Has anyone been to Zihuatanejo?

Posted by: Vinomaker

Has anyone been to Zihuatanejo? - 12/28/20 11:31 AM

We have been to Coral Baja several times and really love it but we thought w would try Zihuatanejo but can't find any information or comments about it. Does anyone know anything about this location. Is it worth more than a week stay?
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Re: Has anyone been to Zihuatanejo? - 01/02/21 05:33 AM

Just returned from a 10 day visit. We go every year for the holiday. Lots to do if you can pull yourself away from the lovely Worldmark Villa's poolside. It's a quaint Villa full of history and a wonderful staff that will help you with any reasonable request. Not recommended if you can not climb stairs and do not consider yourself as in "pretty good shape". Not recommended for children, as they will surely bore easily there. Coral Baja reminds me of a frat party compared to Zihua. No loud music nor loud people. Taxi's are cheap and you can find some amazing restaurants that I would consider to be fabulous. If you have a little adventure in your soul, need to re-charge or looking for a romantic get away, go to Zihua and visit Worldmark and the staff. You wont be disappointed.
PS: Covid is taken seriously so you're not going to get away from that. They ask you wear masks and keep a social distance. I was told they do NOT have any positive cases at the local hospital. Any positive Covid have been limited to southern areas of Guerrero. Away from town. Staff is cut in half and they have reduced the restaurant hours due to reduction of half of guest capacity at the Villa.
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Re: Has anyone been to Zihuatanejo? - 04/10/21 08:47 AM

Thank you for your review!

How are the rooms? Did you notice any nice museums or galleries? Did you go to Ixtapa or just stay in Zihua?

Does the resort have filtered water? (I prefer to bring a reusable water bottle and fill up v. contribute to the plastic explosion that's choking our oceans and landfills.)

Thank you!
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Re: Has anyone been to Zihuatanejo? - 04/11/21 08:30 AM

Did the Zihua resort get the reno yet?
Said it was going to happen last year.
I haven't heard anything yet.