Questions and Comments for Kirra Beach

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Questions and Comments for Kirra Beach - 04/14/04 09:40 AM

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Re: Questions and Comments for Kirra Beach - 05/08/11 12:01 AM

We stayed at Kirra Beach around Xmas 2006 in a 2 bedroom ocean view appartment.

Overall, it was very good. Views from the 10th floor facing the beach were spectacular. Appartment was a good size with full kitchen (oven/dishwasher), laundry with washer/dryer, decent sized bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms and big living area. Cleanliness was generally good.

The location is one of the best spots on the Gold Coast, not too busy, but with plenty of shops etc... around.

Apparently, it has been refurbished since, we are going back there this year for Xmas 2011. It can be difficult to book, credit values are on the lower side and its very popular.