were it not for a doctor friend we would have had to use.
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Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 06/09/13 10:57 AM

Anyone need a 3-bedroom suite at Las Vegas Blvd from June 30 through July 3? I booked a week for a reunion and decided to cut it short. If so email me back ASAP! cool

Posted by: jamir303

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 06/14/13 09:57 AM

I'm now staying at the resort, my check-in is not welcoming at all, clerk was a little rude and not very welcoming. he go an attitude problem and kinda rude, but the rest of employee is very helpful and informative. My only complain is that the carpet is dirty, I have babies crawling and their leg got so dirty. I have a 3 bedroom penthouse and its so bare, the decor is not like the other places I've been. the living furniture is not appropriate with the space. i thought I'm suppose to have a murphy bed but its not. I would like to know also when was the carpet shampooed last. This is a family reunion and wedding anniversary celebration, so I'm hoping that it'll get better.

Posted by: KELTNER

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 06/17/13 04:52 PM

Stayed at the resort the first week of June with 2 other couples that were not owners. This was the second time we stayed there and the first time was much better. The best thing this time was the lazy river. You have to go to 2 different desks just to get checked in. When we got there the last thing I wanted to do was sign up for some owner education...all I wanted to do was get to the room. When we got to the room the beds in the 3rd bedroom were not put together as requested, had to have housekeeping put them together. We went to unload the coolers and put things in the freezer and the ice maker was "hanging" off the side of the fridge, which by the way was the smallest fridge I have seen in any of the resorts. The opening for it was a lot larger than the fridge and the cupboards looked like they should be in a mobile home. We called the front desk about the ice maker and they sent maintenance up to check it...said it had to be replaced. It never happened while we were there. They said we could get ice brought to us when we needed it...we called for ice the second time and they sent another maintenance person up again and he looked at it. He moved the fridge out and shut off the water to it. While he was there we started fixing dinner and the big burner on the stove was not working so he had to fix that as well. The last time I called for ice they said they did not have anyone that could bring it to the room but would send maintenance up again...seriously? There was no communication at all. I went to the gift shop to get the ice myself. They were to call the gift shop and let them know, but by the time I got there they hadn't.
The handle on the sliding door in the living room was put on backwards so there was not much room to grab it with and several broken and bent back fingernails. It was definitely not the vacation I was hoping for. I do not think our friends were impressed with the room at all which is to bad since they have gone with us on vacation to several other resorts and were thinking of buying.
The worst of all my husband and I were in the lazy river one night and stepped on a chicken leg bone. We looked around and found another one. We gave them to the lifeguard and needless to say we got out of the river.
Posted by: Sconnybotland

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 06/24/13 01:12 PM

Posted by: shahee n hussain

Construction notice re pools - 07/04/13 11:43 AM

We are 2 families planning to come during 10-15 October, with 3 kids. We got a notice that some of the pools will be closed. We are so dissapointed. Pls advise if we should be looking to go elsewhere or will the lazy river pol be open? Pls advise
Shahee n Hussain
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Re: Construction notice re pools - 09/28/13 11:45 AM

I just stayed at the resort from Sept 23-27 2013 and the lazy river pool is still down.I would say you will still have a great time other pools that are open. The kids seemed to be having big big fun. I would say keep your plans to come.If it's open by the time of your stay then that will add to you and your kids fun.The construction had zero impact on my stay this time,we had a great time. Hope you and your family have a good time too.
Posted by: byrdwoman1

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 10/19/13 08:13 AM

Las vegas blvd is the best
Posted by: 8995st

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 01/07/14 11:27 AM

We stayed at the Las Vegas Blvd resort in NOvember. Little late getting it on here. This has to be the best Resort. Pools were going and nothing down for repairs. Had a great room. Got a little cold going into the end of the week. Terribles is no longer there a new casino there now. The check in was great no problems. Bought tickets for a show called the DREAM. If you haven't seen this show don't miss it next time your there. It was just fantastic and you can not get a bad seat.The gal at the desk was very helpful. A good one to keep around. Rented a car from the resort with no problems. We will be back.Always a good time. If you haven't been out to Sam's Town you should go. Nice casino and the have a water show that's inside. Always have to go watch it.A little park inside all around the water show. All in all no problems at this resort again and will be returning later this year........bob
Posted by: arlpt

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 02/09/14 05:57 AM

We just spent four days at the Las Vegas Blvd. resort. It is a beautiful resort with ample security definitely feel safe there. The grounds are beautifully kept and the pools are delightful if you are there when the temperatures are warm enough to swim ...which is most of the time! It was just a little bit cool for our early February stay. There are plenty of places to eat nearby if you prefer not venturing onto the busy part of the strip. A Vons grocery store is within a couple blocks so that is convenient as well. The resort is near the airport but we were not bothered with the sound of planes. My only complaint about the resort would be that the units are pretty small for such an elaborate resort. Our three bedroom unit was comparable to a one bedroom unit in other locations we have stayed. The master bedrooms are small and the bathrooms for the master are very small!....only a sink countertop a few inches wider than the sink itself. No place to put any toiletries! The shower in the master is a minimal stall with two mans wallet size shelves to put items on.
If you've been to Las Vegas but never visited the Valley of fire State Park... one hour north of Vegas… You really should check it out. A beautiful place of red rock formations and lots of hiking trails and beautiful vistas. Red rock canyon is another great place to visit while in the Vegas area! After all Vegas is not all about the strip! 😃
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Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 03/19/14 03:40 PM

Just to let all know I have over 90 stays at worldmark's. This was the worst stay we have ever had. The pool was very nice.
Posted by: WIZ WORLD

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 03/22/14 07:25 AM

Worst stay???
Please tell why, I have stayed there twice and had a great time.
Posted by: DrJimmy

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 04/04/14 03:22 PM

Just got back from a 5 night stay in a 3 bdrm unit. I was pleasantly surprised because the unit was completely remodeled since my last visit in March 2013. New carpet, paint, floor tile, furniture, cabinets, lamps, tables, chairs, couch ...everything is new. They basically gutted the unit and changed everything to a more contemporary and chic decor.

