The Camlin Resort Review

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The Camlin Resort Review - 03/10/04 07:03 PM

Have you stayed at The Camlin? Here's your chance to tell other owners what it's really like. How big is the pool? How hot is the hot tub? What you do wish you had known before you left home?
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Re: The Camlin Resort Review - 02/08/16 08:44 AM

We know what to expect from the Camlin, and love it. Small rooms and traffic noise, but a lovely old hotel with lots of character, well situation to activities in Seattle.

The one problem we encountered was getting consistent and complete information on transportation between the airport and the hotel. I emailed the hotel before traveling and they gave us two options - a $45 cab or the $3 Light Link Rail. We opted for the Light Link Rail but won't do it again. It's a very long walk to the location where you board the rail line, and then it makes numerous stops before finally reaching the end of the line. Then you still have four long blocks to walk with your luggage.

Early on our last evening I asked a woman at the front desk about getting back to the airport, and she recommended Black Car Services (a town car, not cab company), for I think $40, and booked us a reservation for a 6 AM pick-up. Later that evening I discovered we were leaving on a later flight and called the front desk to cancel the Black Car Service. I spoke with a different woman this time who said she'd never heard of Black Car, and could find no record of any reservations. She called back to say she'd located Black Car, and was told by them that no reservation had been made. And yet at 6 AM we got a phone call telling us our Black Car was there for pick up. Very confusing!

Later that morning I went downstairs to better understand what had happened. This time I was told about a 'Flat Rate for Hire' cab (206-242-8800) that charges a flat rate of $29.95 from the Camlin to the airport. This is what we opted for and it was excellent. I wish we'd know about this option when we first flew in.

My suggestion is that the Camlin create a printed list of all options, with details and prices, and make sure all staff have the same list, and that it is made available to everyone who inquires by email or in person. But our recommendation is the 'Flat Rate for Hire' cab company.
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Re: The Camlin Resort Review - 02/15/16 01:51 PM

This is obviously too late to help this person. But the Camlin is very easy to get to from the Amtrak King's Station. The underground bus system is at the most 100 yards from Kings Station. Once you get to the underground bus system you can ride any bus and it will deliver you right across the street from the Camlin. It is literally the end of the line - which makes it easy to remember.
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Re: The Camlin Resort Review - 02/15/16 01:56 PM

I have a 2 bedroom Penthouse at the Camlin for rent for four nights - August 24th - 28th, 2016. I will take credits or $$$. The one really great thing about the penthouses is that they have air conditioning.
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Re: The Camlin Resort Review - 08/28/16 09:57 PM

Is there a reason i am missing why there are posts here from 2011 ?
Why don't we attempt to keep things current
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Re: The Camlin Resort Review - parking tips? - 12/30/16 10:03 AM

Happy Holidays! I haven't been to Camlin for a couple of years now. Can someone please provide some tips/suggestions regarding parking for a Friday night check-in (Jan 6th). I remembered there used to be self-parking on the street behind Camlin (not part of Camlin) but I have heard that lot is now changed into a development. Thanks!
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Re: The Camlin Resort Review - 02/25/17 08:08 PM

We just returned from three nights at the Camlin.
It was a great hotel. The staff was wonderful and very helpful.
They do want you to listen to a presentation - so be ready! We went and it was quite helpful, so that was good.
The Camlin is right downtown, we walked all over and saw so much!
The pool is wonderful - heated and quite delightful.
The room was great. We had a one bedroom, so no kitchen, but we knew that going in.
Would love to stay there again some time.

Have been to: Running Y, Long Beach, Seaside, Kona, Kihei, West Yellowstone, Victoria, Birch Bay, Oceanside, Granby, + a few others!
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Re: The Camlin Resort Review - 06/04/17 05:48 PM

We have stayed at The Camlin several times. We were there recently,May 27 thru the 29th 2017. The staff is so wonderful and the sales gals that we have had the pleasure of dealing with are great, Lindsey was new but didn't hesitate to look for help, Kelley is extremely helpful and Ramie could answer any question you might come up with. The location of this resort couldn't be better, within walking distance of almost everything or the bus is just across the street. We we able to entertain our niece from Germany with zip lining, underground Seattle, the Space Needle, and of course shopping at Belvue Square. We highly recommend this resort.
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Re: The Camlin Resort Review - 07/28/17 10:00 AM

We LOVE The Camlin.
That said, we probably won't be going back again. After several years of staying at the Camlin to see shows at either the Paramount or the 5th Avenue, and having to argue with pushy sales staff every 6 weeks or so, we have finally given up. We stayed most recently July 19, 2017 and between the newest pit bull saleswoman and the front desk and the valet bringing us the wrong vehicle, we quit. It is a beautiful property and within walking distance of so many great places, but Wyndham has pushed upselling to a level of harassment that we just refuse to put up with anymore. The staff turnover is somewhat confusing as well. We have had the same staff in Victoria for years, and the staff in Vancouver stays pretty static. Even the staff in San Fransisco were familiar last year, and we hadn't been there in years!
For the cost of housekeeping, we can drive to Portland and rent a room and see the same shows we see in Seattle. Since we live 2-1/2 hours from each city, it works for us.
If you don't mind the hard rent, The Camlin is a great place to stay. We just won't bother anymore.
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Re: The Camlin Resort Review - 08/20/17 03:29 PM

WE stayed at the Camlin 8/18.we had to carry our own bags in. There was no one out side or waiting at the door. As we walked up to the desk I saw the door man over there playing with some ones dog. Then as Ashly was helping us up walked a sales man. I told him right then we didn't need him he just kept bugging us. I got a little rude. It did not mater he stayed there trying to get us to a information class ( a hard sale).I kept saying NO. WE had to walk away to get him to stop talking. Ashly was very helpful! The room the coffee pot was dirty and no filters. We still had a good stay. The CAMLIN is the most pushy of all of are 20 or more resorts!
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Re: The Camlin Resort Review - 11/21/17 11:30 AM

Just got home from the Camlin as always check in staff was great. But the sale staff suck! Saying NO is not enough. Saying it 10 times don't work either! You have to unplug the Phone in your room to stop them!
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Re: The Camlin Resort Review - 01/20/19 07:04 PM

Great weekend at the Camlin! I've stayed there several times and it's so centrally located! We booked the 2 bedroom deluxe for the weekend. The valet and front desk staff was so polite and helpful. The sales staff did not overpromote as I have experienced at other locations. Maybe I'm better at shutting it down quickly. The room was great and it was easy to change the temperature as needed. We had a nice morning coffee in the cloud room and enjoyed the view and the nice space.
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Re: The Camlin Resort Review - 01/21/19 01:20 AM

Any suggestions for lower cost self-parking? Thanks.
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Re: The Camlin Resort Review - 11/16/19 06:03 AM

We have stayed at The Camlin several times. The parking has gone up in price ($35 a night) and is no longer right behind the resort, but in a parking garage across the street and down a block. If you want to drag your own suitcases (instead of tipping someone) it is a haul. Also, the "check-in" again involves meeting with someone who wants you to listen to a presentation "because things have changed! and you want to know about all the new and exciting changes!". Ugh!!!!!! We have all the credits we need or want, are very happy with everything, and having to say "no" several times is annoying.
It is in a terrific location. I don't know what to do about parking except take the train and an Uber to get there - would that be cheaper????
The pool is great, too.
The staff (who are not trying to rent you something) are wonderful.