Galena Resort Review

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Galena Resort Review - 03/04/04 12:57 PM

Have you stayed at the resort in Galena? Here's your chance to tell other owners what it's really like. How big is the pool? How hot is the hot tub? What do you wish you had known before you left home?
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Re: Galena Resort Review - 04/25/11 09:09 AM

Looks like their has not been a review since 2009 so here goes. We love this resort and visit at least twice a year.It is one of our very favorites. The staff is superb, we have never noticed a sales rep. The rooms are spacious warm and welcoming. The pool area is beautiful and large with a big hot tub, sauna and showers and indoor waterfall for ambience. The adult pool hours are 8-9 am and 9-10pm from my recollection.The fitness area is small but adequate. The computer in the lobby has always been available when I needed it for a few moments. A local massage therapist will come to your room for a very reasonable price. There is a winery tour guide who can pick you up from the resort and take you to three different wineries and lunch in season. Also the Shenadoah horse riding center is close. The resort is right in front of Eagle Ridge so we have dined in Eagle Ridge when we don't want to make the drive down to Galena and have loved the spectacular views from the Eagle Ridge Spike's Restaurant and Bar. In June Eagle Ridge has a hot air ballon festival so our location is perfect. We have also gone to the Eagle Ridge farmers market which is small but has nice treats to take back to your room. Because this resort is a bit of a drive from Galena bring some snacks and water if you plan on dining out mostly like we do but it's nice to have munchies and drinks for the room because the stores are not close. It is nice to be able to rent a video if you like and they do have pizza delivery too. The Murphy bed is very comfortable looking we have never used it but pulled it down and felt it and it looked comfy. Just some tips. The washer and dryer in the rooms can only handle very small loads so no more than a pair of jeans or one outfit. Otherwise at the end of the hall they have a free washer and dryer for bigger loads. Nice flat screen tvs in room and living room for the one bedrooms. The grills are outside by the indoor pool overlooking a valley once we saw deer running through it was beautiful! Also the water tends to be high iron I think because the water turns a bit orangy yellow when you fill the hot tub and we can smell it when we shower or wash clothes so we recommend you bring drinking or cooking water or nice smelling bath salts for the tub if you don't like that. Might be because it is a bit out in the country. We love this resort and feel very safe and taken care of especially in the winter for skiing and tubing we seem to have the place to ourselves especially midweek so take advantage of that if you can it is so nice and quiet at that time.
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Re: Galena Resort Review - 08/03/18 11:10 AM

We have visited this resort 3 times. 2 during the summer and 1 for the Christmas Season. The resort is very nice. Very quiet. The staff is excellent in taking care of their guests. It is outside of Galena in the Galena Territory. I do not recommend the unit with the Murphy bed. There is barely enough room for two people let alone luggage and packages. On our second visit, our unit was nice, much bigger and relaxing. until I wanted to take a bath in the jetted tub. There was a dirt ring around the inside of the tub and hair too. The shower floor was also dirty. My husband spilled some water on the bathroom floor, I wiped it up with a white towel and the towel was black. We called the front desk and they offered to come clean our unit. But it was going to be hours before they could get someone. to clean the tub, shower and floor myself.Then we found food under the couch cushion.We were not refunded our housekeeping charge.Management visited us to see the areas of concern, they told us they would discuss it with the head of housekeeping. I understand there are a lot of units for housekeeping to keep up with, but these are basic cleaning steps that should be done every time the unit is vacated by guests. I am not thrilled with the pool. It is outdated and looks dingy. The outdoor bbq area is very nice. The overall appearance of the resort in nice and looks clean. There are many things to do in Galena, there are many brochures in the lobby of the resort. The staff at the front desk are very helpful too. Aside from the uncleanliness of our unit on our 2nd visit, we love Galena!!
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Re: Galena Resort Review - 10/19/21 03:49 PM

The most recent post is several years ago, are there any updates on this resort?