Coral Baja Resort Review

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Coral Baja Resort Review - 03/10/04 09:00 PM

Have you stayed at Coral Baja? Here's your chance to tell other owners what it's really like. How big is the pool? How hot is the hot tub? What do you wish you had known before you left home?
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 01/13/11 10:03 PM

Hi Denbo, Please forward me a copy of your awesome Cabo document when you have a chance.
Email: and
Thanks so much, Shelley.
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 01/14/11 12:19 PM

Hi Also Denbo:
We are going to CABO in March, could you also email me a copy of your awesome guide?
Thanks so much
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 01/14/11 04:53 PM

Hi Denbo:
We are also going to CABO in March and would love a copy of your guide! Thanks in advance.
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 01/17/11 05:40 PM


If you wish to post additional request for information from a specific person, and your request does not address a specific item, please Private Message that Owner instead of posting in the open forum.
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 01/31/11 09:36 PM

We are headed to Coral Baja this Saturday and are wondering if Beach Towels are available at the resort or should we bring our own.
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 02/01/11 05:26 AM

Beach towels will be in your room. You can exchange for clean ones at the front desk any time you want.
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 02/01/11 09:32 AM

Thanks for the info
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 02/01/11 02:46 PM

Going on my 4th visit to Coral Baja next week. Unfortunately, need to take work with me.
Does the resort have wireless internet access? Never needed to know before...
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 02/01/11 02:52 PM

Did you ever get an answer to this question? I also need to know for a trip next week. thanks!
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 02/01/11 03:17 PM

Yes on the internet. They have wireless in the lobby and most if not all of the rooms now have resort net.
It is mexico so don't expect 3G....
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 03/09/11 08:48 AM

I just booked a trip to Cabo in April, and I got a 2 bedroom unit in phase 3, i guess thats the front unit. I was wondering if anyone has info on these units. What the difference?
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 03/13/11 11:56 AM

This is a great building...we just left there on Monday. Our stay was 10 days and it's our 2nd time to Coral Baja.
Every room in this building has a bedroom and sliding door facing the pool & beach. We went with 15 people and had a great time. The best part of the whole stay was Victor leading activities...well, and Havoc at the pool...and playing Cabo Wabo, Hard Rock and No Worries while we were there...Oh yeah, and the renewal of wedding vows on the beach...ok, there's too many great things to list but WOW! What a great trip.
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 03/13/11 11:59 AM

Can't wait to go back!!!!Victor rocks!!!!!!
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 03/13/11 12:01 PM

Activities director's real name is Victor
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 04/13/11 07:05 PM

Just got back from Coral Baja and can't wait to go back.Had been 13 yrs.since our last trip here and it has changed a lot. The resort is fantastic and everyone there is great.The other owners all act like family(LOTS OF FUN).This was one of the best vacations we've been on.
Some things you might want to know before you go.Sounds silly but don't forget your sunscreen,not only so you don't get burnt but it is very expensive there(even at Wal-Mart).
Don't be afraid to use the bus to Cabo,we did twice and it was no problem.Price was about $2.50 U.S. per person each way.A cab was $35 dollars each way for 4.You do the math.
For shopping you can go to the Mega store(2 or 3 blks from the resort).A new Wal-Mart opened in San Jose while we were there.Did'nt get to go there though.
If you get a chance go to Cynthia's for lunch.It's just before the Mega store along the highway.Great food and organic.
Hope this info is helpful to all and have a great time,I know we did.We hope to come back in November.
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 04/20/11 08:22 AM

Hi, Could you email me a copy of your travel document by tomorrow please? We leave on Friday!!! Thanks.
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 05/11/11 05:06 PM

Leaving for Cabo this Saturday!!!! can't wait...I love this resort I have to come once a year lol see everyone poolside
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 05/18/11 02:13 PM

We just got back from Coral Baja last night. Overall the family had a great time. Our 21-month old twins Justice and Jasmine loved the pool, the beach, and the friendly atmosphere.

The resort itself, however, could have been a little more kid friendly. For example, the balcony is not child proof at all. The tile floor may be easier for the maintenance team to clean up, but it is very hard when kids fall on it. Our son fell twice just from running around.

The kitchen where we spent most of our time was lacking some basic necessities. We wish he had a basting brush for our bbq and more plates and cups. For our family of four, we would run the dish washing machine at least 2x a day.

The bedroom was good and pillows were comfortable. The Murphy bed was just ok. Better for kids, but not adults. I am 5'10 and my feet would go past the end of the bed.

Air conditioning was good and the view from the 5th floor was great cause it over looked the ocean and pools.

The Mama Mia restaurant was also good but not great. A tad over priced for just ok food. Entertainment was good also. The comedian/entertainer person was very funny. On Jazz night, the music was also good. Of the Mama Mia events we attended the Fiesta Night. It was better than our expectations and highly recommend this night than the others.

Service in general was very good. However, there were 2x when the water went out. It was restored within 1/2 hour.

We'll definitely be back, but only when the kids are older. By the way we loved cooking our own food on the community bbq pits by the pool.

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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 05/18/11 02:41 PM

This is all great info...I'm headed to Coral Baja on the 31st.
Where did you go to purchase your groceries? Or, did you order ahead thru the resort?
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 05/19/11 08:52 AM

The Mega Store is the closest and best place to go. Unless you have a rental, then you can go to Costco.

Because of our two kids we took a taxi which costs $5 USD. Otherwise, you could probably walk it if you are getting a handful of groceries.
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 05/22/11 02:58 PM

We love grocery shopping in Mexico - wouldn't miss it by getting groceries delivered! We usually rent a car for one day from the airport saying we want to return it somewhere near the Coral Baja the next day. We do our big Costco and Mega shop while we have the car and we don't need to pay for a shuttle from the airport to the resort. I know National lets you do that online so that is who we usually use. (returned it at the Barcelo on the beach towards San Jose this year, other years have returned it to the Posada Real and last year they picked it up from the Coral Baja for us at no extra cost).
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 05/24/11 04:40 PM

1.) have been here since May 21, 2011. It's great
2.) Bring sunscreen and use it. It's very easy to get burnt
3.) The pool is great and views of the ocean - amazing
4.) Went to Morgan's encore for our 30th anniversary. Pricey but great
5.) Went to Caso Palmo on a tour - if you go book a tour. They know where all the fish are
6.) Happy hours everyday. I don't drink but others seemed to enjoy
7.) will come again
Barry and Lucie Lycka
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 10/22/11 08:34 PM

We are about to leave this resort after a nice one week stay. This is definitely a nice big resort comparable to the one in Indio and the latest one they have in Las Vegas. The staff are all very friendly and always ready to help. The spa is one stop everyone should try and consider doing. Their prices are pretty high but after attending your owner education and getting 500 pesos plus 20% off a spa treatment...its not so bad. One thing to consider though if you are returning here for another vacation is if you like a lot of water activities, everything is done in Cabo and it is a good 30 minutes drive one way to go there. But if you are here mainly to relax, then San Jose del Cabo is the way to go.
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 11/06/11 12:29 PM