I previously reviewed this resort in February 2013, I believe. Once again I had a very enjoyable stay and after dealing with the smoky interiors of the Strip casinos it is always a treat to return to the clean, peaceful, smoke free WM accomodations.

Again my only complaint is the so-called "owner education" sign-up staff when you go to get your parking pass. I told the gent that I had no interest in a presentation. They are well versed in disregarding the word "No" and he immediately replied, "it's not a presentation, but an owner-education". Right, an education on how to endure a hard sell! Once I got my pass I just walked away as I was not up for a debate after driving for the past 5 hours.

Well, I guess the 10 minute hassle of obtaining the parking pass is a small price to pay for all of the other upgrades and added benefits that come with the Wyndham affiliation.
Posted by: WIZ WORLD

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 04/04/14 09:34 PM

Glad the check in didn't ruin your stay .I stayed there in Sept 2013 and had the worst check in ever.Still it was our best stay ever and we can't wait to come back. I think you did the right thing by walking away. I just stay at Depo Bay in Oregon it was great, and they understand no.

Happy Travels
Posted by: ray and lydia

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 04/21/14 02:20 PM

Hi Worldmark owners!!!!
Does anybody want to rent two nights in Vegas from us? Here are the details:

Location: Tropicana, Vegas
# of Nights: 2 nights
# of Bedrms: 2-bdrm, w/ King in Master, 2-twins in 2nd bdrm, & Queen murphy bed
# Occupancy: 6 persons
Check-In: Friday, April 25th, 2014
CheckOut: Sunday, April 27th, 2014

If interested, please send me an email at: in the next couple of days!!! or you may call me at 510.882.7838 asap!!!

Thank you and have a blast on your next vacation!
Ray and Lydia
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Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 05/06/14 11:37 AM

We just returned from a 7 night (4/19 - 4/26) stay at Worldmark Las Vegas-Boulevard. This was our first stay at the Worldmark Las Vegas-Boulevard, although we've been to Las Vegas many time previously. We stayed in a 2 bedroom queen, in building 14, 4th floor.

The Worldmark Las Vegas is very easy to find. My wife went to check-in, which went flawless until she had to go and pickup the parking pass. She was hounded to see a presentation, and they didn't seem to want to take no for an answer. They offered her $100, then free tickets to a show. She can be pretty stubborn, and the lady finally handed over the parking pass.

This may have been the cleanest, best kept property we've stayed out. The grounds were awesome. Three pools, a lazy river, and not very many people. The weekend was by far the busiest, and even then there was plenty of room at all the pools. The pool area was clean, with music playing, which I liked, but some may not. Plenty of towels, but they are only available at the lazy river area.

There is a security station at the entrance, very friendly. Our room was nice. We were on the 4th floor and overlooked the farthest south pool. The rooms in our building were being renovated, new tile, dishwasher, fridges, furniture, beds, paint, cabinets, etc. They were working on floors 1 and 2 during our stay. The noise wasn't an issue.

Our room although nice, had definitely seen better days, but by no means was it in bad shape. I can't wait to go back and see the renovations. We did have one problem with the air conditioner. We called, and maintenance came up right away. He checked, and said we'd frozen it up, as we had turned it down to 65. He said they shouldn't be turned lower than 70, which probably explains why we've had the same problem at other locations. It was the first time we'd been told that, but it does make sense. He thawed it out, and it worked fine the rest of the stay, but we didn't set it lower than 70.

We did the typical Las Vegas things. Saw Michael Jackson One, rode the NY NY roller coaster, went to Counts, Kustoms, Pawn Stars and Ricks Restoration, all shows on the History Channel. Ricks Restoration was by far the best. During the tour we saw most of the workers who are on the show, they have a short guided tour. Counts Kustoms was also pretty cool.

Also drove to Grand Canyon West. It was about a 2 hr 45 minute drive. The only bad part of the drive was about 9 miles of it was on a dirt road. They are working to pave the 9 mile stretch, so it's possible that they paving will be completed soon. We purchased our tickets, which included a meal, and a walk on the Skywalk. We boarded the bus, and got off at each of the three stops. The views at stops 2 and 3 are amazing.

Just north of the Worldmark is a fast food restaurant called Raising Canes. It's a chicken finger fast food restaurant, that is really good. The drive through line was long, 10+ cars, so we went inside. It was packed to! May be the best chicken fingers I've ate.

Overall, I couldn't be happier with this resort. It met all of my expectations, and might have been our best Worldmark stay, if it hadn't been for the parking pass issue!
Past: Maui - Kihei (4), Anaheim (3), Cascade Lodge, Dolphins Cove, Las Vegas
Future: Kona, Phoenix, Cabo
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Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 05/12/14 07:52 AM

We are just wrapping up our stay at the Las Vegas Blvd. Worldmark. This is our third stay here at this resort. It is far enough away from home, yet so very close. The only thing that I wanted for Mother's Day was to get away from my hometown; my husband came through with flying colors, taking me and my children to this wonderful resort.

First of all, check in was very quick. They had a few rooms available and let me choose which one my family would like to stay in. I was able to obtain the parking pass fairly quickly. My husband and I went to every meeting for a whole year. This time, we refrained from going. Las Vegas Blvd. is now a huge give away site, but we didn't want to spend any time in an owners update. I simply had the person the desk write their name and number on the "welcome package" and told them I would get ahold of them if I wanted to go to an update. We found a great parking spot in the building very close to the elevator.

