Resort Review - WorldMark Estancia

Posted by: KrisComm

Resort Review - WorldMark Estancia - 04/05/18 09:31 AM

Have you stayed at WorldMark Estancia? Here's your chance to tell other owners what it's really like. How big is the pool? How hot is the hot tub? What do you wish you had known before you left home?
Posted by: summertime75

Re: Resort Review - WorldMark Estancia - 02/20/21 11:40 AM

The staff were wonderful and attentive. but we were incredibly disappointed with the size and cleanliness of our unit. We reserved a four bedroom presidential special needs.In the pictures you can see a really lovely kitchen with nice barstools at the island as well as a very spacious living room with nice furniture. What we found is a unit not even the size of a penthouse. The kitchen was small with only room for three barstools versus the seven or so in the picture. The living room was tiny. They were seven of us and there was not enough seating for all of us to watch the TV at the same time. The dining room table was nice and there was seating for eight, but we wanted to watch movies together and we’re not able to do that unless two of us sat on the floor. It was also obviously a very well used an older unit as there were gouges in the wood floor in several areas, swelling in the baseboard in the bathroom is from water damage, areas where the caulking was chipped and a dishwasher that was almost impossible to close once you opened it. When we arrived we expected a clean unit, especially with Covid. The refrigerator had fingerprints all over it, there were crumbs on the furniture and on the floor and you could see spills on the floor from drinks. The staff were very quick in sending someone up to clean the unit for us. They were also very quick to respond to all other requests and issues which were minor. We needed a light bulb replaced in one room and the scissors from the cutlery were missing. They also had a wheelchair we could borrow which was wonderful because my husband had a hiking accident and broke his tibia. Good thing we had booked a special needs unit!

In the future we will try to get a presidential at the original St George resort. We got to see the 3 bedroom and it was twice the size of the 4 bedroom at estancia.
Posted by: plkrtz

Re: Resort Review - WorldMark Estancia - 05/07/21 10:31 AM

Our visit to the Estancia was a disappointment to us. Not worth the amount of credits it takes to stay there. Next time we will book the WM St George because we love the area and all there is to do. We arrived later in the evening, the staff were friendly and helpful at check-in. No one approached us about attending an Owner’s Workshop which surprised us; after a couple days still no one called to ask( which was nice but we realized that they looked us up and saw that we recently purchased credits and our guess was they saw no benefit in bringing us in). Back to our stay, the 4 bedroom Presidential was roomy for three of us. I bring Clorox wipes (even when it’s not COVID season); I had to wipe the island, table, and counters 2-3 times before they were clean. The shower in the larger bathroom is huge...too bad there is no built in seat or bench in it.
When you visit pack any seasonings you might need because they and other resorts may stop supplying them. Also note, if you have come to expect and appreciate Quiet Hours 10PM-8AM that isn’t the case with rooms at the Estancia overlooking the pool or sport is under the HOA rules of the units of part-time ownership rather than WM any loud or party folks staying up late are welcome to do so. Parking spaces were sometimes taken up by off-road vehicles as there are great trails behind the resort. Our stay wasn’t all bad we just had higher expectations than what actually was offered.