Spent two great weeks in Cabo earlier this fall. Coral Baja is great and can't wait to go back. Mega store is a great choice for shopping -- has everything you need to cook in your unit and butchers will gladly cut steak for fajitas if you ask (YUM!) Good liquor selection too for margaritas and pina coladas (some decent pre-mixed as well). For a night out, Manuel's Creative Cuisine at the Shoppes at Palmilla is a must. The food is some of the best to be found anywhere (Manuel has cooked birthday dinners for President George HW Bushn, Super Bowl and Olympic banquets), He, his wife and staff will treat you like family -- especially on a repeat visit (take some cookies or other treat for their sweets-loving kids George and Manuela!!). Other restaurants we especially enjoyed (all in San Jose) were Habaneros, Meson Del Angel and French Riviera Cafe & Bakery. If you have a group of 4 or more(up to 7), consider hiring Victor's Cabo Transportation for a day trip to Todos Santos and lunch at Tequila's Sunrise (world's best margaita by far!), $400 for a Chevy Suburban, English-speaking driver and drinks (water, beer, soft drinks) for a 7-8 hour day. Stops at Chileno Beach also, but they'll tailor the day to your wishes. Our driver, Carlos, gave us a tour of downtown Cabo San Lucas and told us a lot of the history and other interesting info about the area. Very entertaining day!
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 11/19/11 08:06 AM

We just got back from CB. last nite, mid 80s to low 90s for the last two weeks a little wind but very nice.there was alot of construction going on at the resort. Its suppose to be none by may 2012.It wasnt to bad, It was great to visit with all of our old and new freinds and old.Be careful Larry not back up to fare at the pool. Every have a good thanksgiving!
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 11/21/11 02:04 PM

Hello, Had spoken with the management at CB last week and was told the construction was room renovations.... If so, how impactive is the work to enjoying a stay at CB? Was there a couple years ago in March and they had a huge plywood wall on the South side of the pool all the time we were there. Going back in March 2012, sure hope it isn't a repeat experience..............:})
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 02/16/12 04:53 PM

We Stayed in Jan. Our room should NEVER have been rented. They redid it AFTER our stay, but our stove didn't work for 2 days , roaches were in the kitchen and bath. Water damage to kitchen cabinets. this was our 3 visit and we were Shocked. fortunatley our guest had a refurbished room. Also it doesnt say anywhere that the only way to the bathroom in a 1 bdr is THROUGH the bdr. Teenagers had to go to the lobby at night.. I was used to the continental in the 2br units so assumned the same. ugh. BE SURE U GET A REFURBISHED UNIT
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 02/18/12 08:27 PM

What building were you in, we arrive 2/29 for 3 weeks, hope we don't encounter the same issues.
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 02/19/12 08:14 PM

I'm sorry to say that this location was the worst place I have stayed since I joined Worldmark about 8 years ago. The place seemed run down. My room had broken air condition and we had to change rooks 3 times. We woke up every morning at 5:30am to the sound of the work bus parking in reverse bringing in the help. The restaurant was a complete joke. We went on the first day not known any better. Asked for water and was served vinegar. I'm not kidding....vinegar. I spent 24,000 credits for this dream vacation which was a waste. Our family ended up buying a time share closer to Cabo. That's another thing, be ready to spend time and money traveling to Cabo about 20-30 mins away. Where the Hotel is there is nothing. Can't swim on the beach. I could go on and on but I don't want to waste any more of mu time with this place. I write this to make other's aware to beware.
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 02/20/12 03:31 PM

Hello Wendy Smoke,

These are items that WorldMark by Wyndham Management would like to know about so that we can take immediate action to get these issues addressed. If you would like to discuss your concerns with a representative, the most expeditious way to communicate that concern would be to send it directly to or call Owner Care at 888.648.7363.
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 03/02/12 12:44 AM

I am just wanting to know if things got handled for you from the post directly after yours it seemed management wanted to make things right? Did that happen. Also was there construction happening while you were there looked like some other visitors had some consernes about this resort. I am considering going to Mexico later in 12 kind of makes me think twice thank you for your heads up it is my hope things were or are being made right for you best wishes Pasha
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 03/05/12 07:08 PM

Our experiences at Coral Baja have been totally different than DundeeMark's. We stayed a week last fall, then daughter and her hubby stayed just last weekend and couldn't stop raving about how they loved their 2-BR unit (same type we had). Most beaches in Cabo aren't swimmable -- that's why all the resorts (including WM) have great pool areas. Granted San Jose isn't a wild party town like CSL, but it does have some bars (sports and otherwise) for nightlife, and IMHO MUCH better restaurant selections in town(I agree, Mamma Mia's on-site at WM is a disaster). Manuel's Creative Cuisine at the Shoppes at Palmilla is one of the great restaurants to be found anywhere (I've dined at the best restaurants on the West Coast: Gary Danko, Canlis, Andina for example) -- not just my opinion. Check TripAdvisor reviews. Downtown San Jose is just a 50 peso cab ride, or walkable if you're halfway fit. Wonderful shops and art galleries to occupy several days. Coral Baja is one of our favorite WM resorts -- in more than 80 stays at 25 or so resorts.
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 04/06/12 12:54 PM

We spent a week in a studio March 20-27,2012. They were still undergoing renovation but it was still great. Beautiful view from the 5th floor balcony of the sunrise and waves breaking on the beach. Our room had been recently renovated and there were a couple small problems but nothing serious. The staff was wonderful and very helpful. I'll definitely go back.
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 04/06/12 04:52 PM

We were at CB for about our 15th visit this March and, for the first time, we were somewhat disappointed. The construction did partially spoil our vacation. I think it was the location of the unit we were in and how close it was to the major construction going on above (jackhammering). We have received an apology from the manager and I appreciate that the construction has to go on (our unit was finished and was lovely) but I think more care has to go into looking at what units are being booked in relation to where the construction is occuring. It was LOUD! Also, to be fair, we were warned by letter - we had already booked our flights by then however and I don't think that the letter was strongly worded enough. I have forwarded all these concerns to WM.

That being said, the staff are all fabulous, the pool area is beautiful and lots of fun, the beach is gorgeous and you can walk forever in either direction and see few people - we like the resort very much. We also love San Jose! We do pop into Cabo a couple of times when down there but much prefer San Jose. Easy walk for us but my parents took a cab - 50 pesos. We had a couple of excellent meals, the best one at Morgan's Encore but also really enjoyed the Mexican food at Mi Cocina. Had a blast watching hockey at Shooter's Sports Bar(the burger was pretty darn good and they have 10 peso beers and on Wednesday some not bad wine 3 glasses for 79 pesos!).