As always, everyone was very friendly and cheerful around the resort. Any employee that we ran across fussed over my youngest daughter and was very kind to my older children. The front desk especially was kind to my teenage son as he cashed in on free movie rental after free movie rental for the four days that we were here. It is also impressing how when rules are set, they are obeyed. We appreciate that there aren't people walking their dogs around the resort, letting them poop and pee everywhere. Thumbs up for cleanliness!

The room that we stayed in was very clean. It seemed to be a bit smaller than others that we have stayed in, but it did the trick. I love how the kitchens are equipped with most everything that one would need to make a meal. It was nice to eat in. We ate out once while we were here on the strip and it was about 100 dollars. We spent that much on all of our groceries at Vons, so it was nice to eat in.

The pools were warm and the lazy river was most welcome in the heat on our first and second days. The weather cooled down while we were here and the wind blew, but we don't let things like that bother us...That can't be controlled.

The free shuttle to the strip is nice. We were able to do our usual standard things that we love to do as a family, and then catch the shuttle back to the resort early enough to go back and make dinner.

There is really something for everyone at this resort. My children were able to get putter clubs and golf balls and hit them around on the putting green for a while. There are also horseshoes, basketball, etc. available on site. We are thinking about getting rooms for our family members and doing a reunion here at the resort in Vegas.

All in all VERY NICE, RELAXING, trip.

We have been members for 1 year and two months. So far we have stayed in: Las Vegas Blvd (3), Anaheim, Oceanside, and Gleneden. We are going to New Orleans in two weeks and to Bear Lake one week after that. We LOVE our ownership!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: WIZ WORLD

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 05/13/14 06:17 PM

Happy late Mother Day to you. Glad you and your family had a great time.Thanks for posting here because it helps other members, old and new get a feel for this and other resorts.Your review is and update for me because the Lazy River was closed when we were there.(boy did we miss it in that heat) Hope you have fun on your next two trips.
Posted by: 358

Switch rooms in Las Vegas resort? - 06/02/14 11:06 AM

Hi I dont know if that would be possible but not hurt to try...
I'm trying to book 3 bedrooms in Las Vegas (on Las Vegas Blvd) this coming Thursday 6/5/14 and Friday 6/6/14 as I already have 3 bedrooms on Saturday and Sunday 6/7/14 and 6/8/14. I'm hoping someone will be willing to switch the rooms with me to 3 bedrooms from 2 bedrooms Twin. I dont want to stay at 2 bedrooms for first 2 nights then move to 3 bedrooms for the last 2 nights. Possible?
Posted by: dpm_wild

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 06/11/14 09:44 AM

This was our first stay at WM in Las Vegas Blvd. It was about 7 miles from the strip. They provide a free shuttle, always on time
and Drivers were friendly and courteous. Upon checking in, we had to wait for awhile which was kind of weird since there was no one else
but us next in line. But as soon as we finally got our turn to check in . . . it was all good. We were then asked to go to another desk to get our
parking permit and shuttle, then a young very friendly lady informed us about the resort and what’s new in Vegas. She then invited us to
attend the „update“ presentation but had to politely decline since we were there for a tradeshow/conference
and will not have time to do anything else. She kindly understood. One of our couple friends were staying at the resort too, so I decide to join them
to the presentation as their guest while my husband was in the conference. I really did not get a chance to see/hear all, because I had to leave but our
friends said that it was not so much of update but a scheme to get you to upgrade/buy, they were a bit disappointed.

We had a 2 br/2bth unit. The 1br unit was all booked out for the time we were there. I must say that the resort is new and one of the best yet.
Our unit smelled and looked very new . .. spacious with elegant color and decor. Kitchen and dining area is very inviting and well equipped.
Our balcony overlook the pool area, very nice indeed. There were not so much people so it was pretty calm and quiet. There is a market and starbucks on site.
We really enjoyed our stay and the unit was very comfortable and relaxing. We ordered chinese food and had them deliver to our unit -- worked out well and it was very tasty dinner. The shuttle to and from the strip was always on time. Shuttle will drop you off at Monte Carlo, then from there you can either walk along the strip or take the lightrail from Monte Carlo to Bellagio. We walked most of the time . . . a lot of new things in LV since the last time we were there. We had a great time. Will definitely come back to this resort . . . it was nice.
Posted by: Guadelouis

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 08/03/14 11:02 AM

Originally Posted By: dpm_wild

We really enjoyed our stay and the unit was very comfortable and relaxing. We ordered chinese food and had them deliver to our unit -- worked out well and it was very tasty dinner. The shuttle to and from the strip was always on time. Shuttle will drop you off at Monte Carlo, then from there you can either walk along the strip or take the lightrail from Monte Carlo to Bellagio. We walked most of the time . . . a lot of new things in LV since the last time we were there. We had a great time. Will definitely come back to this resort . . . it was nice.

Haha, we did the same thing with the chinese food - we liked it very much as well!
Posted by: dogwood98270

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 08/03/14 01:35 PM

We recently stayed at Las Vegas Blvd and had a couple of 3 bedrooms for a family reunion. Most of my family was there, and since this was our second time here, and my family's first time in Las Vegas, we were just hoping for the best of everything. The resort was fantastic, as usual. And the strip and the sights were no letdown. We went to a couple of shows again, "O" by Cirque du Soleil/ Chris Angel and even went to see David Spade. No letdown on the entertainment either. All in all, we were all very happy with the resort and Vegas. The lazy river ride, which we spent a lot of time in, was a very relaxing way to spend some time during the day while out in the sun. There is nothing that we can think of that is a disappointment with this resort. The only bad experience we had while here was the occupants that were staying in the condo above us. They were constantly dumping their cigarette butts and empty soda bottles on our deck below them. Even after approaching the front desk and complaining about this, it still happened. We have been members of Worldmark for some time now, and this is the second resort that we are actually thinking of never going back to. The other resort used to be our favorite, but after seeing what was happening there, and nothing being done about it either, we have decided to never go back to that one. I always thought that these resorts were really nice, but the caliber of some of the guests and resort staff are turning this into a bunch of cheap motels. We are not ready to give up on this yet, as we still have some good experiences throughout Worldmark, but if other resorts are turning into what these two are turning into, we shall have to think twice about this membership.

