1BR Suite - Future Review

Posted by: HarleyLover

1BR Suite - Future Review - 06/06/21 11:11 AM

We'll be staying at the Scottsdale WM at the end of June in a 1BR Suite (and possibly a studio hotel). I'll post a review while we're there, and will try to answer the following questions I have (but have been unable to find answered here in this forum):
1. Which buildings house which type of rooms?
2. How large (or small) is the "mini fridge" listed in the Studio Hotel and 1BR Suites?
3. How much construction is still going on? Does it block access to the main entrance of the WM facilities?
4. How pushy are the "sales" force? Am I going to have to use my "Angry Mom" voice on them to get our parking pass?
5. Where can I view a Resort map? (I'll try to find one and take a picture of it to post).

Any other questions?
Posted by: johton

Re: 1BR Suite - Future Review - 07/14/21 06:17 PM

Not sure they have parking passes anymore. We were there in December 2020 and they weren't giving out parking passes, but they still sent you to the person to set up a meeting. See my review in the Scottsdale forum.