Will just have to go back I guess!
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 04/07/12 07:28 AM

ZN-------Can you say exactly where they are working in the resort? Is anything "not-usable". Do you know how long the project will last? We're heading down mid-next-month. It's not a deal breaker either way, just wondering. The Coral Baja is a great place!!- (that sort-of ties this post to "Resort Review"). Thanks---- the Coach
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 04/07/12 10:12 AM

Hi, March 11 - 23 they were working on the upper floors of building 2. We were right above the walkway in that building so pretty central. All the resort facilities were operational, the water was off overnight a few times and there were shut offs during the day a few times for 1 to 2 hours per. We had notice most of the time. Our daughter was there in December and was in a different building from where the construction was going on at that time and had no issues whatsoever. Have fun!
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 04/07/12 07:07 PM

Going to Coral Baja April 21 -28. Can anyone recommend a place for several to have a spa day (women leisure pampering)
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 05/06/12 07:35 AM

I took 5 seniors to Coral Baja for their senior trip. We had a wonderful time. We loved the pool, and there are several beach options you can drive to. I loved that it was outside of the craziness in Cabo. We did go into Cabo to go deep sea fishing, snorkeling, and to see the city. The management was wonderful and I would definitely go back to Coral Baja. My favorite resort so far. Some of our friends bought time shares in Cabo and have since sold them. The only problem we had was the rental van. It wasn't in great shape and the tires were low.
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 05/15/12 07:59 PM

im looking on here where to post an ad to buy some temp credits I dont have enough for coral baja, for decent price,, anyone want to sell some for 5 cents a credit? or?
thanks karen
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 05/17/12 01:29 PM

Posted by: shelbe10

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 07/16/12 10:59 PM

Hi Ivy,

Do you still have credits for rent? Is so please email me the details of how many and rate to

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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 08/03/12 08:11 PM

Has anyone ever gone in January? We have gone in September and it was hot, but the pool was great!!!
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 08/03/12 09:23 PM

[b][/b]We were there the first of January a few years back. It was warm the entire week, but the first few days were a bit cooler than the end of the week. It wasn't so cold that I needed long sleeves, but a t-shirt was very comfortable. It was always warm enough to swim during the day, but we hit the hot tub once the sun went down.
Posted by: luvwrldmrk

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 08/10/12 04:01 PM

Has anyone gone to the resort in August? Suggestions on where to eat and see the best of Coral Baja will be appreciated. Thanks!
Posted by: keving

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 08/21/12 07:55 AM

Hola, Amigos. leaving today after a two week stay, enjoyed the resort, activities, and restaurants in the area. FYI that notices went up this week that they will be resurfacing the pool deck starting august 27 and will run to some time in last week of september, per the note they will be doing work in quarters so pool will be open and a quarter of area will be cordoned off with construction activity ongoing, yes the swim up bar will be open!!
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 08/23/12 01:40 PM

You can take a bus into Cabo to participate in water activities. And the bus ride is an exciting adventure. We were there last year and had a great trip. I was 73, my grandson 19 and we had a ball. Only drawback to the facility is that you can't use the beach, or ocean. To me, that's a drawback. But, we were by pool everyday and really enjoyed ourselves. And having the restaurant right there, plus Dominoes Pizza delivery, restaurant at top of hill on property, and across the street, offers plenty of places to eat if you don't want to cook!
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Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 08/23/12 01:42 PM

Not for 5 cents!
Posted by: galej1

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 08/23/12 01:43 PM

Going to be HOT in August
Posted by: DennisG

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 09/04/12 06:20 PM

Hello everyone…. Denbo here long term Cabo Worldmark Vacation couple. Last visit was in February of this year …

I have a trip document that I keep up to date with the latest and greatest things to do and I’m always looking for new things to add to it.. if you would like a copy, send me an email at grantdennis@gmailcom and I’ll forward it to you .

My wife and I choose Cabo Worldmark for it’s a given vacation and we can go and relax; just like Cabo Bill, we love to go there and just chill. Lots of things to share about what to do and where to get the best deal/meal/etc,.. just ask.
Will be there the first two weeks of October.
Posted by: v_warhol

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 10/14/12 05:11 PM

We stayed at Coral Baja in September 2012. It was very hot and humid outside however the rooms were air conditioned and very comfortable. We really enjoyed our stay there. It is a beautiful resort.

For dining our favorite restaurant was Sardina Cantina just out front of the resort. The food was excellent, service was great and prices were very reasonable. Once we discovered this restaurant we went back every day. Don't miss this restaurant if you go to Coral Baja. The staff is very fun and efficient.

The only thing we would do different next time would be to not go during the summer months.
Posted by: Camano

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 11/05/12 09:42 AM

Originally Posted By: DennisG

My wife and I choose Cabo Worldmark for it’s a given vacation and we can go and relax; just like Cabo Bill, we love to go there and just chill. Lots of things to share about what to do and where to get the best deal/meal/etc,.. just ask.
Will be there the first two weeks of October.

Have not been on this forum for a bit, so has Cabo Bill posted recently?
Posted by: firigon

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 11/15/12 11:12 PM

Just returned from our vacation there and the area has changed since last visited about 8 or 9 years ago. There is a WalMart, Applebee's, etc. in the area. Prices are higher at the restaurants and so we walked to the new Mega Mall from the resort and bought groceries. Overall we had a fun stay. G

Make sure you booked two days for a shuttle to the airport before you leave or else you'll have to take a taxi and that's $40 U.S.
Posted by: firigon

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 11/15/12 11:15 PM

We were just there and the restaurant was closed due to not having a cook. 😞
Posted by: Tricia

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 01/03/13 02:22 PM

I've just booked Coral Baja for my family of 5 (teenage and up) over July 4th week and they told me we have a 2 bedroom in the back building, no ocean view. Question is, how do they know what room we're getting already? I thought they allocated your room when you arrived. And is there anything I can do to change it for an ocean view?
Posted by: BretaB

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 01/03/13 06:44 PM

Most probably because you booked your unit under the 13 month guideline and all the units in the front buildings were taken, we have been to CABO 4 times, and our rule of thumb is 13 months to the day before check-in, much better chance of getting front building units. If that is an issue for your family, ask to be waitlisted for a front building unit based on the number of people in the unit. Good Luch
Posted by: dupoks1

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 01/05/13 08:55 PM

But you can put yourself on a wait list for the two bedroom in phase 1 or 3 groundfloor and you will probably get it .
Posted by: OFDwife

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 01/06/13 03:18 PM

Does anyone know if there is a washer/dryer in each unit?
How does the swim up bar work to buy drinks, is this charged to a credit card?
Is the restaurant open?
Posted by: bthorman

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 01/07/13 03:23 PM

Yes, the units have washer/dryers.
Posted by: traveler2be

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 01/08/13 03:57 PM

the check-in will make u up a card that u can charge with.

on another thought, has anyone stayed in a two bedroom king room?
What floor? thanks
Posted by: traveler2be

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 01/08/13 04:16 PM

We are going in May, I was wondering if anyone wanted to fish then?
Would like to share a boat, thanks.
Posted by: e//bar

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 01/14/13 06:41 PM

the back building is all 2 beds. There are only 5 other 2 bedrooms that are in front blgs. They are appointed at time of booking not when you arrive, Hope that helps you
Posted by: sharonhigbee

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 02/12/13 03:23 PM

I noticed in someones review that you cannot use the beach and ocean. What exactly does that mean?
Posted by: bthorman

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 02/12/13 03:54 PM

Too dangerous to swim.
Posted by: DennisG

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 02/13/13 04:44 AM

Hello everyone!