But not to take anything away from these resorts, they are a wonderful resort all in all to stay at. It is just a select few guests that are ruining it for me. If you plan to visit the Las Vegas Blvd, you will have fun at the resort and Las Vegas. And we shall more than likely be going back there again, as we both love Vegas.

Depoe Bay, Or., Arrow Point, Id. (3 times), Kihei, Hi., Clear Lake, Ca., Las Vegas, Spencer St., Las Vegas, Blvd. (2 times), The Camlin, Seattle, Wa. Lake Chelan Shores, Wa.
Posted by: Guadelouis

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 08/10/14 02:26 PM

Originally Posted By: jensens
We are going to Las Vegas in early June and would like to know what some of the best places to go are for teenagers. I understand that the city (formerly billed as family-friendly) has returned more to an adult mecca. Would there be enough to do to keep our three teenagers happy for a week there? How is the resort and the construction?

I don't think so to be honest, it might be pretty boring for teenagers smirk
Posted by: eyegirl

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 08/22/14 04:17 PM

We just returned from 3 nights at this resort. It was TERRIFIC! The condo was more than adequate, parking was underground (perfect in the desert heat), security was good, staff was friendly, pool area very nice. What more could you want???!!!
Posted by: Pstreet1

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 09/02/14 06:47 PM

Originally Posted By: Guadelouis
Originally Posted By: jensens
We are going to Las Vegas in early June and would like to know what some of the best places to go are for teenagers. I understand that the city (formerly billed as family-friendly) has returned more to an adult mecca. Would there be enough to do to keep our three teenagers happy for a week there? How is the resort and the construction?

I don't think so to be honest, it might be pretty boring for teenagers smirk

If you like shows, I'd say the answer is yes. There are lots of shows teens would like. The Mob Museum would be interesting. For nature sorts of things, there are a lot of opportunities; for shopping, there's a great outlet mall, and of course, there's just being in the pool and lazing about.
Posted by: czandwz

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 09/20/14 12:38 PM

Just returned from a week in Las Vegas (Las Vegas Blvd) and will give both good and bad reviews:
Beautiful property and extremely stylish decor. Friendly staff and entire property is kept clean, neat and well maintained. Staff were helpful and even enjoyed owner update i attended to get the Jersey Boys/Buffet discount. I would return without hesitation and would recommend. Several pools to choose from with hoyer lifts in each one. This was something that truly impressed me for those who need help getting into the pools.
There is underground parking and on hot days it was nice to get into a unheated car. Grocery stores close and shopping abounds for those who like that. An 18 screen theatre at Town Square and drive to strip not to far.
MY only complaints in the 3 bedroom we stayed in was that the LR furniture was awkward to seat everyone in with too many chairs for the size of the room. Also, each of the 2 bathrooms did not have have enough towel racks for the amount of people allowed to stay in the 3 bedroom. But that is my own OCD talking!
Posted by: jgmackay

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 09/26/14 12:49 PM

I just got back from a 8 day stay on Las Vegas Blvd. I have been here many times over the years. Very nice resort and well maintained facility. I have three WM accounts with all the points I need for my traveling. I am not interested in purchasing more points thus, avoid “owner updates” like the plague. My one complaint about Worldmark is aggressive staff pushing for an owner to go to an update and promise “No hard selling” at the update. This time the aggressive staff was at Worldmark Las Vegas Blvd. We checked in and went over to the welcome desk to get a parking permit. I was asked when I wanted to go to my owner update. I replied that I own a bunch of points and don’t desire to purchase more points. She said “Oh, no one will try to sell you anymore points. This is just an owner update”. I replied “No thank you, I am here with another couple and we have a busy schedule while here”. She said, I can just put you in for an 8am meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday etc…” I replied “No thank you. Again, I don’t want or need to go to an owner update and I really do not want to purchase anymore points”. She said “We also have a Saturday meetings open”. I replied “Your not listening to me and I am becoming very frustrated that you are not listening to me. I just want my parking pass and I would like to go to my room”. At that point, it definitely appeared that I was no longer welcome and she quickly gave me my parking pass.
The next day, I was called at 9am from the welcome desk and again assaulted with pleas to go to the owner update because I “needed it”. Again, I was polite but to the point and said “I have no intention of going to an owner meeting and please stop calling me”. She replied that I am really missing something and if I change my mind just call………
The following day, there was a message light blinking on my room phone. Thinking it was another couple at the resort trying to locate us, I called the front desk and asked what the message was. Guess what? It was the “Welcome desk” again asking me to go to an owner update! I must have been talking to the same lady as I did the first day because she would just not give up and kept pressuring me to go to a meeting. The conversation finally ended when I said, “I am going to hang up on you now” and I did. Can you believe I got called two more times that same day from the Welcome desk! The last time, I just hung up on the lady and unplugged all my phones in the room.
The couple that came with us and stayed in our unit with us was really interested in Worldmark and becoming a member until they witnessed the harassment I went through. This is not the first time I have encountered aggressive sales staff with Worldmark. I love being a member of Worldmark but, this type of harassment of their own members just has to stop. This type of aggressive sales technique is no different to being on a city street and have a pan handler be aggressive with you to get money from you and follows you down the street. It is not my nature to be rude but the next time I am aggressively pushed like this I may have to become rude. I am sorry that I even have to say that.
Posted by: WIZ WORLD