We have been in Cabo for almost a week now, three days at Coral Baja, staying through Monday. The last time we were here was October, and there are so many new improvements! I keep a travel document that I have shared with many of the folks here on the board, and I will have a ton of updates following this trip.

Note: we come here to relax, not party and race around, so that's what my travel document focuses on.

Last night we made the loop through San Jose, walking up towards Walmart and down into town. We stopped at a store that I have overlooked before called Super Ley. This is a great grocery store and I will most likely trade in my trips to the Mega or Walmart to come here. Their selection was much better!

Walked into town and ended up at a new place called the Retro, it's just above and owned by Don Sanchez. Great place and the food looked amazing! Will try this over Shooters next time we want a burger. We had to very large beers and our total came to 9 USD.

More soon.

One additional item, if you're coming down this month, bring a coat!

Posted by: DennisG

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 02/13/13 04:50 AM

Just remembered one thing. When we got here and wanted a couple of items from the store, we went up to Trader Dicks. We found the new owner last year to be very easy to work with and the quality of fresh food was fantastic. We ended up picking up most of our must-have items and upon checkout, he gave us (no charge) three bottles of wine, bread and a couple of other items. Don't overlook shopping here and support this place..
Posted by: DennisG

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 02/13/13 04:55 AM

Hit send too early.

There is a new Jazz Festival this weekend, just down by the hotels in San Jose. When we were walking there last night we noticed a number of new places have opened up; I'll let you know more about them shortly.

One thing to note: the airport is ALL new! completely redone and state of the art.
Posted by: bass2

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 02/13/13 05:41 PM

WE (four of us) are heading to Coral Baja end of Feb.....will send you email, would love to get your trip document and your ideas. I have been there almost every year, love Cabo!
Posted by: mukanddave

Missing Cindy and LInda - 02/14/13 02:30 PM

We recently stayed at Coral Baja Jan. 22nd through Feb.5th 2013.
We enjoyed our stay and met lots of new friends and were so pleased to run into some old friends that we have met at Coral Baja over the years. We regrettably did not get an email for Cindy and Linda, sisters from Spokane. We did not get your last names. We miss you already.
David and I can be contacted at
Posted by: vangies

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 02/15/13 07:26 PM

My son and daughter-in-law are interested in going to Cabo in September. They heard that this is storm and hurricane this something to worry about? I've been there in May and August and we had great weather both times.
Posted by: Mexicodiver27

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 03/25/13 01:16 PM

Stayed sun 3/17-3/24. Town was packed due to the Iron Man triathlon event. We rented a car (from eze rent a car-208us for the week including mandatory insurance) and we were stuck in traffic for over an hour getting to Coral Baja from the airport. The toll road was closed but using the toll road normally works great. It cost 30 pesos. The traffic was jammed up because of the race.

The resort was in great shape just like the last time we were there. We were in a one bd deluxe on the the third floor overlooking the hot tub of phase 3. The tub is quite loud when it is running, however it only runs when someone turns the jets on. So it wasn't too much of a bother.

Wifi doesn't reach the units.

Smoking is not allowed inside but is allowed on the decks. Cigarette smoke from the lower units wafts into the upper units, and if the sliding glass door is open the smoke odor comes into the unit. So when you sit on your deck it seems as if someones is always smoking and the offensive odor comes up from below.

I wish WM would do like in Fiji and make an outside smoking area away from the condos, near the beach away from the pool. No more smoking on the decks. i imagine i will make a few angry at this...

We saw whales out front of the resort. Very small to the naked eye but their blow spouts were fun to find. Sometimes they would come in close enough that we could see their flukes splashing the water as they played in one area for a awhile. Sometimes they would breach and splash too.

We visited the organic market on Sat the day before we left. A good variety of veggies as well as handmade crafts. The market is only on Sat starting at nine.

We met Brian at Trader Dicks. He had some good specials on steak and burgers and it looked freshers than the Mega, and he is trying to increase his inventory to WM owners tastes. We bought our beer the first day from him, then from the mega. the mega was a little less expensive. Averaged about 110 pesos for Pacifico for a twelve. 108 pesos at Dicks for an 8 pack. Not worth ten dollars in Taxis just for that but we had a car were going to buy groceries.

The staff was courteous and kind and very helpful. On Tuesdays they do fish tacos in the afternoon. They were good but we had just had lunch. They also give away a few prizes. We were asked to to the owners updates on sun when we arrived but we declined and were not asked again.

The saving of beach and pool loungers has gotten a little out of hand. Several loungers are "saved" with a towel and book very early in the morning and then many are not used until after lunch. Sometimes not at all. Pool towels are no longer put in the units but are to picked up at stations near the pool but by mid day there are are not any left. I think they are on the

I look forward to returning in November.
Posted by: traveler2be

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 04/09/13 04:06 PM

We are coming down April 30th, kids on the first.
Would like to know if anyone wants to fish?
Are youngest is 26, then 32, and 33. Bringing their friends.
We will be celebrating our thirty fifth wedding anniversary.
Would like to meet some other worldmarkers
Posted by: sthor535

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 04/12/13 10:33 AM

I have seen comments in the forum gegarding "cooking school". Does anyone have mor details?? Location, time, etc. Thanks
Posted by: bthorman

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 04/12/13 10:51 AM

Los Tamarindos
Facebook: Huerta Los Tamarindos
Posted by: LuvnTheSun

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 04/20/13 04:14 PM

During our current stay at CB our camera was misplaced during a night of festivities at Mam Mia's. We would like to say thanks to the folks that turned it in. It was bad enough to loose thee the new camera that was purchased before leaving on our trip, but also all the pictures that would have been lost along with it. Thanks so much to whoever returned it, you made our trip even better.
Posted by: Trevors2

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 04/27/13 04:10 PM

We go every year the last week of Sept around the 22/first of Oct. It is downtime for the locals and is less people. The weather can be questionable. Usually very hot in Sept. Last yr had one downpour day, but beautiful and a 6.8 earthquake. Being from Calif it really did not bother us. We were in our favorite Teq store in San Jose. The locals were more nervous then us. We have been going to Coral since 1994. Will be down again Sept 23 this yr for 11 days. We have been luck, but just go with what happens you will be fine and have fun.
Posted by: bubbly30

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 04/29/13 02:03 PM

We love the Coral Baja Resort; just returned home on April 19th.
Always enjoy the wonderful staff and be sure to do the Art Walk in San Jose Del Cabo on Thursdays if you have a chance. We also found a nice Spa- Zafiro Spa in DT San Jose Del Cabo.
The owner and staff are very sweet and they have daily specials and great prices.
It is by a Banamex bank and across from the Fire Station.
(Plaza Jose Green by Mijares Blvd.) The phone number is: 624 1420402
Posted by: LaShan Gunnels

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 11/21/13 08:21 PM

Looking to sell 20,000 points ASAP at 0.10 per point. Please let me know if interested.
Posted by: tscott

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 12/03/13 05:42 AM

Originally Posted By: Forum Hostess
Have you stayed at Coral Baja? Here's your chance to tell other owners what it's really like. How big is the pool? How hot is the hot tub? What do you wish you had known before you left home?

Am leaving today after 3 weeks(our 13th yr here), love this place. Pool is big, has kids area. Definitely take the resort shuttle to/from airport, cheaper and more reliable than taxi. Restaurants: here at Mama Mia, walk to Sardina, La Salsa,2 minutes, both have great food, not expensive. Also, $14 RT 10 minutes to Las Guacamayas our favorite, cheap and not fancy, get the marinated pork anything. Nicer and great atmosphere in town is Mi Casa. Groceries: walk to Mega, 10min, then we taxi back $5, prices as good as Walmart and closer, better selection. Fishing: have used Fiesta from Cabo for many years, go to their website(also known as Los Dorados), talk to Carlos(cell 624 12 58771). They have 9 different boats, we don't do pangas, too small. Used Fiesta 6 times this trip, got over 170# filets, no marlin by choice, mainly dorado,wahoo. We fish in Pacific out of Cabo;prefer that over around here, but ask and go where the fish are. Taxi to Cabo going up 1/1/14, now $70RT. Have your fish cooked at Mama Mia or Sardina, both have excellent sauces; charge setup fee for rice, veggies, etc, fish cooked for free. Enjoy your trip.
Posted by: 1kodiak

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 12/08/13 11:01 AM

Just go home last night. As always lot of fun, met old friends made new ones.One thing a young couple that was with us were with us. Were on the beach out front of the resort, they both had a drink with them, A man came up to them dressed in black demanded $200.0 us for having a drink on the beach. They said NO. And said he needed to come up to the manager and they left and he took off! Just to let everyone know look out.
Posted by: tonisimo59

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 01/03/14 09:00 AM

Visit: 12/20/13

Beautiful view! recently refurbished!

I was never excited about staying at the Coral Baja because the pictures and comments said that the decor was dated. So I only booked 2 days there before my exchange through II came through for the Monarch Cabo Azul. If I had known the rooms were going to be that nice, I probably would not have exchanged.

First the great things about this resort:

The one bedroom deluxe room we stayed in had recently been refurbished with new warm paint, furniture, and cabinets and granite countertops. I never saw the floor tile in person before the redo, so they may even have changed that. It was a terra cotta color, but not the traditional terra cotta mexican tile. They also had new bedding on the bed. More upscale white bedding like the posh hotels instead of the printed bedspreads that are common with Worldmark rooms.

I loved the full kitchen with stove and oven. I love that Worldmark has everything you need to cook with down to complimentary spices. (they are the only timeshare that I am aware of that has this little extra.) You get the feeling that Worldmark actually expects you to cook in your room.

I loved the lanai. A table and four chairs are out there and their was a fantastic ocean-front view of the Sea of Cortez from the lanai, and thus also from inside the living area and kitchen of the unit. Every one bedroom, and 1 bedroom deluxe's would have a full ocean view as they are in the front buildings 1 and 3. Building 2 with the 2 bedroom units have no view at all, but they compensate you with your own hotub on the lanai. I prefer the view.

I loved the that internet was free in the business center for owners. We had a real estate deal that we had to deal with on vacation :-/, but we were able to print out the documents and contracts we needed at no extra charge there. Very convenient--especailly compared to the Monarch Cabo Azul that charged for each page of paper we printed.

I loved the location where the bus to take to cabo san lucas is literally across the street from this resort. Again, from the cabo azul it would have been a 15 minute walk. Also the Mega grocery store is a short walk from the resort. That was very convenient as well.

There are a lot of fun things for the kids to do there: pool table, putting green course, tennis court, and of course and large, awesome pool.

The Mama Mia resturant on site was convenient and good. prices were reasonable especially for being right on the beach.

Now the not so great things:

There is no view in the bedroom in the 1 bedroom deluxe rooms. The window faces the hallway.

There is no tub in the room. only a shower. It was on the small side, but adequate, adorned with cute mexican tile.

The bed could have been more comfortable, but was more comfortable than most Worldmark beds we have experienced.

My husband and I don't drink alchohol, so therefore don't enjoy the "party" scene. It got to be a pretty loud party scene at Mama Mia's with loud music, kareoke, etc at night. It did end at 10:00 p.m. however.

All in all I would say this would be an excellent resort if you are coming with children. Very family friendly and convenient. My daughter also noticed that there is a playground within walking distance of the resort.
Posted by: The Brooks

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 05/20/14 09:13 AM

We just returned from 17 nights at the Coral Baja. It has been 6 years since our last visit. We did notice a lot of positive changes - like the new lobby with all it's amenities and the nightly entertainment which was so much fun. Nice to have a choice of what to do in the evenings.

The resort was spotless - the housekeeping and maintenance staff do an amazing job! Everyone was so friendly from the welcome drink when we arrived to the cold bottle of water to take with us when we left. Such a nice touch.

The pools were great - the hot tub could have been a bit quieter, we actually turned the jets off and listened to the waves instead of the hot tub motor!

Jello at the poolside was wonderful. She took the time to remember everyone's name and always stopped by to see how we were doing, tried to get to know everyone - when she had a free moment which wasn't every often but she still managed to get around. She kept the atmosphere at the pool fun!!!

The guys at the pool bar - amazing! So friendly and eager to please. The Mama Mia was wonderful. A bit pricey I thought, but the food was great and the staff was wonderful!

It is such a nice addition to have the Sports Bar and Stephano was so much fun. What a talented young man - we looked forward to seeing him whether it was karaoke or fiesta night - love this guy!!!!!