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 10/10/14 01:53 PM

Amen! !!
And to the point, this had better stop at this resort. I went through the same hell the last time I stayed there. I had my brother-inlaw and his wife with me a they could not believe this hard sales pitch.
Posted by: 8995st

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 10/18/14 03:20 PM

Hey i have to agree with you. Not only that but they called us at home and went through a 1 hour speech and then got all mad we we said no. No way to run a business. Very disappointed
with that part of the resort. Otherwise we have truly enjoyed our stays here....
Posted by: sekholm

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 04/02/15 08:38 PM

I was in Las Vegas Blvd. for a week at Spring Break, with my two small boys and my Mom. We all had a great time! We stayed two nights at the Tropicana before we came here as we couldn't get a full week at Blvd. I won't do that again, especially with small kids. Too much packing/unpacking. Catching cabs as I didn't think we needed a car, which you don't if you just stay at Blvd. 15 minutes from the airport.
The resort is nice and big with a big swimming pool, lazy river and two hot tubs. The pool is only 3 1/2 feet deep, 4' in some places, so it's not a worry for small children. The waterfall in the hot tub is wonderful. It was a bit on the cold side a few days, not sure why. There is a small children's pool at the far end which no one uses as the main pool has a "kiddie area" which is great. I would suggest turning the children's pool into another hot tub! The playground is another fun feature if you have small children. The other suggestion to Worldmark is have the shuttle for the grocery store take you to Smith's instead of Von's. Smith's is just down the street and I actually walked there but it's hard to walk back if you have a lot of groceries. The daily shuttle to the Monte Carlo on the strip is fantastic! It takes you there on the hour and bring you home every hour on the half hour. Very handy and a nice day trip to the strip to do some gambling and see a show!
Yes, the sales people are VERY pushy! I do go to the updates as I enjoy them but stick to my guns when I talk to a Sales person. No money and I have enough credits to do all the travelling I want! Thank you now I have to go so I'll get my gift card and go now. I will return here with my husband and bring along Grandma again so hubby and I can go to the strip for some grown up time!
Posted by: sdemich

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 04/07/15 10:49 PM

I am currently checked in. I traveled from Wa by car. 21 hours to this resort. I called in 2 hours before I arrived. Anthony told me that there was a chance of getting a better room. i told him I had a 1 and a 3 year old and wanted to get as close to the pool as possible. I arrived and talked to Hector. He went in the back room for about 10 minutes. He came out and told me there was no available rooms. I took my reservation and left. I called back and talked to Anthony, He told me that when I was checking in 5 minutes earlier the room he was going to give me was under going maintenance and that it looked like it would be cleared up. He then transferred me to another lady at the resort. She told me that there was water damage in several of the rooms and that we were not able to move. She then transferred me to another resort assistant manager who told me that our reservations were just made and so the people who booked 13 months out received priority. He admitted that there were emtpy rooms. Does anyone come to the Las Vegas strip for 7 days. I believe that is what you have to book when you are 13 months out. I received 4 different answers from 4 different people. I could have just been told 2 hours earlier that there were no available changes. I came back to my room and there was a message on my phone that said the resort would be undergoing maintenance on the 2 end pools(where i am) and that there would be extreme noise and dust from the jack hammers.There was not and still is not any notification on my reservation or on the site that this would be happening. Tomorrow I am going to go take my kids to the pool and have a great time. I just thought I would post what is currently going on and the way they take care of people who aren't in the elite status.
Posted by: da5stringking

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 05/14/15 11:57 AM

We come to this resort 2-3 times a year and I have never been as disgusted with the lack of respect for the rules of the property, particularly the pool. I would like to continue thinking that this is a high class resort that I can relax at. That was not the case over Mother's Day weekend.

First of all and most of all: the pool and hot tubs. There were 2 pools and 2 hot tubs closed, which put ALL guests in close proximity. But, there is no excuse for the lack of class and respect. Can we get any more disgusting? Kids, under-aged mostly, inside the hot tubs with bags of chips. Eating, dropping chips, rinsing their hands, spitting at each other, splashing around and driving everyone else out of the space. One little girl was crying and screaming for her mother to come and get her, but she was no where to be found until she damn well felt like surfacing. But then it was to leave her screaming kid in the hot tub and just tell her "shhhhhh". Please! Then there were the parents of the children eating chips in the hot tub. Watch and take care of your children people!

Let's not even get into all of the regularly diapered (non swimming diapers) kids in the hot tubs. Oh and the adults drinking beer in the hot tubs and pouring beer into the water, coughing it up and spitting in the tub. Can people NOT read, or just choose NOT to read the rules.

The most disappointing thing is that there were lots and lots lifeguards on duty that weren't worth a hang. There was one lifeguard that was really good, scrambling around trying to keep all of the disgusting and unruly people on track, but one wasn't enough.

Check in was a little slow, but then again, it was busy. Ruebon at the concierge's desk was awesome, so shout out to him.

We were there the same time last year, and didn't see anything that disgusting. I hope that this isn't going to be the case when I am there in June.
Posted by: dstearns

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 05/21/15 10:28 PM

I'm bringing my triplets next month for their 21st birthday. Since they aren't big "party" types, and I imagine that their birthday night on the town will probably be enough, I'm looking for suggestions for other activities.

Also concerned about what I'm reading about pools being closed and disgusting/disrespectful behaviors being allowed at the resort. What's the current status of construction/renovation and management enforcement of the resort rules?

Posted by: WIZ WORLD

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 05/21/15 11:12 PM

Happy Birthday to your triplets, I'm sure they will have a great time in Vegas.There are two things we did the last time we were there at this resort(I've been there twice) We went to see the Micheal Jackson tribute show at the Rio,if it's still going.I thought it would be very bad,it was very very good.It was like a real Michael show. A live band and,the guy play Michael could sing just like the real thing(RIP Michael).Well worth the money we paid,and as show go in Vegas.The guy playing Michael also comes out and takes pictures with you.(for a fee but he is very nice).