We can hardly wait to go back!!!!!
Posted by: steeler1mws

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 06/03/14 09:19 AM

We are currently in a Penthouse ae Coral Baja. Beautiful Resort. BUT, when you land at the airport, walk directly thru exit.Don stopfor any one inside, They are all Timeshare Salesman. I was stopped and asked what cab company I am catching. I told them and he directed me to a desk. The next thing I know, I've signed up for a presentation with Pueblo Bonito. We went to presentation. Bottomline. We continued tell the presenter we are not buying. His name was Rafael. He started by telling us we were lying about not having the money to purchase his timeshare. When he said we were lying, I told him we were not signing anything and we were ready to leave. He said if I won't sign, I will not get my gifts. I got upset and told the buyers at the next table what he said. He told me that if I didn't quiet down that I would spend 24 hours in a Mexican Jail. Then he told me that he meant I would have to sign for the gifts. Although, Pueblo Bonito is a beautiful resort, I would stay away. If you can't, I definitely would avoid Rafael. Also, be aware that the Mega Grocery Store near the resort has timeshare salesman in the store. They follow you around,they say to help you, and they do. But when you finish shopping, they are waiting for you to sign up. As I said,
the Coral Baja Resort is great. This is only our 2nd day of 13 days. I will post another email at the end of our vacation
Posted by: 1kodiak

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 06/03/14 04:14 PM

steeler1mws Read back in the forums her at W M and trip advisers. All the stuff you are talking about has been talked about.Enjoy your stay.
Posted by: The Brooks

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 06/03/14 04:46 PM

Yes it is an old problem but for new visitors it still exists. We have done a few timeshares over the years and the only bad one we have encountered was the Grand Mayan. It can be very beneficial to go to a presentation. We found out this last trip that they budget $800 US to bring you into a presentation. That includes cab and breakfast and whatever gift they promise you. We went to two this last trip and walked away with two great breakfasts in beautiful resorts, a free cab ride to Cabo instead if them bringing us back to Coral Baja and $950.00 US cash, not gift cards or dinner cruises. This paid our grocery bill and our tab at the resort plus some! Not bad for 4-5 hours of our time. A few hints - we are always up front about being Worldmark owners and tell them we are happy with our timeshare. We tell them we can only stay 2 hours as we have plans to meet friends and that gets you out on time. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!!!!!
Posted by: waltc

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 06/15/14 10:28 PM

We just got back from spending 6 wonderful days at Coral Baja. Let me start off by saying this family vacation consisted of my wife and I (40s) and my 2 boys (8 and 6). The only thing we signed up for was the Bucanneer Queen snorkel tour because our boys our into pirates and we wanted to set sail on a pirate boat, have fun and snorkel. I highly recommend this for families ready to see the famous Cabo Arch (El Arco) snorkel at Chileno beach (my boys were scared initially but thought it was awesome), have lunch (hot dog/chips) and free bar the whole 3.5 hour tour.

Coral Baja Summary: Excellent, updated and a great place to vacation
First time for us there and read up on this forum and TripAdvisor to see what to expect.

Places/Resources we were going to use:
Cielito Lindo Ground Service: Drivers (Victor, Juan, Carlos) were very friendly, excellent smooth drivers and helpful. They always had water and Coronitas for our rides. Their Tahoes were very clean, cool and safe.

Sardina Cantina: restaurant just outside Coral Baja. Crab cakes were a huge hit! Shrimp and fish tacos were very fresh and blue and yellow chips tasted fresh.

Room summary: Excellent and updated
We stayed in a 1bd deluxe in room X02 in the main building. Bedroom had a king and a room a/c. The bed was soft/comfortable with 5 pillows (2 will be used for the murphy bed). I slept VERY well every night, but I was tired from all the fun we had everyday. Bathroom was nice. An exhaust above the toilet was a nice touch. The shower was very big (6'x4'?). I wish there was a way to get the shower to super cold (I like my showers cold). Kitchen was well stocked with the usual Worldmark style. My boys love Worldmark Murphy beds because they hideaway into the wall. Since they are young/lite they don't need a super supportive bed. The a/c for the living room/kitchen area is right above the murphy bed which I thought was not good placement. I don't want the a/c hitting me directly while sleeping. The balcony overlooked the beach, pool, Mama Mias and Papalote's. We ate dinner on the balcony twice. We spent mornings watching the sun rise, but it did get too hot in the morning. I think the building where the 2bds room would be nice to sit and have breakfast as it is angled to have shade in the morning, but the view of the pool isn't better than the main building.

Business Center: Good, glad to have free internet and printer
There were no more than myself and another person in the center at the same time. The internet was always slow, but good enough to post some pix on FB, check email and check in and print docs for our return trip home.

Fitness Center: Excellent and clean
I do crossfit and there was enough free weights and a bench which what I needed. There was a treadmills and cycles which other folks were using. Space was good.

Recreation center: Good
Foosball and pool table were in excellent shape. That was all in the rec room.

Pool: Excellent
The pool shape is a big cirle with 4 legs. One leg had a net for water volleyball. The next leg had a shallow area (10 inches for sunbathing) and easy access to the hot tub. I think there was another hot tub near Mama Mias. The next leg had a child section which was between 1-2 feet deep. The last leg was the swim up bar. The big circle and the first 10 feet of each leg is 4 feet deep. The pool is big enough to find a place to play with your kids, hang with some adults, hang with some seniors, hang with some partiers. I hung out with them all during my stay and never felt cramped.
There are bridges going over 3 of the legs which gave shade when the sun felt a bit to harsh. My boys spent hours each day having a great time in the pool.

The staff was always friendly. I greeted them (from facilities, main lobby, cleaning crews, to landscapers) with a "hola" and always received a reply back. Front desk was always very helpful. Had a problem with my main a/c and they had a team up quickly. The a/c was dripping water which my fault for hitting some buttons on the remote which caused the problem. They always called to let me know when shuttle service was ready for us (Cieltio Lindo always showed up a little early and waited on us). I had beach towels exchanged right in my room. Amanda gave us some tips on what to do/eat/get around on our stay. Jeremy did our Owner Update and my family had the best experience with him. Sorry I don't remember the staff names, I'm bad at names (Alan, Vivian, Felipe?)

The grounds were well kept. We watched the cleaning crew every morning do a wonderful job in the pool and pool area and they raked/smoothed the sand. We watched guys climb the coconut trees for trimming and keeping us safe during the day.

Please ask any questions here or send a PM (Personal Message).

My boys want to come every year. I want come again in February to catch seeing the whales.
Posted by: rkhoffman

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 06/23/14 06:11 PM

Hi ya all! We are in Coral Baja right now enjoying the sunny beautiful weather. We have had four days of hot sunny weather. On Sat 21st June a storm front moved in and it took it's time getting here. Sunday was still beautiful and so was this morning. By 12:30 this afternoon the storm arrived dumped many inches of rain on Cabo and Los Cabos. The mall in Cabo was trying to sandbag the front entrance so that all of the rivers of water off of the streets would not flood the mall entrance. The taxi ride back to Coral Baja from Cabo was interesting with all of the standing water and rivers running down the roads. It was literally flash flooding at it's best. It was kind of funny to watch everyone RUN from the rain they don't normally see. Then by 1:30 the clouds were clearing and we enjoyed another 3 hours in the sun by the pool. They played water polo and Texas Hold'em in the pool this afternoon.
We love the is in a cross shape with a hot tub on one end, a volleyball net on the second end, a kiddie pool on the third end and the Tiki Bar on the fourth end. With a big center area to gather, swim, play or float in. Love it!!!

We go home in two days and it has been a great experience and relaxing!