If you never been to the Grand Canyon,make it a day trip as we did the last time we were there.It was the best bus tour I'VE ever been on.The tour guide(Tommy) was FUNNY!! It was a fun family time trip.

As for the pool and what not at the resort. I have never had any problems with guest or staff around the pool.NO dout some reviewers have had issues and I do believe them.I hope the management and staff saw these reviews and took action.

Happy Birthday Triplets!!! And I hope you all have a great time in Vegas
Posted by: dstearns

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 05/24/15 07:24 AM

Thank you for the great suggestions, AND the happy birthday wishes!
Feeling lucky that I can cordinate three college and internship schedules to get a few days away to celebrate. We were considering going to a show as they love Cirque du Soleil, so we may consider the Michael Jackson show. And the tour sounds like fun too, as I know that once they've been to see the nightlife once, thay probably won't need to go again. smile
Posted by: da5stringking

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 06/20/15 07:16 PM

Alright, this is my 3rd time to review this property this year. We visit this property about 3-4 times per year so I think that we have a good take if things are on the mark or not. In May, there were some things that should have taken care of...We visited a couple of weeks ago and things were much better.

My husband and I took our siblings to the resort to show off Worldmark. We have been members for 2 years and decided that it was about time we did so. We bought tickets for the Junefest concert at Sunset Station and we stayed at the Worldmark for 2 nights. We were not disappointed with the pool situation this time. There seemed to be more lifeguards watching for behaviors that could contaminate the water and all of the pools and hot tubs were open so there was a lot more room for people to spread out. The only thing that went wrong with the pools this time is that the lazy river area had to be closed down because a kid pooped in it. (Sigh...)

Check in was easy; it was very busy when we checked in; but the elite line got me through faster. Our unit wasn't ready yet; that was ok, since we were right on our way to Sunset Station. They just gave us our keys and texted us at the concert where our room was--no big deal. They were also very kind to our family who were staying with us. It was Reuben again at the desk and he was wonderful...Again. There was no pleading for a meeting--That was nice.

All in all, things were better at the resort this time. I am excited to return once again!

I hope that the triplets visiting had/have a great time! Las Vegas is awesome and there are so many cool things to do. Happy Birthday!

Resorts visited: Las Vegas BLVD x6; Anaheim, CA; Oceanside, CA; Gleneden, OR; New Orleans, LA; Bear Lake, UT; Big Bear, CA; Santa Fe, NM; New Braunffels, TX; San Diego Inn at the Park, CA; Steamboat Springs, CO; Wolf Creek, UT.

On the books: Pinetop, AZ; Anaheim, CA; Oceanside, CA; and Arrow Point, ID

"Everyone is Working for the Weekend!"
Posted by: fxlopez

Re: Las Vegas Blvd Resort Review - 11/10/15 09:27 PM

Well, here goes: We checked into the Worldmark Las Vegas Blvd location on Nov. 9, 2015. I do believe that customer service has been on a decline since Wyndham took over. The check-in guy gave us the keys and paperwork to our condo and drew a line on the compound's map showing us how to get to our building. He never told us that there was an elevator in our bldg so we found the door that read stairs, opened it and climbed 6 flights of stairs to the 3rd floor. Looking for our room, we discovered that our room was on the second floor. Ahh, and we found the elevator at the other end of the building. Now back at the check-in area, before we headed to our room, we were sent to the customer service desk to get our shuttle pass and book any shows we would be interested in seeing while in Vegas. Race, who tended to us, said that he could get us a discount on any show. So, we booked 2 different shows. Then he pushed the "When would you like to attend an owner update class"? We told him we just wanted to get on with our vacation and get to the Strip. He then told us that if we didn't attend the owner update he could not give us the discount price for the 2 shows we booked. Frustrated, I told him okay and paid him for the tickets. The next morning after attending the owner update we found out that the time we chose to see one of the shows was not available at the time frame. It was not a change in showtime it has just not been available for that time at all. Then to boot, we were told that we still had to go to the particular show site to obtain the tickets and at that time we let the Box Office know what time and date we want to see the show. What a CIRCUS!!!

Now, at the owner update, the Salesperson, Nicole, was very nice and was explaining several things to us about how to use our Diamond Elite status to its fullest advantage. We told her several times that we were not interested in purchasing more credits. We told her that we were there just for the update and that's all. After some time, she left and came back with her manager, a tall, stocky, female who sat down and started to admonish us about Nicole's role in just showing us how to use our membership to its fullest. Then she told us that since we signed and agreement to purchase 14,000 credits last year in San Diego and then cancelling that transaction the next day, we had given up our OVP (whatever that is) and can only buy more credits from now on at retail price ($3.29 p/credit). At that point everyone there stop treating us politely and nicely. We said we were done and were leaving. And we left to start our vacation having to find our own way out. Folks, this seems to be the new Wyndham customer service treatment. As I said before, things have been going downhill since Wyndham took over.

Remember I mention earlier that Race at Customer Service said he gave us a great discount on show tickets since we agreed to attend that owner update. Well, when we got to the Box Office at the two locations where the shows were held, we picked up our actual tickets and discovered that the price of the tickets that they rent there are the same for anyone who walked up and bought tickets to a show. So, we attended that owner's update thinking we got a great discount on show tickets when all we got was insulted. Check around before you are tricked into attending something at the resort you don't have to attend if you don't want to. These folks are trained to misrepresent facts just to get you to attend their functions.
Posted by: jiggzt

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 02/02/16 01:02 AM

Does anyone know if the pool/lazy river is or will be open and in April at The Boulevard?
Posted by: rbknudso

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 02/26/16 06:48 AM

I would avoid this resort unless you are okay with drug use, cigarette smoking, profane language, and drunks, which apparently the management seems to be. I have not had cause, in 15 years of ownership, to complain about any of the resorts we have stayed at, until now. Maybe it's just the Las Vegas (however, we have stayed there at least once a year for the past 7 years) property, or just Las Vegas, but between the evening lifeguard who apparently had been drinking (intoxicated) and the visitors below us smoking Marijuana for four days causing us (my children) to smell it in our rooms and balconies, and the cigarette smokers using profane language in the pool, then the lack of response by the resort staff to address these issues caused us much concern. This resort use to be a great place to visit, but we will have to reconsider future trips to this resort and perhaps Las Vegas in general. Not the place to take our children, family and friends. I could not explain to my children why the resort did not address the problems. Perhaps they did not want to offend the offending parties, which means they chose to offend us and others who want a good place to take the children and enjoy a safe, fun environment. It's beyond me why the resort would allow this to take place. I can't believe I purchased additional credits my first day there. As an owner, I really have no words for this and am appalled that the resort would even allow this to occur on our property. Apparently, the right of individuals to smoke dope, smoke cigarettes in the pool, and use of profane language around my children is more important than my families experience at the resort.
Posted by: Kathryn1659

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 02/29/16 11:56 AM

I have stayed at the Las Vegas resort several times. It used to be a very nice place to stay. After being battered by the "welcome" staff to attend an update meeting we went to our room. I might add that the girl trying to "welcome us" to an update breakfast assured us that they no longer apply high pressure; and of course, she was pressuring us and even told us we were taking food from her children's mouth by not agreeing to attend the update meeting. Once in our room, we experienced some maintenance issues with our unit. We had been hiking all day and were very tired when we found that our sliding glass door would not close or lock. We contacted the desk and they told us they would send maintenance right away. We waited for a few hours and ate car snacks for dinner as we didn't want to leave for fear they would find us not in the room and not do the repair. We called again and were told that it was to late in the day for them to send someone so we would have to wait until the next day. We told them that we would need another room then because I could not sleep in a unit that did not lock. They didn't have any other units available so we told them that we wanted a full refund and we would have to find a hotel - then they said that they thought one maintenance guy might still be able to come. Maintenance showed up at almost 9 pm and did not have the tools or parts to fix the door. He did manage to get the door locked and just told us we would not be able to use the door. We will go back to the resort but I will not tolerate the harassment by the welcome staff and we expect the unit to be well maintained.
Posted by: cougsmom

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 03/17/16 08:57 AM

For the first time ever, we were disappointed in the maintenance at the Las Vegas Blvd. resort. The lazy river was dirty from a wind storm two nights before. The big pool was too cold to use. We arrived on a Monday, March 7, 2016. Tuesday, I used the lazy river to swim for fitness, it was still dirty, but did not impact my swimming. We were busy with basketball the next 3 days, so Saturday we went down to use the pools. The river was chilly and STILL full of leaves, etc. The big pool was too cold to even swim laps. I am from Eastern Washington, so I am used to cold water lakes, but it hurt my ears, so I got out. The maintenance crew was just starting to vacuum that pool. By late afternoon, they finally got to the lazy river. The gate into the river nearest building 4 was closed the entire week we were there, due to a broken latch. For the amount of money we pay in maintenance fees, I think this is inexcusable. As I mentioned, this is my first negative post of any type regarding a WM resort. frown wink
Posted by: LadyD

Credits available - 05/27/16 11:41 AM

I have 20000 credits available. Contact me at
Posted by: da5stringking

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 10/18/16 08:48 PM

This was probably our most enjoyable stay. We were just there last week for our school's Fall Break so we were there in the middle of the week where there are not as many visitors. This is our...6th or 7th time staying here--We don't want to stay anywhere else when we come to Vegas.

The check in was breezy and there was no, I repeat, NO invitation for a meeting or a free breakfast or a sales pitch. I was sent to Bianca to get my parking pass, and that is what she gave me, along with her number if I needed to reach her for anything. It was an actual enjoyable check in.

We stayed at this resort for 4 days. When we were here last, two of the pools were being worked on. Everything was in full working order while we were here. At nights, the pools were almost empty and we were able to enjoy and chill in the hot tubs while our kids swam.

The room was the typical room--and we enjoy the two bedroom/two bathroom units. Perfect for our family. We did notice that the BBQ grill was taken off the balcony from the room. Is this for maintenance or is this forever? Does anyone know? Also, are they taking them out of ALL the resorts or just this one?

The resort looked lovely. There were some workers who were touching up the paint on the ground. I like the changes that were made to the grounds in this resort. There were also renovations in the front office area, but it wasn't a big deal and nothing was in the way.

The shuttles to the strip are nice and they run every hour from the Resort. (Except at 2:00). There is also a shuttle in the mornings at 10:00 that take you to the grocery store if you need to go. Yes it only drops off at the Monte Carlo. But at the Monte Carlo, there is a free tram that takes you all the way down to the Bellagio; OR, just across the street, there is a free tram in the Excalibur that takes you down to the Luxor and Mandalay Bay. From the Bellagio, it is easy walking to Caesar's Palace, the Flamingo, etc.

We had one thing not working well in our unit--we left a request with the front office in the morning and by the time we got back in the afternoon it was fixed.

For those of you who have never been to this resort, we love it and that is why we keep coming back. We have been here in the months of October, March, May, June: October has been our favorite month staying here and being here midweek helps. We have had some poor stays and we have had some great stays here. The good always outweighs the bad and that is why we keep coming back to this place.