Our only negative is...I wish they wouldn't let people smoke around the pool because us NON-smokers can't breathe when it blows in our faces. To top it off I'm allergic to cigarette smoke, yes even second hand smoke. My throat swells and I cough uncontrollably.
Posted by: The Brooks

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 06/23/14 11:55 PM

Wow, that rain must been something to see! We were at Coral Baja a month ago and loved the pool area too! And like you we did have problems with smokers too. We actually had to be moved because the people in the the next room to us smoked cigars on their balcony and the smoke drifted right over to our side. Very unpleasant! And at the pool - can't see why they don't designate a smoking area. There were small children sitting right next to smokers.
Posted by: ahander

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 06/29/14 11:40 AM

Who paid you to write promo to attend a timeshare presentation at the Mazatlan?
Posted by: The Brooks

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 06/29/14 03:42 PM

Never been to Mazatlán???????
Posted by: ffmedic

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 01/23/15 10:05 PM

The wife and I love this place...This was a 1 BR, Rm 404, building 1?
Posted by: nellika

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 04/02/15 07:21 PM

It's a nice video, thank you. No one is writing about the beach next to the resort...but according to your video, I was pleased to see that people are actually swimming in the ocean. I just called the resort and was told that they don't recommend swimming by the hotel due to high current, said that they recommend a public beach ~10 minutes from hotel by bus or taxi instead. We never been to Cabos & were planning to book for October, but not interested in sitting in the poor all day or waist time traveling back & forth in the taxi/bus to the public beach... Could someone, please, comment if the beach by the hotel is swim-able or not?
Posted by: luvthesun

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 05/06/15 07:10 AM

The beach is not swimmable, I have seen people in it, but I have also seen one person nearly drown. He was pulled out into the ocean on the current. We rented a car for a day and went to one of the swimmable beaches. I don't recall the name of the one we went to, but it wasn't far.
Posted by: 1kodiak

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 05/13/15 04:55 PM

I just read and got a reply back (more than we are getting from W M.) That all the beach and pool chairs are being put out but the resort is still closed.??? And ma ma mias open.
Posted by: Brendacr

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 05/14/15 08:39 AM

I sure hope that when they reopen that they do not allow smokers in the pool, last time I was there I was unable to swim, as a group were in the pool with drinks in one hand, cigarette in the other. This is 2015 hopefully Worldmark can up there standards ...
Posted by: Brendacr

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 05/14/15 08:43 AM

Red flags are up 95 percent of the time, you can not or better still should not swim is about a ten driv to the nearest beach.....
Posted by: Mexicodiver27

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 07/28/15 03:05 PM

My wife and I have been to Coral Baja several times. If you are a good swimmer and perhaps swim with another strong swimmer, are familiar with rip currents and huge crashing waves with strong under tow then the beach is swimmable. The water may be waist deep and when a wave comes in the water quickly rises to above hands held high depth. I consider myself to be a good swimmer very familiar with that type of wave action and even I choose not to enter at times as the pounding of the waves may be too much for a comfortable fun time. I have swam even with the red flags out though and not be been told to exit or bothered by resort staff. There is no life guard. My wife never even tries.

I always rent a car and if the beach thing is the plan you can come and go as you please. Enjoy the trip.
Posted by: ffmedic

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 08/11/15 11:02 AM

The beach in the video that we are taking selfies at laugh is Palmilla Beach just a few minutes by car from the resort. The beach front area at the resort is not recommended by staff for swimming. However, I have seen plenty of people out there swimming every time we have been there. In fact, I have seen really good surfers surfing the waves directly in front of the resort. They were pretty good at surfing and put on a great show. I imagine they are really good swimmers too. I'm not the best swimmer so I stay away, but we have gone in up to our knees or so. If you walk up the beach line towards San Jose area there is a spot that locals frequent and they are in the water having a blast daily. In the opposite direction there are several surf spots and beaches to choose from in front of other resorts.

Hope this helps

Have fun!
Posted by: nutmeg2000

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 01/05/16 04:23 PM

The new penthouse is amazing! Of course, I never saw it before so I have nothing to compare to, but I will try to attach pictures. We are staying in the 2 bedroom penthouse. Both bedrooms have queen beds (murphy bed in the living room is double bed) so unfortunately no twins like the regular 2 bedrooms.

The living room has an extra sitting area and the master bedroom opens onto the balcony so you have a double balcony area with a table, chairs, and BBQ. The spiral stairs lead to a private rooftop area with a hot tub and table to eat at.
WM owners forum link to my pics
Posted by: Jrho119

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 01/09/16 11:10 AM

Wondering how the weather is in January? Ive been reading the 70s, is that accurate?
Posted by: sgremmel

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 01/13/16 07:38 AM

I can't believe Worldmark doesn't have designated smoking areas. There is no reason why owners have to breathe second hand smoke. There should not be smoking allowed in units or on decks or in common areas such as pools. We own two other time shares and both have designated smoking areas away from common areas.
Posted by: isitrainey

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 01/17/16 07:06 AM

Has anyone stayed in the "back building"? I want to book a 2 bedroom, but seem to miss the window each time. However there is availability in the the 'back building' (I think building 2?) What are the problems/issues?
Posted by: TopCatColorado

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 05/17/16 11:31 AM

Does Coral Baja charge a separate Resort Fee that covers, e.g., Wi-Fi and other amenities? I've paid $30 per day at some resorts in Mexico.
Posted by: satocat

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 05/26/16 10:32 AM

No, at Coral Baja the wi-fi is free and there is no resort fee.
Posted by: wheelerowner

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 11/14/16 08:54 PM

Resort management needs to add more pool chairs! There is plenty of room for more, and it may alleviate the problem of chair-snatchers who are out as early as 6:30 AM to claim not just one chair, but I have seen as many as 5 chairs draped with towels then the person goes back inside the building for hours. Security Team has been hit-and-miss on coming by very early and picking up all unaccompanied towels, shoes, magazines, etc and taking them to the front office. (It is fun to watch the surprised faces of the folks when they stroll out to "their" chairs at 9:30 or 10 and find out what happened!)