Resorts Visited: Las Vegas, NV (6x's); Anaheim, CA (2x's); Oceanside, CA (2'x); Gleneden, OR; Steamboat Springs, CO; Bear Lake, UT; Big Bear, CA; Santa Fe, NM; New Braunfels, TX; New Orleans, LA; Wolf Creek, UT; Pinetop, AZ
Posted by: cslurie

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 02/04/18 03:59 PM

As WorldMark Owners we were a bit apprehensive about booking a 4 night stay at this resort. Some of the reviews were pretty negative. We were very surprised when we arrived. Everything was top notch. Check in was fast. The resort is immaculate, the buildings, grounds, pools, everything! Our two bedroom unit was furnished tastefully, quite comfortable with a great pool/garden view. The Maintenance staff was everywhere cleaning, painting, and sprucing up things. The store with Starbuck's (had talented baristas)and was very well stocked for its size. Extremely friendly cashiers. The security guards at the main entrance and throughout the resort did there job well, creating a safe and secure property. The only negative, was the pushy sales staff, which seems to be getting worse at all Wyndham Properties.
Posted by: 8995st

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 04/15/18 09:32 AM

Been at the resort for 5 days. Very nice and this isn't the first time. Now the resort has changed a few things. First the show tickets are very high priced. Using some new company to deal with . Go on line to VEGAS.COM and you can save a bundle. Another thing car rental. Can't get a good deal here either. Go on line a rent your from the airport. SAving money. I f you want something good to eat at a very good price go towards the strip and about a mile or so look for BLACK BEAR cafe. On the right side. Fantastic food and great prices. When you go down to the main part of the strip watch where you park. Most casinos are charging 15 bucks for one hour with valet. And yes self parking is a charge too. You will get a sheet of the parking prices when you check in.. Strip is always great and make your way downtown. A thrill you will never forget. Weather was great, room was great, little pressure on check in about listening to their stuff. All in all a great time. Will be back
Posted by: Bgkahuna

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 07/03/18 11:08 AM

I booked a stay at the Las Vegas Boulevard property. June 25 to June 28, 2018. It was the WORST experience I have ever received at a Worldmark Resort in over 15+ years!

-Muddy hand prints on door knobs!
-Old (kids) flip-flop (dirty and muddy)lying in the bathroom!
-Cigarette butts on the balcony and on the table! (Not 1 or 2, but 4+)
-Blood on one of the light switches in the master bathroom!
-Rotted and peeling paint!
-Broken door hinges!
-Dried milk on kitchen wall!
-Poorly maintained unit! (interior doors misaligned/kept falling off)
-One of the jacuzzi (next to the Lazy River) was so dirty with sand and silt! The bottom of the entire jacuzzi was BROWN!
-Poor service

- Requested an air humidifier twice, (once at front desk. The clerk said he would check and let me know. He took my phone number, but I never received any notice from the front desk and no humidifier was ever delivered! For the last two days of my stay, I suffered from bloody nose due to the very dry air. Very poor "service".

- Extra towel request, none delivered until after my 2nd request! (I was told they were short-handed)

Even my guests who came with me to Las Vegas to experience a "Resort" stay and take in a Gwen Stefani concert were disgusted with the condition of this resort and sadly told me they were NOT impressed.

I will send a letter, along with photographs to our Board of Directors. My experience should NOT BE ACCEPTABLE to anyone at Worldmark Resorts or Wyndham Resorts!

Carrie O'Neal
Posted by: clarabelle

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 01/19/19 08:38 PM

1 Bdrm rented during Sept. 2018 during Mr. Olympia competition. Murphy bed is comphy, spacious enough for 4 people. Great weather for bathing suit, spent time under Waterfall in Hot tub & lazy Pool areas . Floatation tubes & towels available. Beach Towels are available at the pool ,but have your room key with you, got to swipe room key for door entry to get your beach towels. Towels are microchipped they keep track room /return. . Nice gift shop. I got snacks, a hat , sunglassess. Gift store has some grocery items, and a snow-cone machine, also barista made to order starbucks coffee!! I found it useful to grab a wheeled luggage cart, they are located close to the elevators. It makes bringing up, luggage and my groceries to my room easier. (Smith’s grocery store close by is awesome! ) Had lots to see, there’s hiking and some new “ disk golf” places in “ Red Rock” area! 😎
Posted by: secret00023

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 07/10/19 02:29 PM

I know the resort on the strip has a lazy river. Does the hotel have pool toys (something to float in/on)?
Posted by: MapBooks4U

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 07/12/19 01:16 PM

I don't remember there being any. You might call the front desk to see if the gift shop sells any. If not, Ross, Target, and an array of other stores are just over the freeway past Silverton Casino.
Posted by: 8995st

Re: Las Vegas Resort Review - 03/24/20 05:38 AM

Well we stayed at LAS VEGAS BLVD and had a great time. One little issue but our plane arrived by 9:30am and had a car lined up for 10am. Went to get the car and got a msg saying are room was ready. Nice as always. Now all the virus stuff starting up so no activity at the pool or spa. So we ventured out on the strip and not much going on. Still people but not really crowded. Went to FREEMONT more people but not all the goofy stuff going on. Still had a great time. Hook up with friends and we enjoyed our time together. From the airport take UBER. Fast and very inexpensive. Cost 11 bucks from airport to Timeshare. Weather as pretty good. Had two shows booked but were canceled but won at the slots. Restaurants were open and the buffets were serving but they put the food on your plate. Check in was great and so was check out. Very nice young folks works and very helpful.
Signed up to listen to the 1 hour time share pitch. They were so happy to see you but when we ended up saying NO then the mood changed. They got up and left. Not to professional about it. Time to go called UBER from room and by the time we got to the elevator UBER called and said they were there. Great plane trip home and hope to go back by the end of the year. STAY SAFE