This could be helped by adding a couple dozen more chairs. (And NOT the horrid white plastic ones like the ones at the beach or by the hot tub. Those are IMPOSSIBLE to get comfortable on!)
Posted by: cliffh

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 12/30/16 02:56 PM

I sent u a pm
Posted by: cliffh

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 04/02/17 09:23 AM

Just got back from a week at Coral Baja! Solid 4.5 resort.
1. you can get pesos at front office for fair price
2. taxi into town is about 8-10 USD San Jose*
3. take bus to Cabo for about $2 PP
4. crossing the road to get to the bus is sketchy.... like frogger
5. two small grocery stores on resort are good and fair price for small stuff
6. take taxi to wal mart for main food run
7. two on site restaurants are good and drinks are two for one at 4-6 pm--house drinks only
8. fishing trip in cabo with Titos Sportsfishing they are on facebook
9. Titos will also pick up from airport and drop off--- very nice ride and fishing was awesome ......solid 5 star company tell him ciff sent ya
Posted by: stopper2

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 04/22/17 04:03 PM

Heading to the WM Coral Baja resort in early May and was checking past owner comments. It was a little concerning to read about apparent drug turf wars in the area from a couple months ago. Any comments from current or recent guests on this?
Posted by: s&kbillings

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 05/03/17 01:11 PM

Is the resort finished with repairs since the last hurricane a couple of years ago? Anyone know how many 2 and 3 bedroom penthouses there are on this resort?
Posted by: Living4Him

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 05/04/17 05:46 AM

There are 19 2br PH and 3 3br PH enjoy your visit
Posted by: Maynard503

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 11/15/17 03:23 PM

We travel to Coral Baja every year in October and just returned. As always the staff (family) is amazing. The grounds and rooms are clean and up to date. As always the grounds and pool are kept immaculate. One very nice surprise was the food at Mama Mia... Thls is the first visit where we found the food very good. In the past the food had been at the level of a Dennie’s or similar but it appears there might be a new chief who has an updated flair.

Suggestions to management for future upgrades.

We absolutely need better WI FI in the complex. The spreed is very poor where my phone upload spreed is faster.
The second thing would be updated TV with screen mirror.
Posted by: BeachGl

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 11/27/17 12:52 PM

Stayed at CB several times in various units both before and after the Hurricane in 2014. Too bad it took the hurricane to upgrade the units and complex but now it is a solid 4+ star resort. Back building is close to the highway and too noisy for me. I spend a lot of time in Cabo and now own a condo just down the road from CB. Comments re public transortation bus and shuttle are spot on. Taxis are $$$ because its a monopoly. Be VERY wary about renting cars in MX since the rate yiou see on line is so cheap BUT when you get to the kiosk at the airport the mandatory (predatory) insurance kicks in at $35 to $70 and more per day.
PLEASE dont swim at the CB beach. Several people have drowned. The last 2 hurricanes have made it more dangerous than ever. Palmilla beach is swimmable cove (2 mi from CB).
A huge new market opened called Chaudary(?) that is at the corner of the Coast Hwy 1 and airport toll road. Fabulous US and Canada quality groceries and everything and excellent prices.
Posted by: 1kodiak

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 12/22/17 08:51 AM

We are at Coral Baja right now 75 to 80 for a high pretty windy. Lots of kids. MERRY CHRISTMAS!9
Posted by: luvthesun

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 05/02/18 05:49 AM

Has anyone stayed in the studios? Where are they located? and do they have washer and dryers?
Posted by: Brneydgrl89

Re: Coral Baja Resort Review - 06/29/18 07:58 PM

Just returned from a 4 night stay at Coral Baja..Thought I would post since I couldn't find any recent reviews when I was looking for information. We had an awesome stay, we were a little worried as our arrival date was the same day hurricane Bud was supposes to hit but luckily it turned into a tropical storm and the weather was perfect. Was a little Leary of traveling to Cabo after hearing about all the stuff going on in the last year but felt very safe and all of the resorts keep good track of who is coming and going. We used the resort shuttle which we booked in advance at $35pp roundtrip our driver was great both too and from. We did not rent a car, most of the excursions include hotel pickup but we did take a taxi into town a couple times which was about $40 each way so might reconsider next time. We ate at Mamma Mia's a couple times twice for breakfast which is very reasonable and once for dinner both were very good. We also ate at Sardina Cantina which is located next to the back building and had an amazing dinner..The filet mignon is great and so is the chicken tortilla soup. We booked our excursions thru the activities desk who were very helpful. We did swimming with the dolphins with Dolphin Discovery, Atv riding with Wild Canyon, sunset dinner cruise with Pezgato on the Cabo Mar and Parasailing with Baja watersports all were tons of fun and highly recommended. Now that we have our passports we are already planning a return trip for the Spring..If you have any questions or would be pic feel free to contact me...
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Fishing in Cabo? This company will pick you and the family up from the airport, cold drinks included. Fishing was great, clean and safe. I have already booked another trip in October 2018. 52 624 217 3230 their number, Titos Sportfishing Zepeda. I am a platinum owner and don't work for this guy, just sharing. Also, they will clean your fish and give you options where to get it cooked to take it back to the condo. Any questions email me at I don't check this forum often. Titos is also on Facebook.
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Tips that I wish someone told me before I went to Cabo. I went 4/2019

First of all, this resort is immaculate! The rooms are colorful, and clean. The grounds are beautifully landscaped and well maintained. The staff is hard working, attentive, and helpful. There is almost no need to leave the resort. Mama Mia Restaurante has live entertainment every night and delicious food at a reasonable price. Don’t miss the “Mexican Fiesta” on Tuesday night. Vendors set up shops along the poolside nightly for your shopping needs.

The water: Everyone says, “don’t drink the water!” While this is true, the resort’s water is desalinated from the ocean, so you actually can drink it. We still bought bottled water for drinking, but were able to use tap water for coffee and had no worries about ice in our drinks - even around town.

Money: There is no need to buy pesos before your trip. You can exchange for pesos at the front desk if you want at a comparable exchange rate to using your own bank. There is really no need to exchange for pesos at all. Everywhere we went accepted dollars including street vendors. You will need plenty of cash for shopping, excursions (must pay in cash), and tips (tipping “la propane” is muy importante). The best way to make purchases is with a credit card that does not charge an international fee - call your card company first.

Excursions: Buy through the concierge. You get a discount and they do the bookings for you. We went on three excursions through Cabo Expeditions and loved every one. They provide a shuttle for you into Cabo, so that saves you from driving or paying extra for a ride. We did whale watching which was great! We saw many whales up close, and our guides were very informative. Next we did tandem parasailing which was phenomenal! It was totally safe and peaceful - not extreme at all. Lastly we did the kayak/snorkeling tour to see Lover’s beach. They did not allow us to actually go onto the beach.

The airport/transportation: Book a transfer at least one week prior to travel. When you exit the baggage claim area, head straight outside to find your transfer company. Do not talk to the people inside the building. They all look professional and all want to help you. They will even act like they were expecting you and say, “are you traveling with...“ and “you are going to Coral Baja?” Their mission is to get you up to the front desk and rent you excursions with a timeshare sales pitch included.

Driving: There is no need to rent a car unless you like to drive yourself around a lot or you want to drive to another destination. We used a transfer to get to the resort, Uber to get to downtown San Jose del Cabo, and busses to get to Cabo San Lucas. The public bus costs $2.5 per person each way. When referring to the resort, always call it “Coral Baja”. If you call it “Worldmark” drivers will confuse it with “Walmart” and take you there.
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Dose any one know how UBER works at Coral Baja? How do you call for one? Where do you catch? it and so on!
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Uber works just like it does in the states. Just have the Uber app and it knows where you are. They can pick you up and drop off at front door. We used them the whole time we were there last. Much cheaper than the cabs.